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 [OS] My Future in Your Hands
Stiles Stilinski had been in love with Lydia Martin since the third grade. It started out as a small crush in which over time had blossomed into full blooded devotion. He saw what she didn’t let anyone else see in her. He spent middle school trying to get her to notice him only to be ignored. He spent High school falling deeper in love with her while competing for her spot as valedictorian, knowing that he could never surpass her in the brains area. He was nowhere near as smart as her, even though she hid those brains behind her high heeled pumps. Everyone seemed to think that she was some airhead redhead who cared more about her designer handbag then her grades. But Stiles saw past all that, he saw so much about the Strawberry blonde, genius with a sense of style and class. He also knew that Stiles was nothing when compared to the beautiful creature he fancied.

And yet now, 3 years after they had been thrust together by the creatures their loved ones had become, he was lying in bed next to her. Not just next to her but with his arms wrapped around her as she slept silently through the night. He could feel her stir a little in his arms before settling back down peacefully. It made him smile whenever he saw her there. It was like a dream come true, well, really it was a dream come true. Because she was his dream.

They had been together for 6 months now, living together for about 2 of those 6 months, but in all honest it was a rare night, even when they weren’t living in the same place, where they weren’t together. They had 2 kittens together and a dog. They had a new life together, a life that Stiles had never thought himself so lucky to have. It was a life that he woke up every morning and had to stop and make sure it wasn’t a dream.

And of course their lives weren’t perfect. There had been more threats on their lives here than ever before in Beacon Hills. Demons, Alphas, Heart-stealers, Laws, and on top of all that just people that didn’t like them a decided it would be fun to threaten them. He had been beat up , knocked down, in a car accident , broken ribs , and become best friends with his old bully. Everything was flipped upside down, backwards and reversed. Yet one thing hadn’t changed in his life since coming here. And that was Lydia.

Lydia had been there with him through it all. From first moving there, where she had become a fast friend, the both of them working towards becoming something more than just the casual friendship they had in California. And then almost naturally they moved from their friendship to flirting, the casual jokes and comments turning from innocence into something that made Stiles heart race. When Jackson had come from England though, he was certain that all hope at what was budding between her and he would be washed away. Yet something more came out of Jackson’s appearance in Italy. Something deeper and full of more meaning. Because when it came down to deciding who she spent time with, or who she let comfort her, she choose Stiles over Jackson.

And then the night came where he had been pushed a little too far by Jackson. The guy knew how Stiles felt about Lydia, knew how important she was to him, to his life. And yet he rubbed it in his face that he could never be with her, that Jackson would always beat him. So Stiles had stepped away, had gone cliff diving cause really why the hell not? And he was on the way back home walking past that dingy bar with its smoke and smell, and she had been there. She had been slightly drunk and he soaked head to toe, and yet when her lips pressed against his own, there was nothing but perfection. Nothing but her lips pressed against his as he tried to clumsily move along with it. His first kiss, and the first of many between the two.

Since that night, there had rarely been a night when they weren’t together. Even when Lydia and him were first starting out, he would go over to her place and watch a movie, and end up falling asleep with her on the bed, or the couch. And then there were all the times when they were first starting out, when they would be having a date and then have to go get Jackson or Scott and keep them from doing something stupid. In the end though it was those nights of rescuing people , of dealing through pain together , that brought them closer together. There was only two times where they had really been apart, When they broke up for 3 days, and when he went to New York for a week.

To be honest with himself he wasn’t too excited when he went to New York. He should have been to meet the people who helped make him possible. To have a family but it felt off, the way that people made it seem. He knew that it was probably all in his mind, but he didn’t want replacement parents. He had a dad, who loved him , he knew he loved him. He didn’t want a replacement mother, he had a mother, though she may have been gone, she was still his mother. But he had gone for more then one reason. The Albrights were nice people, a great family. And he tried to have a really good time with them, but it was hard without Lydia there. He understood that Lydia and he weren’t in a relationship that long, but she was the girl he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. And so for her not to be there on their first family holiday, it killed him.

But he couldn’t just not go, that chance had left the moment he had found what he was looking for. He had been searching online for something that fit for a month, coming up empty each time. Till he found the store in New York that had what he wanted. He called right away ordering it and transferred the money over. And while he could have had them ship it to him, but he wanted to be there to pick it up, to see it himself.

So when he got off the plane in New York it was hard for him to keep his nerves and excitement to himself. Bradley knew what was up, but he didn’t want to tell Maizy. He didn’t want anyone to know about what he was doing. Only 2 people knew so far, but he wanted it that to be it. He wanted this to be something special, something private.

He waited a day to go and getting it, asking Bradley to let him go alone, his heart pounding in his chest with nerves he was sure that Bradley could hear. He got a cab and tried to calm his jumbled stomach as the car waited in traffic. And when he got there it took a moment to get his shaking hands to give the money over. It wasn’t that he was nervous about picking it up , it was what picking it up would symbolize.

Because Stiles was buying a ring for Lydia, an engagement ring. This was going to be something that would change his entire life forever. So his nerves were a little jumbled and his hands a little shaky but he was excited too. This was something he never thought he would be able to even dream about, and now there was a strong chance that she would say yes.

When he got inside the store and to the counter, he gave the clerk the reference number they sent him. It was kind of funny to see their reaction. He was sure they got love struck teenagers in there all the time looking at rings and some actually buying one. But he doubted that many 17 year olds shell out about 5000 dollars up front for a ring. It wouldn’t be as expensive it wasn’t for getting it in Platinum and with the engraving . But Lydia was worth it , she was worth the world.

When they showed him the ring, he could feel that nervous feeling in his chest start to die down just a little. Not in a bad way, but in a more certain way. He could feel how right this was, how needed it was for him to do this. He loved Lydia, with all his heart and soul, and he wanted to be with her, for the rest of his life. And as he looked at the three sparkling stones in the middle and the carefully scripted words on the inside of the band, he could feel that certain feeling growing by the minute. The words In aeternum te amabo engraved on the inside of the band, meaning “I will love you for all eternity.” He knew that Lydia would know what it meant. He had been learning Latin for her, it was a challenge for him, fun but for a meaning.

He walked out of that store with the ring in his pocket. It felt like it was burning a hole through his pants, like it was burning for him to take it out. He wanted to get on a plane back to Italy in that very moment and screw all his plans and propose to her right there and then. But he knew that wasn’t fair to the Albrights or to Lydia. So he kept the ring in his pocket, and kept it with him the whole time he was New York. And though he knew it wasn’t very fair to the Albrights he left the night before Thanksgiving. He gave them all hugs, thanked them, and promised to keep in contact. He left that night so he would arrive thanksgiving morning, coming to the apartment door step and surprising his girlfriend. It was in that moment that he saw her, that the uneasy feeling he had been carrying in New York washed away. It just wasn’t going to be right without her there.

After thanksgiving things around them surprisingly slowed down just a bit. Well other than Laura coming back as another Alpha to the pack, along with the plan for Stiles to be turned being plotted. December was calm and easy, the perfect time for Stiles to pop the question. But Stiles knew he had to wait. He had to wait until after he had changed and till they got further into the school year. He knew with each passing day that Lydia was as ready for this as he was. He was ready for her to be his and for him to become hers forever. He wanted more kids with her, more pets, and a house where everyone could come over. He wanted a life with her, and he could tell by the way she spoke that she wanted the same.

And even though he knew when he wanted to propose, he still kept her ring in his pocket. Because he never knew when he would just decide that he couldn’t hold it in anymore. He could sometimes feel himself reaching in his pocket and letting his thumb rub over the velvet box. It would make him smile even in the oddest times. It was the symbol of his future with Lydia. A future he never even let himself dream about before coming to Italy.

The world may of tried to keep him down, tried to kick him and bruise him. But he was so glad he didn’t give up. Because it turns out you find your light in the darkness when you most think it will never come. Lydia was his light. She kept him sane when he thought he would go insane, stand by him when everyone else left him. She protected him , guided him, loved him. Without her he would of gone crazy a long time ago.

But then who wouldn’t lose their minds ,taking on this world. He put so much pressure on himself to protect the people he loved. He tried to solve to many problems that weren’t his own, which just got him in more trouble then was worth. But when he was down, when he thought it would be better if he just gave it all up, Lydia was there. She would lift him up with just a smile and hold him , saying it was okay to just let go. She was everything to him.

She was his world. He would give anything just to see her happy, and safe. Even his humanity, something that soon he wouldn’t be anymore. But no matter what he changed into , his love for her would never change. She was it for him, this was the only girl that he would ever love. And turning into a werewolf would do nothing to change that. He wanted to marry her, to have kids with her, To spend the rest of his life watching her sleep next to him. He wanted her, and this step would be the first in many to show her this.

To show her that she, was his heart, soul, and true love.

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