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» [OS] I Don't Need Your Reasons
 Posted: Mar 15 2014, 12:04 PM
KENNA is Offline

The move to New Orleans had gone very well…in fact, Kenna sometimes felt like it had gone TOO well. But, what did it all mean for her, especially for her future? She and Jessica were going to expand to all the cities that had the biggest fashion shows the world had ever seen…and then her father was injured, forcing them to make the move from Livorno to New Orleans. Now, though, it made Kenna wander if she might run into her mom again in the States. There was the off chance that it might not happen, but what if it did?

Kenna knew she should prepare herself for that, but sometimes, she wasn’t sure what she could say if she ever saw her mother again. Of course, in the past 17, almost 18 years, Kenna had no clue how to even picture her mother, what she looked like, smelled like, acted like, nor did she have a name to call her by. Things were just a big, fat…blur, to be quite honest.

With nothing to go on, the young werewolf allowed herself to drift off into what she hoped to be an easy slumber. Lately, it seemed, she hadn’t been sleeping very well, and she wanted tonight to be better than most of the other nights. As soon as she opened her eyes, however, Kenna found herself face to face with an unfamiliar person, their brown eyes almost familiar to her. And as she looked into them, she realized that this person, whoever they were, was the same one she’d been NOT hoping to see, but had indeed, in her dreamland.

“Are you her?” Kenna speculated in a soft-spoken tone then licked her suddenly nervously chapped lips and went on, “Are you the person I’m looking for?” The woman in front of her tilted her head as if to say, ‘That depends on who is asking.’ Kenna gave her a puzzled look. “I’ve been wondering if I would ever get to see my birth mother again, but haven’t had any luck.”

And then Kenna was jolting up out of her dream, realizing that she didn’t even need a reason to finally meet her mother…she already had hers.

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