please register your first account as your alias in caps. this account will be the account you link your character(s) to; characters must be registered as first and last names in caps, please.
SET IN: JULY, 2018
07/01/18 Happy Canada day and Happy Independence Day to all of our Canadian and American members! Enjoy a new layout for July!

06/14/18 We are still chipping away at this re-vamp, but we've uploaded a fun new skin this June for spring! Remember that in Seattle, springs are especially rainy, so expect all kinds of rain, thunder and lightening storms for the rest of the month of June!

04/21/18 We are currently in the middle of a website-wide revamp, so please be patient with incomplete content! Our website will remain open to new members during this time. If you have any questions, feel free to ask a member in our c-box, or an admin member via PM!

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 where to begin after being accepted, please read once you've been accepted!
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hey, gorgeous!
Welcome to Bittersweet Forever!

If you're reading this, it's likely because you've been accepted, which is crazy exciting! We're so happy to have you as part of our role-playing community and we can't wait to plot with you!

The following is a quick list of things you should do now that your shipper application has been accepted! This will help you integrate yourself on-site and will help set your character up! While some of the things listed below are not mandatory, there are some things you will have to complete. There will be an asterisk next to all mandatory steps; please ensure those are done.


Prior to diving into the check-list, lets get your character account set up! Above our c-box, you'll see a button that says "USER CP". You can view a screengrab of this button highlighted here. By clicking this button, you can access the tab that says "EDIT PROFILE INFO". I've highlighted where you can find this info here.

This is where you will update all of the information that shows up every time you post, be it above your post or when a member hovers over your character's avatar. Please fill it out in lower-case and to the best of your ability. In the fields that require links to your character's social media and development threads, you can set those up by doing the following:

• Creating a character instagram page
• Creating a character twitter page
• Linking your character's shipper page
• Requesting a development board

The link to your wanted ads will be a link to a thread in your development board that showcases your character's wanted ads. As an example, you can view my character Adelaide Vivas' wanted ad tracker in her development board which you can view here.

Finally, you can add an avatar gif to your character's profile by clicking "EDIT AVATAR SETTINGS" which I have highlighted in the screengrab here. This gif should be the same gif you used in your "EDIT PROFILE INFO" as "SQUARE GIF 2".

If you have ANY questions about setting your account up, please reach out to Shantel and she'll be happy to help you get yourself set up on-site! Now, onto the fun stuff!


01. Reserve your face claim so that no one else can steal your character's celebrity claim. *

02. Introduce yourself by posting a listing in the member directory. This helps us see which characters belong to which members, and helps us get to know the person playing with them. You can list your contact info (like Discord) there, as well so members can reach you! *

03. Update the birthday claim with your character's birthday. This helps us create plots around birthdays when that time comes, and allows us to reach out when birthdays pass to wish your characters a happy birthday and to remind you to update their age on-site. *

04. Once your character has ten posts on-site, you can request a housing claim which is a write-up showcasing their home and who resides with them. Keep in mind that should your character wish to reside on the werewolf sanctuary, there is a separate claim for that here, as there are different rules for this exclusive community. If your character is a vampire or a hybrid and wishes to apply for a permanent or temporary exemption in the sanctuary, you can apply for one here. *

05. If you want your character to have a job, you can have them apply for one in the job claim.

06. You can request to have your character's member group colour changed so that thier username will reflect their species once your application has been accepted. *

07. Reserve a face claim for your personal account! If you do not already have a personal account, register one (using your alias) and link your character accounts to it! Shantel will update your account's graphics once you register your personal account face claim. *

08. If you would like to claim a colour for your c-box username, you can do so by replying to the c-box colour registry.

09. If you're into development boards, you can request to have one added for you and your characters which are great for muse!

More will be added as the website is re-vamped!


bittersweet forever - site owner
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