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 [OS] Mister Tough Guy
Lauren PST she/her thirty Offline Drama 4 years
Aiden was a trouble maker by nature. With Claire as his mother and Jacy as his father it was bound to happen, destined, even. Both were trouble makers, so it was to be expected that at least one of their kids inherited that part of them both. With Aiden, he always meant well. He only meant to see what the homemade firecracker did, he didn't mean to blow a hole in the wall. And he thought he would be able to put his laptop back together himself, really!

So when the mean one on his team kicked a ball at his head, Aiden had set it aside and pretended it didn't happen, at least to his face. He went home and complained, obviously, but he didn't say anything to his face. However, his mom did, she went and threatened him under the guise of being a family member. She had made it seem like Aiden couldn't stick up for himself and needed a girl to fight for him. That wasn't so true at all, just like he proved when Michael and his friends approached him.

They started calling his mom (even though they didn't know she was his mom) all sorts of names and making sexual remarks and Aiden got mad as any son would. So he punched him. He got some great hits in before his friends started in on him, and he even got a few hits on a couple of them before being overwhelmed and giving up. It was his first fight after all. Of course, he told his mom that they started it, and technically they did but with words instead of fists. Still, he had to make them stop saying that somehow!

So now Vince and Vi and everyone were saying he needed to challenge Michael on his own and make it a fair fight, so Aiden had it in his mind that it was okay to do so. So he did, and with permission. It was after their soccer practice, and Aiden had walked right up to Michael with a stern look on his face. "I bet you anything you couldn't fight me alone. Sure, you won with your cronies at your side but can you fight me on your own without their help? I doubt it." And that was all it took for Michael to fall right for it. They had decided to do it near the edge of the soccer field where there were trees to help cover them, even though they were still on school property.

Aiden had watched videos online and saw some MMA fights on tv. He knew enough to put his hands up to cover his face and to keep his thumb on the side of his hand, not tucked within his closed fist. So when they were ready to fight, he started bouncing around like he saw in the videos.

He got the first punch in. He was pleased with that. Sure Michael got in two right after that, but Aiden returned with a kick and a punch to the gut. It was a close fight, that was for sure. By the end of it they were bloody and beat up and bruised an in pain. But Aiden wouldn't lose, he had too much of his dad in him to lose a fight. So he managed one hard punch to the nose that knocked Michael out cold. Aiden stood up straight and wiped blood from his nose, which didn't help since it was bleeding steadily.

Michael's friends were standing around looking about ready to jump Aiden now despite the agreement that it was between the two. Aiden didn't want to wait around to find out. Besides, he saw his grandma Lily, the Dean of the University, walking their way rather quickly with their soccer coach, so Aiden grabbed his soccer bag and took off running as fast as he could. Maybe if she didn't see his face she wouldn't know who it was, right?

He hoped she didn't know it was him, even though he knew Michael and his stupid friends would just tell her. Maybe she wouldn't believe them, all he'd have to do was hide for a little bit and not see anyone.

Yeah, he was in deep shit.

He got home and ran right upstairs, not stopping to say hi to his mom like he always did. He should probably let her look at his cuts and the broken nose (again), but he wasn't ready to get in trouble yet. He was still high off adrenaline at the fact that he won the fight and had shown them who was boss. Maybe now they wouldn't bother him anymore.

Maybe. He didn't know how many more broken noses he could take, so he hoped this would end it for all. He cringed as he sat down, the bruises and cuts making his whole body hurt. He resisted the urge to go down running to his mom to cry; he wasn't a little boy and he needed to grow up. He knew that, despite the fact he didn't know if he really wanted to.

He'd survive, and it wouldn't be fun but he didn't regret it. He was glad he showed them that he could fight his own battles and wasn't afraid to get bloody. He just hoped he could still play on the soccer team.

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