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 Posted: Sep 11 2012, 11:49 PM
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information about this list,

individual character information & general plot information below

Criminal Minds' plot takes place prior to Hotch's ex-wife's murder. He is still divorced though he shares custody of his son Jack with his ex-wife. He (along with his team) have temporarily relocated to New Orleans while working on a few cases. Little do they all know, these cases (some of them, at the very least) center around the supernatural.

Any characters that have died in previous seasons may be brought back to life (using extreme dark magic or the abilities of a necromancer) though it must be a plausible plot with its own repercussions; magic always comes with a price.

Please note that any character with the ' ∞ ' symbol next to their name is a doppelganger on-site. A doppelganger is someone who has an exact replica (identical replica) though is not necessarily biologically related to that being. Doppelgangers (when together) can change luck for better or for worse and even harness unknown powers when together. In essence, this face claim is used for another character.


Age: 48 | Written By: No one| Played By: SEBASTIAN ROCHE

Education: Up to the role player
Occupation: Up to the role player
Summary: Clyde is a former partner of Emily Prentiss during her Interpol days. He was in charge of an elite team codenamed JTF-12 whose job was to track down high-profile terrorist, profile them and go undercover to bring them down. After Ian Doyle's escape from prison, Clyde suspects one of his team members betrayed them.


Age: 28 | Written By: No one| Played By: MEREDITH MONROE

Education: Up to the role player
Occupation: Up to the role player
Summary: Haley is the deceased ex-wife of Aaron Hotchner. She divorced Aaron and took custody of their son, Jack, due to her husband always working on the clock and never spending time with his family. Hayley is later murdered by George Foyet.


Age: 32 | Written By: NO ONE| Played By: NICHOLAS BRENDAN

Education: Up to the role player
Occupation: Up to the role player
Summary: Kevin is a technical analyst of the BAU. He's become romantically interested in Garcia after seeing her GUI (Graphical User Interface) and engaging in an "hacker duel" with her.


Age: 35 | Written By: no one| Played By: JOSH STEWART

Education: Up to role player
Occupation: Up to role player
Summary: William is a New Orleans detective. Him and Jennifer develop a romantic attachment to one another, and William eventually proposes to her once hearing the news Jennifer is pregnant with their son, Henry. However, Jennifer rejects his proposal, but they are still together raising their son Henry.

[dohtml]<center><div class="temp2"> <div class="temp2title">adopting/tossing</div><br> <br>Please include the character name, your name and any changes to the education or occupation sections. Should you be tossing a character, simply put the character's name.</div></center>[/dohtml]

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