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» [IP] Cause I can't breathe; I can't breathe [INVITES]
 Posted: Oct 8 2017, 07:47 PM
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to want everything & nothing
A small smile touched her lips as Tristan chose to play along with; her shoulders shrugging upward gently. "Well, I didn't want you to feel guilty over your bad choices, so I thought I'd sweep it under the rug for as long as I possibly could..."

There was no denying that there were not one, but two deeply troubled beings sitting in the back of the bar that evening, which was something that Addie felt herself somewhat surprised at. Tristan wasn't exactly known to haunt places like this when he was having a hard time... Back when she had known him well enough to know where he went when he was troubled, he had been knocking on her front door when in need.

Obviously that was no longer the case; he didn't come to her when things were falling apart and Addie, too, had new places and new faces that comforted her when she needed it most. Some of those happened to be bars - much as they had been back when they had known each other better than they currently did - but that was a small confession Tristan was only now being exposed to.

Addie wasn't embarrassed by her honesty; she didn't care if people knew she drank. She wasn't exactly someone who kept her drinking strictly to herself in the dark of her house when it was empty; she just didn't enjoy hearing people lecture her about her life choices. She knew her limits - she had reached them one too many times on her own, after all - so she didn't need her nose rubbed in them.

People liked to pass it off as "caring about her". They nagged because they cared, they lectured because they cared, they scolded because they cared... yet no one cared to see how much better she had been doing since the days she had voluntarily overdosed on tequila and pain medication while on vacation. No one gave credit where credit was due and applauded the progress she had made; the bottles of wine she had cut back on over the years. All they chose to see was the few glasses or so of wine she continued to rely on when she was at her breaking point.

The brunette hybrid didn't so much as glance up as Tristan reclaimed his beer long enough to take a long sip of his own before placing it back in the table in front of her. Anyone else, she knew, wouldn't have trusted it to be in such close proximity after her confession. Hell, anyone else she knew wouldn't have trusted her period. Aiyana would have made a fuss, her father would have voiced his worry, Alex would have had that disappointed look on his face, and it'd surely have started a silent argument with Jackson. It was... nice. Nice to be able to just sit back and relax like any other normal person in the bar that evening. No one complaining, no one voicing worry... even if she knew that Tristan's worry was lurking just below the surface; she could ignore that much, for now.

"Hiding out, too, huh?" From what, she couldn't even bring herself to guess because she truly had absolutely no idea. It was almost sad how little the two of them knew about each other, but the whole point of them reconnecting was to relearn everything they had once known, wasn't it?

"Since it's not raining out, I'm going to assume it's from someone rather than something?"

stealing hearts and never saying sorry
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