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» Character adoption [MALE | ORIGINAL CHARACTER]
 Posted: Dec 23 2016, 01:47 AM
ANNA-LYNNE is Offline

Jaylon Ellison
preferred play-by is: Michael Trevino

Jaylon Ellison is technically an original character but is belonging to the Twilight fandom in the sense that he is the biological child of two Twilight canon characters (Rachel Black - Jacob Black's older sister and Paul Ellison, a member of Sam's werewolf pack). This makes Jaylon a werewolf as his biological father is.

Anna-Lynne and Jaylon met in Livorno, Italy. Jaylon and his family had moved there for a couple of years when the Cullen family relocated to avoid suspicion; Anna-Lynne and her older brother Bradley were in Italy searching for their oldest brother, Vince. Jaylon and Anna-Lynne hit it off and the two become extremely good friends, even going as far as to move in together (along with their mutual friend Andrew).

A lot of people saw a spark between Anna-Lynne and Jaylon long before they ever did, but Jaylon continued sleeping his way through Italy which put a lot of tension and hostility between he and Anna-Lynne until he confessed the reason he was whoring around was because he was afraid to commit to her and screw things up. Despite that, he put forth his best effort and the two began a short summer romance. This is something that upset another local by the name of Ayla Dunn. Ayla is the biological granddaughter of Jacob Black (she is his son Jacy's daughter) and she and Jaylon had had a brief romantic connection that had never moved beyond flirtations; Ayla was extremely jealous of his and Anna-Lynne's immediate connection though nothing ever arose from her jealousies.

Things ended between Jaylon and Anna-Lynne when Jaylon ended up spooking shortly after Anna-Lynne's abusive ex-boyfriend Sylar made his way into town. Though Jaylon stood at her side through many of Sylar's threats, it was their future together that scared him the most and sent him on travels outside of the country leaving Anna-Lynne heartbroken and bitter towards him. Despite his return to Italy, Anna-Lynne never truly forgave him for flaking out on her and soon after relocated back to the United States - New Orleans, Louisiana, to be exact - with her brothers.

Anna-Lynne is now happily married and has conceived a child with her husband that they welcomed into the world together. She no longer holds romantic feelings for Jaylon nor will anything spark any new feelings towards him in the future. The point of this wanted-ad is simply to give someone a shot at a character that is already well-established on-site, has a lot of plotting potential with other established characters and that has an interesting backstory.

As far as Jaylon's connections with Anna-Lynne would be concerned, she would most definitely be willing to meet up so they can both get the closure that they deserve, but nothing will come of it (no affairs, no rekindling their romance, etc...).

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they are the hunters, we are the foxes, my love
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