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» Character adoption [IRON MAN]
 Posted: Sep 27 2017, 11:09 PM
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Aldrich Killian

"the messed up side of me i keep"


Aldrich Killian is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Advanced Idea Mechanics (or A.I.M. for short). When Tony Stark refused to join him in his research, Killian participated in the development of a project started by Maya Hansen called 'Extremis', thereby amassing a group of Extremis-enhanced soldiers under his command.

Fortunately, the project has not yet brought him this far. Instead, he and Maya continue to explore the possibilities that Extremis holds. Aldrich longs to present the project to Pepper Stark - CEO of Stark Industries - in hopes that his former crush would adopt and fund the project under Tony Stark's name, given how deeply Killian feels Tony burned him in the past.

Deep down, Killian knows that Pepper will never accept this project under Stark Industries given the changes the company has endured since Tony's capture, but it's that little piece of rejection from someone he admires he knows he needs to fully push him over the edge and to begin his attempt to control both sides of the war on terrorism, and his personal battle to bring Tony Stark down once and for all.

Please note that this character is involved in a plot that has not yet been processed on Bittersweet Forever, meaning it has not yet reached the point where its plausible to begin it. Because of this, we ask that you contact either Kayleigh, Shantel or Bri prior to voicing interest in this character, and they will better direct you on when and how to approach this plot!

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