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» ♔ bittersweet rules
 Posted: Sep 10 2012, 11:37 PM
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the site rules
SHORT-TERM JOINING: Don't join and ditch! It's disrespectful to your friends and role-play partners!

1ST ACCOUNT: Please register your main account as your alias in CAPS. Proper registration of a new character would be SHANTEL, for example. This will be used as your main account and all character accounts created should be linked to your this account going forward. Once your first character is accepted, Shantel will get in touch with you via PM and create graphics for this account.

CHARACTERS: Please register your character's first and last name in CAPS. Proper registration of a new character would be LYDIA MARTIN, for example. If you make a mistake, let an admin member know and we'll be happy to fix it for you.

MORE CHARACTERS: While we have no rules regarding how many new characters you can create, we do have guidelines when it comes to adding another character to your pack. We ask that your previously-made character has at least twenty-five posts prior to creating a new character. Five of those posts must be threaded posts, five must be shipper-related posts, five must be character communication posts while the remaining ten can be your choosing. We also ask that you take on only as many characters as you can manage!

ACTIVITY CHECKS: Each month we will be posting an activity check and we ask that you have three posts for each of your characters. Two of these posts can be in shippers, character communication boards or in games, but at least one of the three posts must be threaded. If this isn't something that you are able to achieve, we ask that you reach out to an admin member prior to the activity check's closing date. Should you not, we will have no choice but to flag any account that has not met the requirements as inactive. This will mean that you will be given one month to produce the posts you are missing from the last activity check, as well as the posts you are required to complete for the next activity check, for a total of six posts.

LEAVES OF ABSENCE: If you are going to be away for any length of time that could impact your ability to clear the month's activity check, we ask that you complete a leave of absence (LOA). You do not have to give any more information regarding your LOA than you would like to, but we do need to know when you will be leaving and when you will be returning. Should you not provide us with a return date, you will be given two weeks to return to the website or to update your LOA properly. Should neither of these two things happen, your accounts and your claims will be put up for grabs.

WORD COUNT: Posts must be 200 words; we currently don't have a maximum length.

FINISHING THREADS: All threads that are started must be completed within three months. 'Completing a thread' means meeting the purpose of the thread, not abandoning it mid-purpose.

BUMPING THREADS: Threads can be bumped every three days if they have not been replied to. On the flip-side, please strive to post in active threads you're involved in at least once a week to prevent said threads from going stale or inactive.

REQUESTS: All requests are to be posted in the requests board on-site; we do not tolerate anyone asking our members our or admin to help them with graphics or codes off-site or through PM's. We need to keep track of who needs what, and what is being completed properly so please help us by keeping all website requests on-site.

GOD-MODDING: Controlling characters that do not belong to you is absolutely not allowed. You are not permitted to write another character's dialogue in your post and you are not allowed to control another character's actions in your post.

CLIQUES: Groups of members that exclude others from conversations or plots will be broken up immediately. We've been there and done that and it's just not worth our time. We are all family here; this isn't 'Mean Girls', so if you're looking to wear pink on Wednesday's, maybe try another site.

BULLYING: Respect everyone. No discrimination, no unnecessary comments, no rude smiley faces. We don't tolerate bullying or discrimination in any way, shape or form, and we will not hesitate in asking a member to leave if we see it happening on-site. We have no tolerance as far as bullying and discrimination are concerned and we will not hesitate to enact our right to ask someone to leave.

IDENTITIES: Please do not pretend to be more than one person. Please don't take our admin members as fools; we can see IP addresses and we've dealt with this a hundred times before.

CODE TAMPERING: You are not allowed to edit or make changes to our templates; we have them set a certain way for a reason, so please use them as they are or I will go 'Death Eater' on you.

PLAGIARISM: Stealing content is prohibited. If someone makes you graphics here, do not use them on other sites. If you see a code you like on-site, do not take it. Be sure to credit graphics or codes you're using on-site that come from resource sites to prevent angry coders from getting upset in our c-box. This rule also pertains to anything plot-related or character-related; do not steal applications, posts, codes, or plots that you might see here. We work hard for what we have!

MATURE CONTENT: We do allow mature content on our website, though it must be tagged to shield it from those not wanting to see it. We pay to have a premium jcink website which means, by their terms and conditions, mature content is legally permitted on our website. Still, out of vast respect for those members that we have on-site, we keep any mature content in a password-protected board.

ON-SITE CONTENT: As per jcink's terms and conditions, any content posted on this website immediately becomes property of jcink. This means that if you leave Bittersweet Forever, your content will not be removed. As stated in our application, we reserve the right to place any characters up for adoption should they become an intricate part of Bittersweet Forever, regardless of who created the character. This is within our right on jcink.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: HAVE FUN! We're here to make friends and have a blast, so do that! SERIOUSLY! This is a hobby not a job; sit back, relax, and know that everyone here will adore you!


bittersweet forever - site owner
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