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Posted by: SHANTEL [OWNER] Nov 24 2012, 01:01 AM
the site plot
Well hey there, bittersweetie!

Before we dive into the meat of the website, I'd like to take a second to give you a bit of information about who we are! We were established by Shantel in November of 2008, and have been an active community for role-players, having never closed.

We have a welcoming and driven admin team consisting of seven active members throughout Canada and the US, and we never have bans on the genders, ages or species of characters!

based in seattle - The city of Seattle is divided into sections on-site: The heart of the city, which is the more expensive area to reside. The Glades, which is the poverty-stricken area of Seattle. The French Quarter, which is a developing area where most of the city's entertainment comes to life, and the Bayou, which is the wilderness that surrounds the city. Read more below: - downtown seattle - 'bad side' of town - the countyside

the human locals - Seattle is much like New York city in the sense that it's well-populated with plenty of humans, both upscale and otherwise. There are anonymous groups in Seattle that strive to make life as dramatic as possible for people; anonymous media outlets that create rumours and scandals in hopes of upsetting the rich while other anonymous and underground groups take a more physical approach on creating chaos among those residing in the city for their own sick pleasure.

the supernaturals - Seattle is populated by over twenty different species that must adhere to the strict supernatural laws that have been implemented and upheld by Marcel Gerard, the self-appointed King of Seattle's supernaturals. This aids him in keeping order among the supernatural, in keeping death tolls at a consistent low and assists in guarding the secret of the supernatural from humans and hunters alike. A great many long to usurp and dethrone Marcel, as many wish to rule the city and relish (and abuse) the wealth and respect that would come with securing such a powerful position in the supernatural world.

in conclusion - It is up to each being (be they human or supernatural) to be able to live a relatively normal life in Seattle by working a job or attending high school or university, all while the supernatural strive to keep avoiding suspicion and successfully keep their secret existence from the human locals. This also requires obeying the supernatural laws and avoiding drama with conflicting species while the humans of Seattle try to steer clear of the very real anonymous terrors within the society.

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