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 Dawn of Olympus, Dawn Of Olympus
Site Name Dawn

CATEGORY: Greek Roleplay

SUB-FORUM: Fantasy

They are two Camps, as we all know Camp Jupiter and Camp Half Blood, both living separately but there is peace between them, but deep in the far lands lays another Camp. A Camp that holds the mightiest of beings, a camp so terrifying others who tread into their territory never come out. There are rumors that this camp possess the children of the god's enemies, The Titans!!. Now these demi Titans weren't born naturally, they where created manufactured for only one purpose and that is to destroy the Olympians and their children. These rumros even gave a name for the far end camp...Camp Saturn, a camp only made for the Titan's children. They are a mystery seeing as no demigod has seen a demi titan with their own eyes , rumour spread among Camp Half Blood about these so called demi Titans after the demise of Camp Jupiter. The spread of war says theres a war coming but the only question is friends, after all the bloodshed, and the war and the tears who will stand triumphant the Titans or the Gods. Pick your side

This RP community is for any and all. Anyone that is interested in any one of these categories: cultural, sci-fi, violence, gore, death, obscene, sexual, romance, gritty, action, drama, comedy, thriller, horror, ancient, modern, etc, then this RP welcomes you. You are the only obstacle within your path. We wish for you to enjoy your experience with us. All roleplays are documented onto this sight, because who wants to do all that work only for it to be lost with time? Character growth is highly recommended. If you are not able to handle the processes in which of us in this group, nor respect it, then this RP is not for you. We hope that you take the time to roleplay with us in this RP. In addition, Dawn takes place on Discor. If you do not have Discord, and are not willing to create one, this RP is not available to you. We sincerely apologize. We await your decision
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