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» Character adoption [IRON MAN]
 Posted: Sep 27 2017, 11:31 PM
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Maya Hansen

"i never meant to be cold"


Maya Hansen is a scientist who is currently working with a fellow colleague, Aldrich Killian, on the 'Extremis' project which has the potential to upgrade the human body and assist in regrowing cells. Maya, however, hasn't been able to complete a successful trial, as all of her test subjects have deceased during said trials.

Before Tony settled down, he and Maya had a one-night fling when she tried to get him to help her with some of her research; she has no idea that Killian plans to use Extremis to create Extremis-enhanced soldiers under his command. She will, however, become aware of this and despite moral conflict, she will go along with Killian's plans, if only to see the potential Extremis might have if its flaws are perfected.

When Killian receives yet another wave of rejection from Tony Stark (when Pepper turns him down and refuses to invest in Extremis through Stark Industries), he will use Maya's connection with Tony in an effort to force his hand to help them smooth out the flaws that the Extremis project continues to have.

Please note that this character is involved in a plot that has not yet been processed on Bittersweet Forever, meaning it has not yet reached the point where its plausible to begin it. Because of this, we ask that you contact either Kayleigh, Shantel or Bri prior to voicing interest in this character, and they will better direct you on when and how to approach this plot!

you'd be good to me, i'd be so good to you
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