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 [OS] This is Torturous; I Hate You
Drama was Lydia's middle name. Well, actually it was Camille but lately it felt as though 'Drama' could quite literally be the strawberry blonde's middle name.

Hers and Stiles' relationship came as a shock to just about everyone simply because no one had expected Lydia to take her head out of the clouds long enough to even notice Stiles or his infatuation with her but her relocation to Italy had been a wake up call for Lydia in so many ways. Sure, she was still the social climbing brat that she had always been (Rome wasn't built in a day, after all!) but she was taking notice to the people that she had hurt along the way.

Those were the things that she wanted to change about herself the most. She wanted to make things right with those that she had been ignorant or cruel to over the years. She had absolutely no qualms with climbing the social ladder once again and winding up on top much like she had been back in California, but she wasn't going to tear people down to do so.

Befriending those that had been there for her beyond simple acquaintanceship was hard, but Lydia was making the effort to be a good friend to the small group of people that she had belonged to in some way, shape or form back in California. Granted, Lydia belonged to quite a few different cliques - popularity had its perks! - but now? She was finding herself rather enjoying having a core group for a change. Something other than just Allison at her side.

She hadn't expected to end up in a relationship but with everyone from Jaxton to his sister Eden pushing Lydia in that direction and opening her eyes for her in regards to Stiles, it was impossible not to at least drift in that general direction. Despite all of the many jocks that Lydia had gone through in the last year alone during off-again phases with Jackson, this was the first time that Lydia was finding herself enjoying being in a relationship. Sure, it came with some drama as many of her relationships often did, but there was also a peace and quiet to it... a normalcy.

Stiles was dead asleep in her bed and Lydia had been just about to call it quits for the night as well but she couldn't quite calm herself down enough to crawl into bed alongside her boyfriend. It was like a lightening storm was lurking overhead; electricity in the air that had the strawberry blonde on edge. Her skin tingled in an uncomfortable way - not necessarily painfully; it was more so just distracting and unnerving, as if she knew something was going to happen.

She had wanted to take a walk, having worried both Scott and Eden that morning with her sudden need to leave the house mid-conversation with both of her friends so she had made her way into her personal bathroom, closing the door behind her as she prepared to toss on a pair of sweats, a hoodie and at least throw her hair up for said walk. It was still dark out so she had no worries about anyone of importance spotting her in her less-than-fashionably-flawless self.

The full-length mirror on the back of the door was what Lydia's attention was on as she ran her hands through her long, strawberry blonde hair. The simple navy silk shorts and matching camisole making her look a little paler than she liked, but it was only sleepwear so she wasn't overly concerned.

Her hands stilled as movement along her bare right leg caught her attention, almost as if her leg had moved when she knew fully well that it hadn't. Glancing to the floor in thought before glancing up to meet her reflection's green-eyed gaze, Lydia let out a gentle sigh.

And then there it was again. Movement along her right leg that had her eyes snapping back down in an attempt to catch the movement in the mirror, but it wasn't her leg moving, nor was it something moving on her leg.

It was in her leg.

It almost looked like a snake beneath her pale skin, writhing around and causing her stomach to lurch as she instantly - almost a reflex - grabbed a hair pick from her bathroom counter; her body collapsing itself to the floor with her leg straight out before her as she dragged the pick along her unmarked skin until blood seeped down her pale white leg and dribbled to the white tiled floor.

Lydia was frantic as she repeated this motion over and over again, furthering the deepness of the scratches into her skin until she got fed up with the slowness of her progress and tossed the bloodied hair pick aside, causing tiny blood droplets to splatter across her white bathroom. Her index finger and thumb were digging into the wound trying to grab onto whatever was lurking beneath, and finally she found it.

Lydia began to pull the foreign object out from her leg with a whimper; her hands bloodied as she took in the sight. It was like a vine with bloodied purple flowers... not wolfs-bane nor vervain (which repelled vampires according to the locals), but something else. Something she wasn't familiar with. The vine was almost knotted, like someone had tied it together to increase its length; Lydia pulling at it as if it were rope - which it almost looked like - until the end (consisting of a tiny gold key tied to the end of the vine) was being held up for her to inspect.

She was shaky as she stood to her feet; her fist clenching the plant tightly. At least until someone banging at her bathroom window had her jumping, turning quickly towards the sound and dropping the key; the clatter of it hitting the floor sounding through her bathroom. Nobody was at her window, and when she looked to the floor to find the plant and the key, they, too were gone. The only thing in the bathroom was Lydia; her bare feet standing in the blood that still dripped from her leg.

there's nothing i can do to save my soul
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