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» »The Merwin Project«, An Original Gifted Hybrid RP
TMP Staff
 Posted: Aug 12 2017, 06:34 AM
TMP Staff
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»Thε Mεrωiŋ Projεct«

1984 was a year full of good memories for many Americans. Science and technology advanced as it never had before. The world watched in awe as astronauts walked, untethered, in space. Macintosh released its first personal computer, drawing people to technology in new ways that fascinated and delighted them.

However, it was not all smiles and good cheer. In the secrecy of enclosed laboratories, a team of specialized scientists initialized the Merwin Project- a genetic breakthrough that would change humanity, and how it is perceived, forever.

Welcome to Razna National Park, a dumping ground for humanity's dirty secret. Genetic experiments with the DNA of various types of animals call this park home. They live in a community with no access to the rest of the world, content to read books about the outside and explore their vast home. Of course, things change. Dreams of escape are brewing from a few mutants, though not everyone agrees with this idea. It's time to take a stand. Will you aid the escape effort and experience the real world for the first time?

We are a literate, fantasy-based genetic mutation roleplay that prides itself on providing a relaxed and creative environment for all of our members. Our goal is to improve our roleplaying together as a group, and the laughs, creative setting, and dynamic plot make it entirely worthwhile!

- PG-13 despite the dark nature of the plot.
- IC and OOC staff positions available.
- Simple and appealing layout.
- Muted color scheme that's easy on the eyes.
- Dynamic original plot.
- Hybrid and human characters accepted.
- Original characters and canons.
- Face Claims optional, though not required.
- Moderate word count of 200 words (about a paragraph).
- Challenges (coming soon)

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