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» [OS] Walk Through Hell
 Posted: Feb 21 2014, 01:54 AM
Homicide Detective
Sera is Offline

There was very little in this world that scared Sera Vesta. Being a hunter for 200 years will have that effect on someone. After a while, it’s just pointless to be afraid of the things that went bump in the night. Since she was 20 years old she dedicated her life to protecting the lives of those who couldn’t protect themselves. If she was afraid of things that got in the way of protecting people, so she went to things fearless so nothing would hold her back. She put herself in danger to protect others around her and she didn’t even think twice about it. Some would say that she was stupid or reckless, but really she was just protective and headstrong. It was that that protective, headstrong nature that made sure she didn’t have to fear anything.

Sera wasn’t scared at the moment, instead she had jumped from scared all the way to terrified.

She didn’t know how they had found out or who told them, but humans knew something was wrong in the city. They knew that things weren’t as simple as it seemed. And because of this some of them had become hunters of their own. And she was what they had hunted. The problem with these ‘hunters’ was that they didn’t know the difference on who is a human and who was supernatural. Which meant a lot of other humans were getting hurt.

Sera didn’t know any of this of course until they had taken her. It was her own damn fault, she hadn’t been careful, she’d been too tired working every day, for all hours of the day. But cops had started going missing, and because of this too many of the remaining ones had to pick up the slack, along with looking for the missing officers. Her department was focusing on the officers, because when cops go missing, chances were that they were dead.

So she had been walking home, tired, and dragging after a twelve hour shift. She wasn’t paying attention to her surroundings, which was something that she trained herself to always do. And then all of a sudden someone was grabbing her from behind, with a cloth over her mouth. And then everything went black.

She had woken up when she felt burning on her skin. She was trapped in a chair, iron chains strapped across her wrists, neck, chest and legs. The metal burned on her skin making it so that she tried to move it would only hurt more. She looked around the dark room where they had put her, eyes widening as she saw 2 of the 3 other missing officers there. Unlike her, they were tied up with ropes, beaten black and blue, but they didn’t look like they were on their deathbeds. Before Sera could try and talk to them, to understand what happened, a door opened letting a line of light in.

This third missing officer walked in, a gun held out in a trained manner, sweeping the room as he walked in. And for a few moments, Sera was grateful because the sooner the iron was off her, the sooner she could help him save the other officers.

Until the officer turned his gun to her and shot her in her leg.

The scream she let out echoed off the walls of the small room. The bullet hadn’t been iron, but silver instead. She was lucky that she wasn’t addicted to her magic, she had heard stories about elementals who could be consumed by magic, and watch as silver destroyed them. For her there was only a slight burn and a lot of pain. She closed her eyes as she tried to push back the pain, when the officer’s voice filled her ears.

“So you aren’t a werewolf, werewolves are supposed to be seriously hurt by silver, that’s what Wikipedia says. What a fucking waste, I spent money buying that on ebay! “ Her eyes opened slowly to look into the officers eyes. And it was there that she saw something that made her go cold.


“Don’t try and tell me I’m crazy! I’m not crazy! I’ve seen everything that goes on, the unexplainable! The people in this city! And I know that you are one of them! You have to be, your skin burns! “The officer moved forward pressing the barrel of the gun to her forehead “I just don’t know what.”

Sera opened her mouth to speak but he pressed the gun harder against her “Shut up! You think I’m just going to sit by and let you hurt people? Cause that’s what the monster’s do they hurt people. And I just have to figure out what monster you are. “

“If you’re not a werewolf, you could be a vampire.” The officer took out a knife and pressed it against Sera’s cheek and making a long cut. Another scream was ripped from Sera’s throat as she felt blood drip from the wound. “I heard that vampire blood makes you stronger and faster” He wiped some blood with his finger before putting it in his mouth and making a disgusted face.

“I don’t feel any different so that’s a no. “The officer stepped away from her putting the gun away, “What the hell are you? “ Sera opened her mouth again to speak only to be glared at “I said, shut up. Don’t you worry. Now that I have you, I’ll figure it out. Just need to research more, and keep trying things. “

He turned to her with a grin “You’ll be my little test subject.”

That had been three days ago.

Since then Sera had been electrocuted, stabbed, cut, bruised, beaten and kept wrapped in iron chains. Every generic, fake way to kill a “monster” had been tested out and used on her. None of them working. She almost wanted to just tell them to shovel a lemon down her throat and get it over with. She could handle being stabbed, poked, and hurt but she couldn’t handle one simple lemon without being on a verge of death.

And at that point it seemed like it would have been a blessing to die. She was in so much pain that sometimes she had felt like begging him to stop just to try. But she didn’t, she didn’t make a sound while he tested out his experiments on her. It was when he left the room that she cried and screamed in pain, but she wouldn’t let him see her that way.

She put on a brave face hiding the terror that lied inside of her. She tried to keep her shaking down whenever her eyes met his. He scared her in ways she hadn’t felt in a long time. Not because of the pain, or because what he was willing to keep doing to her. But because he was part of the very people she had spent two hundred years protecting. It didn’t matter that she had gave blood, sweat, and tears into their protection, they would always just see her as a monster. The very species she blended in with, protected, saved countless time would destroy them given the chance.

What scared her was that if they would do this to her, who they didn’t even have confirmation on what she was, what would they do to the people once they found out what they were. People she loved, Davina, Trinity, Caleb, Brianna. And instead of protecting them, she was going to die in a basement somewhere, cold, dark, and alone.

if you don't believe, it can't hurt you
OK, I'll admit. I'm not innocent.I did everything and I would again. I'm not listening, I've heard everything. Graveyard whistling, I'm into it.No one's getting younger. Would you like a souvenir? Let it take you under. Feel your worries disappear.'Cos if you don't believe, it can't hurt you. 'Cos if you don't believe, then you know, then you know, It can never do you harm. 'Cos if you don't believe, it can't hurt you.
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