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» Character adoption [FEMALE | CANON | NIKITA]
 Posted: Dec 18 2016, 02:08 PM
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Katya Udinov
preferred play-by is: Sarah Clarke

Katya Udinov is the mother of Alexandra Udinov (or Alex Queen, now that she has married Oliver Queen) and was the wife of the late Nikolai Udinov, Alexandra's father. Katya - like Alex - survived the assassination when the Division raided the Udinov estate back when Alex was thirteen.

The raid and assassinations were done at the request of Sergei Semak - Nikolai's right-hand man and a friend of the Udinov family. Alex survived after Nikita refused to kill the then-thirteen year old and handed her off to Sergei who sold her into sex slavery. It is unknown to everyone that Alex has survived and is now working with Nikita to bring down the Division. It is also unknown to everyone that Alex's mother Katya - like Alex - survived the assassination.

When Nikolai went downstairs to face the Division during their raid on their home (in an effort to protect his thirteen year old daughter), Katya blacked out in the chaotic shooting and woke up in a hospital. She was told that Nikolai and her daughter were both murdered; since that day, she has lived with Semak and takes heavy medications that leave her emotionally fragile and dependant on Semak (the man that ordered the assassination on her family) as Katya had been having an affair with Semak back when she had been married to Nikolai (though Katya does not know it was he that murdered her family). Katya has no idea that her daughter Alex is still alive and is living in the United States.

Eventually, Semak will learn of Alex's survival and will order to have her killed as he will fear that she will retake control of her father's company, Zetrov, now that Semak is in control of it. He has no idea that she is alive and is married to Oliver Queen; Alex knows Semak is in control of her father's business and has had Oliver begin proceedings to purchase Zetrov from Semak altogether. Eventually her plan is to come out to the world as Alexandra Udinov, survivor of Operation Pale Fire and heir to the Russian Zetrov fortunes, taking every cent earned from the sale of Zetrov from Semak and taking over ownership of her company from her husband, Oliver Queen.

Leading up to that point, I would like for Alex to come out to the world as Alexandra Udinov now that she has married an extremely wealthy and well-protected man and has both Nikita and the Division backing her. The Division will likely view her true identity as a problem but will embrace the power and fortune it brings. This will be how Katya learns that her daughter is alive and will be when Semak secretly orders her assassination yet again.

Katya will leave Russia; upon meeting for the first time since the assassination, Katya will recognize her daughter immediately but Alex will hold a great many reservations. She will learn of her mother's affair with Semak and will resent her while she avoids Semak's attempts on her life and tries to get him out of the picture with assassination attempts of her own. At some point, Katya will learn of Semak's involvement in the killing of her family and she will turn on him.

Eventually I would like to see Alex and Katya at least have conversations about all they had been through. Alex will never truly forgive her mother for having an affair behind her father's back with Semak, but now that Alex has two children of her own - Mavi and Maverick - she will want her mother to be part of their lives. That said, she will never fully trust her mother to be alone with her children which will cause a lot of future conflict for the two.

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