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 Posted: Jun 17 2014, 02:51 PM
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information about this list,

individual character information & general plot information below

Reign is altered to fit onto Bittersweet Forever in the sense that it is modern, though France is still ruled by royals rather than governments. King Henry and Queen Catherine are the leaders of not only their country but of a powerful werewolf pack looking to align with the Hale pack from Teen Wolf. They have relocated to New Orleans in hopes of reaching an agreement by aligning their son Francis with the Hale's daughter, Cora (in place of Mary Stuart).

Any characters that have died in previous seasons may be brought back to life (using extreme dark magic or the abilities of a necromancer) though it must be a plausible plot with its own repercussions; magic always comes with a price.

Please note that any character with the ' ∞ ' symbol next to their name is a doppelganger on-site. A doppelganger is someone who has an exact replica (identical replica) though is not necessarily biologically related to that being. Doppelgangers (when together) can change luck for better or for worse and even harness unknown powers when together. In essence, this face claim is used for another character.


Age: 15 | Written By: NO ONE| Played By: JENESSA GRANT

Education: Up to the role player
Occupation: Up to the role player
Summary: Aylee is one of Cora's ladies-in-waiting and close friend. Unlike some of her other close friends Aylee comes from a very rich family, but she doesn't let this put her above others. She is humble and kind, often showing both by giving the riches her family sends her away to others. She doesn't care much for material possessions, but instead focuses her devotions to her friends.


Age: 17 | Written By: NO ONE| Played By: CELINA SINDEN

Education: Up to the role player
Occupation: Up to the role player
Summary: Greer is one of Cora's ladies-in-waiting and close friend. Geer is the one lady in waiting that is not titled , but her parents are determined to see that changed. Hoping that with the marriage to Cora to the French Court, that Greer will be able to find a man with a title to help her family with that task


Age: 17| Written By: KATIE | Played By: CAITLIN STASEY

Education: Attending High School
Occupation: Student
Summary: Kenna is one of Cora's ladies-in-waiting and close friend. Kenna is a seamstress in New Orleans, she lives with her father and step-mother. While she is kindhearted and sweet, she also is fiercely protective of her friends, and will go to the ends of the earth to protect them. While a close friend to Cora, she also has branched out to Francis and Sebastian of the Royal court.


Age: 16 | Written By: no one | Played By: ANNA POPPLEWELL

Education: Constance Billard
Summary: Lola is one of Cora's ladies-in-waiting and close friend.Lola is the smartest of Cora's lady in waiting crew. She uses her brains along with beauty to keep herself from falling too deep into court politics. She is loyal to no end to Cora and will do anything to make sure that her friend is set on the right path to the future.


Age: 35 | Written By: NO ONE| Played By: ROSSIF SUTHERLAND

Education: Up to the role player
Occupation: Up to the role player
Summary:Nostradamus is blessed, or cursed, with the power of clairvoyance, which Catherine, the one lady he serves, uses to her advantage. After the death of his wife and children, he became a non-traditional healer for the courts. He is the right hand man to Catherine , though he has no qualms telling the Queen when her actions go to far.


Age: 18 | Written By: NO ONE| Played By: YAEL GROBGLAS

Education: Up to the role player
Occupation: Up to the role player
Summary:Olivia is an itialian lady of the courts. She is an old flame to Prince Francis, who left him with no reason. She claims that Francis' mother forced her hand to leave, and that she only has eyes for Francis , but is this blonde beauty truly what she says. Or is she another trickster sent to try and sway the young prince?

[dohtml]<center><div class="temp2"> <div class="temp2title">adopting/tossing</div><br> <br>Please include the character name, your name and any changes to the education or occupation sections. Should you be tossing a character, simply put the character's name.</div></center>[/dohtml]

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