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 [OS] Let It Burn While I Cry
Grabbing the keys from the coffee table, Jacob Black patted his pockets to make sure he had everything he needed. Keys, wallet, phone, all there. He had been slacking at the shop since Olivia had gone missing, and he hadn’t spent a lot of time there even now that she was back considering he was playing overprotective dad to Olivia, Laila, and the others. He was tired of all the shit that continued to happen to his family and friends, and was battling depression. He knew he couldn’t blame himself, or at least that he shouldn’t. But he couldn’t help but doubt his abilities as a father and it wore on him.

He shoved his hands in his pocket as he found his wife in the living room. With everything that was happening, he always kissed her goodbye and hello and told her he loved her. Not that he was worried he wouldn’t come home, but who could know that they wouldn’t? What if something happened? God forbid it did but if so, he wanted the last thing he said to her to be words of love.

He leaned down and kissed her, lingering a little with a smirk. ”Now that things are calmer…I think you and I should take a one-night vacation.” With twelve kids, it was no secret that Jake had a bit of a sex drive. That and they had a habit of birthing litters, but still. The sex drive was there for them both. With legs like that, how could he not be hard for her every day?

After another kiss, he got on his motorcycle, the engine revving loudly. It wasn’t a long ride to his mechanics garage, and when he pulled up he noticed something a little…concerning. Of course, he wasn’t so aware of the chaos going around the city, because he and Renesmee had been keeping to themselves as of late. They hadn’t been talking to a lot of people, they had been busy with their family. So when he saw all the garages open and all the cars he had been working on gone…

Well, let’s just say the string of curse words that came out of his mouth would have embarrassed the navy. He got off the bike immediately, his fists clenched into balls as he walked through the open garage, aware of his surroundings; they could still be in there or left a bomb or something. Wouldn’t be the first time. Luckily Brady wasn’t there, he could have been hurt. He cursed again, immediately calling the cops. He had insurance on it, but he had at least 3 cars in there by customers expecting to get their cars fixed, not stolen. The likelihood of getting them back with all the insides still intact was not high.

He ran a hand down his face as he waited for the cops, moving to go outside after checking the safe and finding all the cash gone. At least five grand was in the safe, since they bought a lot of cars and used them for parts or resold them to locals. Most transactions were cash only, and their stash was stolen along with all the cars. He noticed on the front door graffiti, Uscire, buco del culo. He knew enough Italian to know it read along the lines of Get out, asshole. ”Well, fuck you too, dickheads.” Not that Jake was one to talk to himself, but maybe they stuck around and would hear.

Big mistake opening the door. It must have triggered something in the back, because an explosion resounded behind him. He had been through enough to realize that he better run, and he got a few steps outside of the garage before the explosion ripped through the whole building, throwing Jake across the front parking lot. He landed and rolled, ending up on his back, pain tearing through his body. He could feel the heat on his back, knowing that he’d be burned pretty badly. He could tell the blast and resounding fall had broken his arm or at least done some serious damage. He knew he’d heal, but that didn’t mean that it didn’t hurt like hell. He pulled out his phone and texted Brady. Don’t bother coming in to work today. Explain later.

As he heard the sirens (finally), he laid there, a huge sigh escaping his lips. This was the fourth time. The fourth time he lost his garage, the fourth time it had been destroyed, the fourth time his dream had exploded. Maybe it just wasn’t meant to be. But he had to have some kind of income. Ness made a lot of money on her music and they still had the money they won from hitting the lottery, but he had to do something with his time or he’d go nuts. This just…sucked.

As he heard the cops pull up, he sat up slowly, rubbing the back of his head. They all rushed him, promising to call the medics and he promptly said no. He wouldn’t be able to explain away the quick healing. He had to sign the waiver that said he voluntarily waived the hospital rights but that was fine. He gave his report to the cops, giving them his information before painfully getting back on to his motorcycle.

A slow and painful ride later, he pulled in to the driveway, not bothering to park his motorcycle appropriately. He shuffled into the house, slamming the door behind him. He was grumpy and pissed off and in pain. He sat down on the couch and threw his head in his hands, the realization of what just happened hitting him. One second later and he would have been in the building when it exploded. Again. At least this time Catori wasn’t there, or none of his kids or anyone else. He could handle the pain, but if someone else got hurt…

He stayed like that for he didn’t know how long before standing, looking for his wife. His arm needed to be reset and he had to do something about the burns that he felt on his back. Maybe take an ice bath or something to soothe the pain. But first he just wanted to kiss his wife.

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