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 vampire diaries | 19 | malese jow, anna orucov | jeremy's ex-girlfriend

vampire | malese jow
Anna lived in Mystic Falls before it was even called Mystic Falls. Her mother had a very respectable apothecary and no one had any idea what they were...that is until Katherine Pierce came to town in 1864. Once people started hunting, they had to leave.

They planned to escape with Katherine, but something went wrong. Anna's mother, Pearl, was captured. She was one of many vampires to be imprisoned in Fells Church. A witch by the name of Emily Bennett promised Anna that she would see her mother again.

When she discovered that her mother was not dead, but entombed under the church by the witch, Anna spent 145 years trying to find a way to free her, so they could live in Mystic Falls in peace. She didn't care about the other 25 vampires that were there. They didn't matter.

Morals weren't something that mattered much either, not when her mother's life was at stake. She turned innocents into vampires just to further her plans, and she didn't give a damn about anyone until she met Jeremy Gilbert. Of course, he was the baby brother of Katherine's doppelganger, as if Anna's life wasn't complicated enough.

She didn't start out in love with him though, she made mistakes. She only wanted the Gilbert journal, and she even kidnapped Elena in order to get Bonnie Bennet, Emily's descendant, to open the tomb. All of this plotting had her spending a lot of time with Jeremy, who, at the time, didn't know a thing about vampires. Anna showed him her secret on accident. He pushed her on purpose. She couldn't help it. Had anyone else pulled that stunt, they would have been dead on the floor in a matter of minutes. But Jeremy was different.

He let her drink from him. He was kind and understanding and, most of all, curious. He repeatedly requested to be turned, but wouldn't tell Anna why, so she refused. Once her mother was released, she tried to hide her growing relationship with Jeremy but she found out anyway. Pearl still held a grudge against John Gilbert for betraying her, and Pearl & Anna fought. Anna was so angry at her mother that she went to Jeremy and agreed to turn him, but then she discovered why he wanted this life so badly. He wanted to be with his ex-girlfriend, Vicki. He had thought she was possibly a vampire, but between his first request and now, he found out she was dead.

Anna and Jeremy stopped talking for a while, she was hurt and he was grieving. They eventually both admitted to mutual guilt, they were both using each other in the beginning, but it had turned into more than that very quickly. Anna enrolled in the local high school, so she could spend more time with him, and they started seeing each other, despite everyone's wishes.

Jeremy's uncle, John, ended up killing Anna's mother, and while she was devastated, she couldn't find it in herself to seek revenge. Jeremy was my weakness. I couldn't leave. I couldn't risk his wellbeing. Jeremy was there for her while she grieved. He knew the pain of losing a parent, and he was the only reason she didn't turn her humanity off then.

The possibility of turning Jeremy still hung in the air for them, soon Founders day, Anna gave him a vial of her blood and told him that if he drank it and died, he would be a vampire. He wasn't sure, but she left it for him just in case. Anna was with Jeremy when his uncle set off the Gilbert device, which incapacitated every vampire within a 5 block radius. Anna hit the ground quick and Jeremy couldn't stop the police from taking her away. She was drugged with vervain and trapped in the Gilbert building to be burnt alive, just like they were going to do in 1864 with her mother.

John saw that she was captured before they could set the fire, and since he hated her for being so close to Jeremy, he staked Anna to ensure her death. Damon, laying incapacitated next to her, wanted to help, but couldn't. He just had to sit and watch her die. He was the one who told Jeremy that Anna died, and he told him that he wanted to help but couldn't. Damon was the only vampire to escape that night.

Jeremy then asked Damon if it would be better to be a vampire, and he answered that it would be easier to turn the emotions off. Later, Jeremy drank the vial of blood that Anna left him and attempted to OD with sleeping pills. He didn't take enough pills to kill himself, so her blood only healed the damage instead of turning him. Anna spent quite a while trapped on the other side, watching over Jeremy, and when he was shot and killed by Sheriff Forbes, Bonnie brought him back with magic. The side effect of the spell, however, was that Jeremy was now a medium. This meant that he would be able to see me on occasion.

She accidentally scared him a few times, he wasn't prepared for her, but she wasn't the only one he could see. He could see Vicki, too. And Anna knew what Vicki was up to. She could see what he couldn't. She was messing with dark magic on the other side. All magic comes with a price, and dark magic always has a scary price. No one could know what Vicki was dealing with, and Anna wanted to warn Jeremy before he got involved.

Jeremy was also involved with Bonnie by this time, and Anna told him that he shouldn't be thinking of her while he was with his girlfriend. The only reason he could see Anna was if he was thinking of her, and that wasn't right. He told Anna that he couldn't stop thinking of her, and she couldn't either. Anna loved him so much and she missed him. That was when they found out that they could touch each other.

Later, Bonnie cast a spell that allowed ghosts to be visible to humans. This made it even more awkward when Elena walked in on Jeremy and Anna kissing. Elena yelled at them, mostly Anna, and she disappeared. Later, she went to Jeremy and told him that his sister was right, she was holding him back. If Anna hadn't already been dead, it would have killed her.

When she came back from the dead with Tyler's uncle, she didn't know why, but she didn't care. The first person she went to was Jeremy...Vicki had already been brought back, and he was happy. After so long alone on the other side, she was so tired of being alone. If Vicki wouldn't have been there, Anna would have had Jeremy back. She just wanted him back. So she killed Vicki. It was convenient, really. Her name was on the dead pool. They would never know.

But Anna couldn't handle the rash decision, herself. She had hurt Jeremy, something she swore she'd never do. She switched off her humanity and traveled Europe for a while. She left a trail of blood through most of Western Europe. She's still sick of being alone, which is why she's returning to Seattle.

She has no idea that Jeremy is unaware of Vicki's death. That will be up to whoever plays her and myself and whoever picks up Vicki, as well. The truth will come out in time, but I would like for it to be something that Jeremy and Anna can get past at least somewhat. Jeremy is used to other's trying to protect him and as frustrating as it is, he ultimately understands the intention.

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