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» [IP] So get the fuck off me, I'm anxious [OPEN]
 Posted: Oct 26 2017, 08:04 PM
AHNNALEE is Offline

what you just made me do
Anyone who knew Ahnnalee knew that she wasn't a fighter. She hadn't been born and raised to protect herself, despite having been born and raised a wolf, nor had she ever trained with much of anyone to become the ruthless killer that so many other wolves prided themselves on being. Sure, Geoff insisted on basic training; he wanted his pack to be able to defend themselves, but that was as far as Ahnnalee's fighting skills went.

Drama wasn't entirely her thing, either. She didn't see the point in feuding with people and in wasting her time on things as negative as bitterness and resentment. That didn't mean that she didn't understand why Alexia had negative feelings towards her, because she did. She had come between Alexia's relationship with Travis without knowing she had been doing just that; she had had no way to know that the guy she had started falling for from the moment she met him had had a girlfriend at the time.

The brunette hybrid hadn't wanted any altercation with Alexia to result in physical violence, but she had known for a long, long time that it would end up coming to just that. Alexia had always been unwilling to try and work things out; all Ahnnalee had ever wanted was for the two of them to be civil. Ahnnalee had always owned her mistakes and had never rubbed her relationship with Travis in Alexia's face, but that hadn't been enough to earn any shred of public respect from the other female wolf.

It wasn't the hold on Ahnnalee's hair that was the biggest bother, but rather the hits that the other female had managed to get in and the one blow she had forced Ahnnalee's head to receive by slamming it back against the concrete. That one was more than enough to have a growl ripping past the brunette's lips.

Ahnnalee threw, and landed, a punch of her own to Alexia's face, just hard enough to hilt the other female's weight off to the side so she could roll Alexia off of her altogether. Her own face was bloodied from Alexia using her nails each time she had landed a hit, but that sting was the furthest thing from Ahnnalee's mind. Instead, she was trying to focus on the anger she could feel swelling up inside of her and threatening to take over. Clearly, this wasn't something that she was used to feeling, given just how little frustration she had ever felt in situations like this.

Perhaps had she been involved in more fights, and perhaps if she had been exposed to a bit more violence in her years, Ahnnalee would have had a better at controlling her anger. As it was, she had little ability to rein in the impulses she was having to tear Alexia limb from limb.

"If no one cared about you, then they sure as hell wouldn't have kept you around! You just choose to be a bitter, lost mess because it's easier than admitting you've been going about things all wrong for years!"

On her feet again, Ahnnalee wasted no time in delivering a few quick kicks to the girls abdomen and ribs before she was reaching down to lift Alexia by the front of her shirt, using that as leverage to throw the girl feet across the parking lot and far enough away from Ahnnalee. An attempt to put some distance between the two of them. Enough distance so that should Alexia decide to make another move against her, Ahnnalee might have enough reaction time to defend herself rather than endure another hit from the other brunette werewolf.

been gone for so long and running out of time
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