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» Character adoption [MALE | ORIGINAL CHARACTER]
 Posted: Dec 23 2016, 02:54 PM
ANNA-LYNNE is Offline

Sylar Ruiz
preferred play-by is: Shiloh Fernandez

Before we get into who Sylar Ruiz is, please note that the only way this original character can be adopted is if the member adopting him is fully understanding that Sylar will not be a character that is able to find redemption and is not a character that is meant to live beyond any plot agreed upon when bringing him back into the mix.

Sylar Ruiz is the deceased, abusive ex-boyfriend of Anna-Lynne Albright. As is physical violence wasn't traumatizing on the then-seventeen year old, Sylar's jealousies and insecurities led him to egging on his best friend Ryan, wanting Ryan to hit on Anna-Lynne to see if she would give into her whorish reputation (a reputation Sylar created in his own mind). This went off-track when Anna-Lynne refused Ryan's attempts and Ryan, in a slightly drug-induced haze, forced himself on Anna-Lynne, sexually assaulting her; he ran back to Sylar and claimed Anna-Lynne had accepted his advances which ruined her relationship with Sylar - a blessing in disguise - and her reputation back in New York.

When Anna-Lynne moved to Italy for a year and a half to spend time with her eldest brother, Sylar followed closely behind her, wanting to repair the damage he had caused. Still, he never truly believed that Ryan had raped Anna-Lynne, he was just willing to pretend he believed her side of the story in an attempt to win her back. When he saw that she was moving on with a local by the name of Jaylon Ellison, Sylar's threats and attempts to blackmail her back into his arms picked up tenfold, even extending to Jaylon who stood firm at Anna-Lynne's side.

When her relationship with Jaylon ended, Anna-Lynne's brothers Vince and Bradly stepped in as her line of protection, even coming to physical blows with Sylar when he was getting a touch too close to their sister for their own comfort's sake

Anna-Lynne's friendship with her best friend Dean Winchester sparked into a heated, crazed romance that many had seen coming a mile away. She ended up moving in with he and his brother Sam Winchester, but even that wasn't enough to persuade Sylar to give him on his unwanted advances.

During a drunken night out on the town with her girlfriends, Sylar was able to slip something in Anna-Lynne's drink; by the time she realized who was taking her home, Anna-Lynne was at Sylar's home and clearly separated from her friend's. He had brought her there in an attempt to prove he was the one she was both wanting and needing and, in doing so, attempted to force himself onto Anna-Lynne, much as Ryan had a few years back. Anna-Lynne was smart enough to be able to fend Sylar off in her drugged haze (thanks to Dean's self-defence training) and locked herself in Sylar's bedroom where she was able to call Dean for back-up.

Dean was the one to shoot Sylar, though it was an injury he would have survived had Dean and Anna-Lynne's oldest brother Vince not decided to end his life themselves in his hospital room by injecting an air bubble into his vein.

The only way that Sylar could be brought back into the picture is if he had had vampire blood in his system prior to being killed as there is no one who liked Sylar enough to purposely bring him back to life. That said, he would obviously be furious that Dean and Vince ended his life and would likely want to have his revenge on them for doing so. He would also be enraged to find Anna-Lynne married to Dean and to see that they had a child - a baby girl named Ali - together.

Again, Sylar is not to survive any plot he becomes part of upon showing up in New Orleans as he can never truly find redemption for all he has done as he has never regretted his violence nor would he ever be willing to change his sadistic ways.

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they are the hunters, we are the foxes, my love
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