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» Character adoption [MALE | CANON | NIKITA]
 Posted: Dec 19 2016, 02:26 PM
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Sergei Semak
preferred play-by is: Gary Oldman

Sergei Semak was Nikolai Udinov's right-hand man; Nikolai Udinov ran a Russian oil empire named Zetrov and had a wife (Katya) and a thirteen year old daughter (Alexandra or 'Alex' for short). Semak was having an affair with Katya and wanted to claim Zetrov as his own so he hired the Division to assassinate the Udinov family.

Semak ensured Katya survived so that the two could continue their affair, though she never knew he was behind her family's death. After losing both her husband and her daughter, Katya has had to remain medicated and under the supervision of Semak in the now-rebuilt Udinov estate in Russia.

Alex, however, was never murdered like her father Nikolai. Nikita - the assassin brought in to murder the Udinov family - was unable to murder a thirteen year old and instead gave her to Semak to care for, not knowing he had called the hit on the family. Semak instead sold Alex into a sex trafficking ring which left the world to assume her dead along with the rest of her family.

Semak took control of Zetrov and continued his romance with Katya and used the Division's resources to advance Zetrov into the US's interest. This is where Oliver Queen - a billionaire in New Orleans and the CEO of Queen Consolidated - began proceedings to purchase Zetrov from Semak for a few billion dollars.

While no one understood Oliver Queen's interest in Zetrov, it is because he married Alex Udinov and knows her true identity. She asked her new husband to purchase her father's company until the day she felt comfortable enough to tell the world she is Alexandra Udinov; then and only then will she step up to run her father's company and reclaim the billions from Semak that Oliver gave him in exchange for her father's business.

When Semak learns that Alex is still alive, it would be canonically-correct for him to attempt to hire someone outside of the Division to assassinate her to prevent her from reclaiming Zetrov and the money he sold the company for.

When Katya learns that her daughter is alive, Alex will not waste time in telling her that Semak was to blame for the raid on their home, Alex's fate in a sex trafficking ring and the death of Alex's father. This will cause great conflict between Katya and Semak.

In turn, Alex will waste little to no time in attempting to end Semak's life. I do not see her ever forgiving him for what he has done and should he and her mother continue their affair, Alex will have little to nothing to do with Katya; her assassination attempts on Semak will never cease.

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