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» Come back home, @GROUP INVITES
 Posted: Jun 29 2017, 08:15 PM
JESSICA is Offline

As if her life since she had woken up hadn't been hadn't already made her want to be sick, the past few moments had felt like 50 rides in a row on a tilt-a-whirl. Every person had put their two cents in and she had questions for nearly every comment they had made.

Italy? What the hell was in Italy? And how long had they been there? She had obviously been gone or dead or whatever had happened long enough for him to graduate and move to another country....Jess couldn't imagine a world where Sam wasn't living with her in that house...but here they were.

Ben had said something about taking her back to the hotel, but she couldn't stand the thought of going back there. She had felt so violated just being in that room...and now with half of her company ready to rip her throat out, she felt like maybe she shouldn't have woken up at all.

Then, of course, there was Dean. Hearing his voice at first felt like a miracle, but when she realized she had yet another weapon aimed at her, her hands shot up once again to show that she meant no harm. "I just wanted to see Sam." She asked, her voice shaking again.

Jess closed her eyes in an attempt to control the tears that were threatening to fall. I'm not here to hurt anyone." How could she ever prove that? They were looking at her like she was the devil and there was definitely a huge chunk of the story she was missing out on.

"I don't know what else I can tell you...but I'll answer any questions I can if you want to ask." She said softly to Sam. She knew he was asking the others, but she didn't particularly care. As long as they had weapons, the only thing she could use was her words and dammit, she would say whatever it took to end this insanity.

 Posted: Dec 16 2017, 08:00 PM
ANNA-LYNNE is Offline

Anna-Lynne knew firsthand exactly what it felt like to be brought back from the dead, much as she knew what it was like to have her life quite literally ripped from her in the most brutal of ways. To lose your life for any length of time only to be thrust back into the land of the living was more disorienting than people would believe it to be; not every day was filled with happiness to be among the living, and not every day was one spent surrounded by loved ones, laughing and making memories you refused to ever take for granted again.

It was chaos. Confusing, suffocating chaos that felt as though it were slowly constricting its grasp around your throat as each day - each second - passed. Anna-Lynne had spent her first few weeks locked inside of her home; noises were too loud and colours were too bright. The wind had felt a little too chilling on her skin each time she had left home, and it had taken a great deal of patience from those around her to get her back to a place where she was comfortable to pick up where she had left off.

That said? Anna-Lynne had been brought back safely by someone her family had trusted. She hadn't been unaccounted for, nor had she been brought back in private without the watchful eye of her loved ones. There was no chance for something (or someone) to be using her face to bring harm to those she cared for; Jessica was very much a question mark in that regard. While Anna-Lynne could understand that people - mainly Sam - would be thrilled to have this woman back in their lives, it was never that easy. There were never stringless situations like this.

A soft smirk tugged at the corner of Anna-Lynne's lips as she heard Dean joining their little party out on the front porch. It was safe to assume that Ali was in good hands; they had a few things planned out should anything ever demand both Anna-Lynne and Dean's expertise, though with Anna-Lynne being far less trained than her husband, it was typically she that would be responsible for ensuring their daughter's safety in each of those plans. The couple hadn't exactly accounted for moments when Anna-Lynne was closer to the threatening situation, nor did they account for moments when Dean had Ali, leaving Anna-Lynne to react to the distraction in question, yet they had managed to work around it flawlessly, it seemed.

Her blue eyes (and her weapon of choice) remained locked on the other female; she knew how badly Sam was wanting to believe this woman, much as Ben was, but Anna-Lynne was far from naive after all she had seen before Dean had ever been introduced into her life.

"I get it. I know what it's like to go from being nothing to being back in a place where everything's overwhelming and confusing." But that was about as far as Anna-Lynne's compassion was willing to go until she knew the truth behind who (or what) this woman was. "You can stand there and list off a thousand reasons why we should trust and believe what you're saying and who you're claiming to be... but I still won't let you in that door again."

There was too damn much at stake.

"If you want to rent a hotel in town and let these guys do their little detective-thing, then fine, that's great, they'll figure it out. That's about as far as I'm willing to go before I get to find out how well this crossbow shoots..."

he doesn't own me; he really knows me
 Posted: Dec 28 2017, 03:48 AM
SAM is Offline

He shook his head slowly. Jess could never hurt him or anyone. His Jess had been the peace that he had always wanted, the calm and the quiet. When his life had been rocked by stormy seas, she was his anchor. No, his Jess wasn't capable of hurting him or anyone else. But was this his Jess? Or what-who-was inside her? And if it wasn't her...How could Sam Winchester ever be able to hurt Jess, even just the face of her? He had loved her. Planned to spend the rest of his life with her. Wanted a family with her. But whatever was inside of her, or imitating could he let that live inside her and tarnish her memory? Wouldn't he be doing her and their memory a disservice by letting it take over her body...He didn't know which direction was up or down anymore.

For so long Sam had grown stagnant. Docile, even. He spent all his time researching and sitting on the sidelines, trying to figure out who was what around this area and what was evil, etc. He had gotten a little too wrapped up in the hypotheticals that he had lost sight of what was still out there. And he was lucky he had family like Dean and the others to ground him and pull the weight that he should be carrying. He was also figuring out this whole fatherhood thing, trying to do what was best for his twins, and that also kept his attention from the whole...demon-hunting thing.

He should have been prepared for something like this. After all, hadn't his entire life been like this? Everything good thrown back in his face, everything light taken over by darkness? He had already lost Jess, and now he was going to have to lose her again. He should have expected this a long time ago.

His jaw clenched. Unwillingly, his hand raised, and his fingers lightly grazed her cheek. She felt real. The tears on her cheek felt real. Was she real on the inside? How could he judge that without risking the safety of his family? How did he do that?

"J-I don't know..." He ran a hand through his hair again, and had a fleeting thought about what she would think about his hair now that it was longer than ever. He turned his attention to Anna, nodding slightly. She was right, they all were. "You two should stay and fortify. Ben and I can her and see what we can figure out." He trusted Ben to be able to handle himself in case things went further south, but he also knew that he'd provide a little bit of levity and perspective for them all.

He looked back at Jess, resisting the urge to just take her in his arms and comfort her. To see Jess cry and to know it was because of him...Even knowing it might not be her...It broke his heart all over again. He put up the wall around his heart again, guarding himself from whatever came of this. "We'll figure this out." He only hoped they really could.

Thank you SHANTEL for the template!!
 Posted: Feb 6 2018, 03:39 PM
DEAN is Offline

It was most definitely ten shades of rude for them all to be pointing various weapons at their so-called guest without much explanation, but that sure as hell didn’t mean that Dean planned on lowering his piece any time soon, either. A little streak of pride flashed across his face at his wife’s bearing and stance—though it was a life goal to make sure Ana experienced as little supernatural bullshit as possible, the fact of the matter was, the supernatural was rather fond of her, too, just like her man and his weird-ass entourage. Nonetheless, despite enduring some fucking twisted trauma already—which she would have been totally justified in quitting and booking a one-way ticket to Tahiti after—she was standing tall and with a steady hand… and reading the situation just like he was. Yeah, you’re damn right he was proud.

Ben, on the other hand… well, Dean was still proud of him, but for a different reason. Ben was the kind of kid that still had an empathy in spades that reminded him of a young Sam. This wasn’t a bad thing! It did, however, seem to make him a lot less cautious than Dean would have liked. That didn’t mean the teenager wouldn’t know what to do when push came to shove, but Ben also rightly didn’t know the whole story behind Jessica’s death… or why it was creeping Dean out so bad to have her standing on their porch like everything was hunky-dory peachy-keen.

Sam had finally started to settle. All that demon blood and birthright bullshit was in the rearview mirror, which was the way Dean liked it. After all, Jessica had died just like their mother had: up in flames and pinned to a ceiling… collateral damage in a celestial war. She was part of the story, whether she liked it or not. So didn’t that mean it was probably bad fuckin’ news she was back around town? Was Azazeal going to pop up from behind a bush and gank both the brothers by way of a final revenge (for despite seeing the demon die, he still couldn’t assume such a bastard had stayed dead)? He didn’t want that. If not for Sam, or for himself, than for Anna and Ali. That was the downside of loving people; they were liable to suffer for whatever you mucked up in the past, and the consequences of those decisions.

We’re not running her off, Ben. We’re being careful.” That said, Dean honestly wasn’t sure how best to handle this… but one glance at Anna confirmed that whatever course of action he—or, really, his brother—decided to follow, it certainly wasn’t going to be happening here. Even though Dean really wasn’t the boss of Sam anymore (because he totally had been, no matter how much Sam tried to deny it), he figured it was ultimately his call to decide what to do next… especially given how his brother was definitely compromised, and ultimately way too biased to be calling the shots anytime soon.

A wrinkle in Dean’s brow, already well-worn from worry, deepened sharply. He bit down a sigh bubbling up in his gut; the air instead escaped via a forceful exhale, which somehow managed to signal irritation, frustration, and cynicism, all at once.. He frowned. The gun, which the semi-ex-hunter still held pointed squarely at Jessica’s heart, lowered a little… but not so much that Dean couldn’t get a fatal body shot off if she suddenly grew fangs and/or claws, and decided to make ground beef of him or someone else.

I’m liking the hotel plan.” Dean glanced at Sam, but didn’t voice the question in his eyes. “Why don’t you two get… Jessica… settled, and I’ll grab some materials.” He was disinclined to elaborate in front of the person they’d ultimately be testing, so hopefully Sam wouldn’t stick his head in the sand when it came time to untangle this glorified knot that had waltzed back into their lives like that one chick in Casablanca. Besides, Sam made a terrible Humphrey Bogart.

Dean’s gaze fell back on Jessica, steely, but calm. “You’ll be safe with them.
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