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 [OS] It's but a Moment
Some say children have a knack for sensing things that don't exactly live on this plane of existence. Their enigmatic observations, quiet knowledge, and little moments don't exactly jive with the rest of life, don't fit with our paradigm of comprehension. How could they know? What is it they see? What do they hear or understand that we don't? Sometimes, children surprise us. Then again, for children brought up in the supernatural world, maybe this isn't that big of a deal. Maybe all that is lost amongst all the other special, and unique things the world has figured out about each little being brought forth from those different others. Maybe that's why.

Ele had felt unease for sometime. She was happy with her mother, but edgy when it came to the rest of society. But without ways to express it--without the right words--she had never spoken to anyone about the thought that not all was right with the world. That the very bad, truly awful, terrible thing was about to happen.

Today, she and Vivienne played in the vast backyard of the Salvatores. For quite a while, one or other of the family stayed outside with the two girls, watching them as Vivienne moved her ponies about in the grass, and Ele meticulously constructed little abodes for Viv's toys made of sticks, leaves, and dirt. For the most part, Ele was quiet. Withdrawn. She spoke when spoken to, but otherwise didn't say anything; if there was ever a day she felt the worst about the very bad, truly awful, terrible thing to come, it was today. Something was not right, she thought. But everything was tranquil here, and so she played with Vivi because she liked being around the little girl. She liked being with someone else special; someone else like her. Plus, Vivienne was just so darn likable, for a toddler. Like Ele, Vivi was full of spunk; but whereas Ele wore it like a jacket when she needed, Vivi just had it in spades and spades.

At one point, Ele glanced towards the land surrounding the Salvatore home, eyes narrowing at seemingly nothing. Without anything to spot, though, she shrugged to herself and turned back to the the game. The phone rang; their current "babysitter" stepped just inside to answer it. It was a ruse; a distraction.

From the woods stepped four men. They moved quietly, not unlike the way lions move across the savannah rock towards their prey. Granted, Ele and Vivi were both preternatural… but perhaps they were prepared for this fact. They had waited, it seemed, until the two girls had come close enough to the backyard's edge that the men didn't have far to go to seize their price. One of them touched a needle to Ele's jugular just as she turned to face them; she let out a squeak, and swatted at the men, springing up. The needle went in, and emptied.

The little girl had a jacket on, but other than that, Ele was, in theory, free to take flight. That is, if it weren't for two things: they had given Vivienne the same treatment as her, and they had come well-prepared for what she could do. She was scrabbling to pull off her jacket and backing up, when one of the men bear-hugged her with a great deal of fine mesh. She squeaked again, thrashing all she could, full of terror, full of a heart racing and lungs that gasped for air like a dove trapped in a human's hands, until enough time had passed that whatever was in the needle had done its work.

She didn't know when that was. She didn't know anything. The tiny girl had gone quite limp--as likely had Vivi by now, whom they had unceremoniously stuffed in a bag to keep her quiet. By then, they weren't in the backyard anymore. Hell, they hadn't been in the backyard for a while now: no more than a minute had been spent with the team exposed. All four men--one holding Vivi like an infant in the canvas bag, with the top open for air, and one holding the bundle of mesh netting and cloth that was Ele--scurried back into the woods. One of their group sprayed their path with what smelled like an awful mixture of animal feces and decomposition, and another radioed for pick-up. And they all kept moving.

The whole event had taken less than five minutes. However, because of those five minutes--those 300 some-odd seconds--subject eleven was back on her way to Gedanken Laboratories. So was a new subject, but Vivienne wouldn't last there long. Neither of them would. Couldn't afford to have lose ends, after all, and eleven had been due to be processed out long before the girl had escaped. Still, it was worth investigating why and how their little bird-child had escaped, and how this anomaly that was their subject's friend even existed. It was worth reevaluating them.

In the meantime, while Ele and Vivienne were hustled into a waiting vehicle not a mile from the Salvatore residence, the backyard from which they had been taken had fallen unusually still. One of Vivienne's ponies fell over from the breeze, and one of Ele's little houses collapsed from poor construction.

Other than that, there was nothing.

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