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 [OS] So We Stumble
shantel ast she/her twenty-eight Offline drama 10 years
seriously dating
PLOT WITH caroline
A lot of people in Italy had been asking Caroline how she was that day. They were just trying to be polite and any other day, Caroline would have been just as polite right back at them, telling everyone that asked her that she was 'okay', 'good', or 'fine' before thanking them for asking and asking them in return. That day wasn't like most others... The last thirty-one odd days... the last four weeks... they weren't really like most others, either.

When people you were generally close to (maybe not in Klaus' case, but most certainly in Elena's case) just... left without saying goodbye? It was an awakening of sorts. The questions that fluttered through Caroline's head were large in numbers. Where was Elena? Where had she gone? Where was she going? Why did she leave? Was she angry with Caroline? Had Caroline done something? Had someone else done something? Was Elena coming back?

The fact that it wasn't just one of her best friends that had up and left the comforts of their messed up down made it no easier. Jeremy - Elena's younger brother - was also nowhere to be found, as well as Klaus. While Caroline cared very little about where Klaus was, he was one of those beings that couldn't be left unattended for long; bad things came of that.

Caroline knew of his fixation with hybrids - a fixation that pushed his fixation with Caroline to second place. She knew that there would likely be a rise in murders and missing person reports wherever Klaus was heading, so for three solid weeks - a week after they had all vanished from town - Caroline had started her research.

If she found Klaus, maybe he knew more of where Elena and Jeremy were, or if they were in danger. Finding him first could have led her to her best friend and her best friend's brother, and it would also pose as a relief simply knowing where Klaus was and what he was up to.

It took those three long weeks to build up enough evidence that could potentially take her to where Klaus was - a town in Italy called Livorno. If she was right? Well, she was going to be proud of herself for doing this all on her own. If she was wrong? Klaus owed her a reimbursement.

Her first night there, though? She found Elena and Klaus, but Elena didn't seem to be excited to see her best friend at all. In fact, she made it quite clear that she didn't trust Caroline, that she didn't want to see her, and that she wanted her to leave Immediately.

So, no. Caroline was not okay.

Though, she'd be lying if she were to say that the moment she had noticed Tyler was there in Italy, too... her heart didn't flutter and the butterflies didn't stir themselves awake in her stomach...

But he couldn't be around her right now, and she fully understood that. Especially given the things that had happened leading up to his leaving to work on himself and ridding himself of the sire bond between he and Klaus.

She knew that Klaus and Elena being in the same place at the same time so suddenly and without explanation wasn't a coincidence, so agreeing to meet with him that morning wasn't a personal pleasure but an attempt to get information from him.

Caroline knew that Klaus had a certain fascination with her, and for all she knew, maybe it was his attempt at being romantic... but having blood that warm... pumping that close to her face...

She never drank from humans. Stefan - in the past - had taught her to hunt rabbits and the such, but she more so relied on Damon's supply of stolen blood bags from hospitals, clinics and blood banks, but... when it was right there in front of her face? When she could see and smell it?

Her father had been right in saying that she was controlled by blood, though his attempt at proving it had been a bit more harsh than Klaus'. Her father had chained her to a chair and burned her repeatedly with sunlight whereas Klaus was a bit more chivalrous about the entire ordeal.

They were both right, as was Elena. Caroline was dangerous. She was controlled by blood, and that was only made all the more clear when she drank the moment it was put in front of her face as it had been.

She needed to regroup. To distance herself...which was made impossible each time Klaus made references to 'breakfast', of course. There was no way she could fly back to America after feeding on a human like that... there was no way she could trust herself to be around any humans, in that small of a space, for that long of a period of time...

It was stupid, so stupid of her to think that she could jump on a plane and fly to Italy... then what? What was she going to drink without Damon's blood supply? What was she going to hunt? Where was she going to hunt? Now? She was stuck in a country with Klaus, Elena, Jeremy and Tyler. Three people she didn't want to hurt, and one she wanted to get away from.

Now? Well, now she was cowering against a nearby wall, across from here a potential friend of hers was laying. She and Aiyana had gone out for drinks once before when Caroline had been having a bad day... they had agreed to meet up again after another bad day...

Aiyana was bleeding. Caroline didn't know why, or how... but when she came face to face with the girl on the far side, outside of the club? She wasn't strong enough. Elena was right. Her father was right... Everyone was right.

"I'm sorry... I'm so sorry..." She pulled away from the hybrid in time... at least... she thought she did. She was too scared, too shaken, too panicked to go over and see if she was still breathing or if her heart was still beating. As if the blood coating her face wasn't enough, the blonde vampire was sobbing hysterically in the corner; tears streaking make-up down her face, too.

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