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» ♔ all admin position openings
 Posted: Jul 7 2017, 11:25 PM
SHANTEL is Offline

future admin
Well hey there, bittersweetie!

This is where we will post any administration team position openings, so be sure to check back here frequently! Positions can range from moderators to administrators, though there will no longer be vacancies for co-owners.

Please note: We would like applicants to be over the age of 18. You are still welcome to apply if you have been part of the administration in the past. Should you have left the administration team on negative terms or should you have been asked to step down, this could influence whether or not you will be granted an interview for the position via PM.

Should a position be listed below, we will post the opening in the tag-box and send out a global PM to all members regarding the vacant position. Not all applicants will receive interviews via PM and not every applicant will be offered a position with the administration team.

When a position is listed below, please copy the code, fill out all required information and post it as a reply here. You will receive an immediate PM from Shantel - the website owner - regarding your application which may or may not include an invitation to interview via PM for the position.

Currently there are no positions open to be filled, but please check back again soon!


bittersweet forever - site owner
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