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character updates
please read for any important character updates

It's nearly impossible to keep tabs of so many characters on-site, especially when newbies are joining all the time, wanting to know what the latest updates on their favourite fandoms are here on Bittersweet Forever. Not every admin member will know the answer to that right off the bat - it's a lot to keep up with - so we ask anyone who has adopted a character from any specific fandom to keep their plots and progress tracked.

All canons are required to update this section only when necessary. You do not need to update this section with small plots (new jobs, romantic flings, etc...) but rather large game-changing plots (marriages, children, substance abuse, attacks, deaths, etc...).

Your character may only post in this thread once; you can edit your original post to add further updates as time goes on by adding to the original code that you posted. Please remember to space your updates using <*br*><*br*> (yes, two, without the asterisks).

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• Malia was found in the woods of New Orleans by local authorities - one of which knew she was a were-coyote. They enlisted the help of Derek Hale, a local alpha, in forcing Malia to turn back into her human form.

• Upon looking her up, local authorities (along with Derek Hale) learned that she was a member of Derek's family; the child that belonged to his unknowing uncle, Peter. Peter refused to leave her in Eichen House after learning of her existence and took her into his own home to rehabilitate his own way.

• Peter tried to wean Malia into school little by little but given just how long she had been away from human civilization and just how long she had been out of school, it proved too dangerous with Malia's temper and with how far behind in the curriculum she happened to be.

• Being pulled out of school left Malia with plenty of time to get to know those in her father's life. She is quite close with Melissa Bertinelli - Scott's mother - who is in a relationship with Peter as well as Scott. She has also taken to dating Isaac Lahey whom she introduces to many as her mate.

• Todd, Malia's adoptive father, has learned that Malia survived the car accident that claimed her adoptive mother's and sister's lives. He has been trying to get to know Malia but she has ensured Peter make it clear that she doesn't want anything to do with her past.

don't touch me, trust me, don't touch me
• Cora Hale was found by Deucalion when she had been making her way to her brother Derek upon learning that he was still alive years after their home burned down. She was starved of the full moon for three months before being unleashed - rabid - on Derek in hopes that Derek would kill her and join Deucalion's pack. This plan was unsuccessful.

• It took Derek a little bit of time to rehabilitate Cora after she was starved of three full moons; when Cora came around, she spent time getting to know both Derek and her sister Laura after having been absent from each other's lives for six long years.

• During her rehabilitation, Cora had a brief relationship with Isaac Lahey, a member of Derek's pack (prior to him joining Scott's pack). Things did not work out for the better between the two and Isaac is now mated to her younger cousin, Malia.

• When France's royal family (a werewolf pack) came to attempt to arrange Cora's future with the future King of France - Francis - Cora ended up falling for his half-brother Sebastian (Bash). This upset King Henry (King of France) greatly, but it inspired him to change the line of succession to include his bastard son Sebastian so that Bash would step up to the throne alongside Cora rather than Francis.

• Cora's brother Derek courted a girl (a local faerie) named Emiliana prior to committing himself fully to her and claiming her as his mate. The two had a daughter together (that they named Talia after Derek, Laura and Cora's mother) and tried for a son soon after. That resulted in twin girls named Eliana and Delilah.

• With a new boyfriend and her family bonding going well, the small Hale family was introduced to Peter's biological daughter, Malia. Peter had had Malia erased from his memory by his older sister (Cora's mother) Talia. They currently do not know why Talia had gone to such great lengths to hide Malia from Peter. • Cora has recently met Scott McCall and has taken a strong dislike towards him. Cora deeply resents the fact that Scott aligned himself with his now ex-girlfriend Allison Argent since her family is responsible for the deaths of Cora's own family.

leave me in the cold, until snow covers me up
• With her parents announcing their divorce in eleventh grade, Lydia opted to study abroad for her final year of high school in an effort to escape her father's asking her to decide with whom she wanted to live with. Allison, Scott and Stiles travelled to Italy to visit Lydia during their spring break and opted to finish their last year in Italy alongside her.

• Jackson, in an effort to track Lydia down and win her over, ended up in a physical altercation with Stiles after learning that Lydia had finally given Stiles a chance with her. Despite the brawl, Lydia stood her ground and remained faithfully at Stiles' side as his fully committed girlfriend.

• Before graduation, Derek offered the bite to Stiles, which he agreed to. It was after their high school graduation that the group decided to relocate back to North America to face all that they had left behind. Lydia and Stiles quickly got engaged and ended up marrying each other just in time to welcome their first child - a son named Zayden - into the world.

• As the Hale's banshee (predicted by Talia and triggered by Peter), Lydia is able to bring back the Hale family members after their passing quite easily, though it does leave her slightly traumatized for a time after. They are able to reach out to her from the great beyond which is exactly how both Peter and Laura were able to bring themselves back into the mortal world and rejoin civilization in New Orleans.

• After the loss of Allison (when Allison went up against one of Stiles' two werewolf brothers at the request of Gerard), Lydia spent a great deal of her time trying to reach out to her friend or bring her back - much as she had brought back both Peter and Laura. It pains Lydia to not be able to control her banshee abilities - she loathes that they just happen to her on their own and she doesn't know how to trigger them.

• With Allison back in her life, a great deal of stress has been lifted from Lydia's shoulders. This allowed her the time to settle back down with Stiles and plan on a second child, a daughter that they expect to name Echo.

• Lydia continues to study at the University of New Orleans alongside both Stiles and the rest of her friends. Lydia also continues to work alongside beings (like Peter Hale) in hopes of better understanding what exactly being a banshee entails.

there's nothing i can do to save my soul
• After the Hale fire - with everyone's eyes on the Argent family - Kenned took that opportunity to leave Beacon Hills, California for a short period of time. Hearing of supernatural entities that were preying on innocent human lives throughout Europe, she went on a hunt through Europe that lasted her three years. She came back in one piece but with a few interesting scars; Kennedy rarely speaks of what she found in Europe.

• Wanting a break after her hunt through Europe, Kennedy offered to head the Argent's family business while both Chris and Kate focused on hunting. It's Kennedy that - to this day - heads their Arms Dealing operation. She files for the correct permits for all of the weans that they import, deport, collect and trade. She also keeps a close inventory of everything her family has on-hand and manages the family accounts.

• It was Kate and Chris that headed Allison's training; Kennedy tended to business outside of California during this time. She came back to Beacon Hills when Peter Hale murdered Kate upon learning that she had been the one to burn the Hale family's house down, killing countless innocent beings. Kennedy has never forgiven her sister for this and because of that, has never properly grieved the loss of Kate.

• After losing one sister, Chris adopted Allison's new code - to protect those who could not protect themselves - rather than to hunt those that would hunt them. Kennedy, too, adopted this new code but was unable to resume her position as an Argent hunter as Chris was adamant that she take more time off, unwilling to lose his other sister. Kennedy was reluctant, but agreed to a brief retirement while they relocated to New Orleans.

• Allison's death triggered the 'flight' response in her brother, Chris. He left New Orleans almost immediately to throw himself back into the world of hunting in hopes of distracting himself. Kennedy - knowing Chris can't bear to lose yet another family member after losing his wife, daughter and one of his sisters already - continues to manage the family business rather than hunt.

• Now dating Jordan Parrish - a local deputy with the Sheriff's department - and with Allison brought back from the dead, Kennedy hopes to get back into the swing of things sooner rather than later.

i don't wanna wake it up, the devil in me
• Hayden - a high school student that has a violent past with Liam Dunbar - was working part time in a local night club in hopes of setting aside some money to help cover the cost of the kidney transplant she was needing, not wanting her medical bills to fall on her older sister's shoulders. Despite their bitter past, Liam learned of this and offered to help any way he could which eventually led him to tell Peter of Hayden's situation.

• Peter offered Hayden the bite in hopes of bringing her into his pack. Hayden accepted and spent a couple of weeks in the hospital, faking a kidney transplant as not to alert her sister of the supernatural world.

• When Liam started to form a crush on her, Hayden reacted much as she had in the past and punched him in the face any time he admitted his feelings or attempted to make a move. Given the fact that the two had never gotten along, it was hard for her to come around to the fact that Liam might actually have a half-decent side to himself.

• Currently, Hayden is attempting a romantic relationship with Liam all while being trained by both Peter and his biological daughter Malia in the ways of the werewolf.
• Melissa had allowed her son Scott to vacation in Italy for his spring break, knowing Lydia Martin was finishing up her last school year abroad. She also allowed Scott to finish his last year in Italy when he, Stiles and Allison decided to stay with their troubled friend.

• After their graduation in Italy, the group of friends moved back to North America but not quite back to California. Instead, they relocated to New Orleans which prompted parents - like John Stilinski and Chris Argent - to move their lives closer to their children. Melissa was no exception.

• In New Orleans, Melissa reconnected with Peter Hale - now currently attempting to get to know his biological daughter, Malia, all while attempting to speed-read through every parenting book available to him. Melissa reverted back to her maiden name (Bertinelli) once the two became slightly more serious about each other.

• It was Peter who offered Melissa the bite after she expressed how useless she felt when it came to protecting her son. Hating the thought that he was constantly protecting her, Melissa accepted though did not join Peter's pack as he never wanted to have that control over her that an alpha has over their pack members. Instead, Melissa has been left to her own devices despite being Peter's mate.

• Scott's father (Stephen McCall) relocated to New Orleans in hopes of being closer to Scott. Feeling a great deal of regret over leaving both his son and his now ex-wife Melissa, Stephen had attempted to win her over once again but Melissa stood her ground and stood by Peter through it. Scott continues to have troubles with his father that Melissa fully supports.

his educated eyes; his head between my thighs
• The older brother to Felicity Smoak, Jordan joined the military in order to get money to help put his sister through school. Though he sent letters and money to her, they were someone how stopped in the mail for an unknown reason. Even though he never got anything back and never knew if she received them, he asked anyone he could back home while he was in Afghanistan for updates on her life.

• When a rouge bomb detonated unexpectedly while the young bomb diffuser was working on it he was caught fully in the blast dying with the explosion. But in death Jordan rose to become the new vessel for the HellHound, a supernatural creature that is the guardian for all of the supernatural. Though Jordan has no knowledge of his death or new status as supernatural.

• Moving to New Orleans, Jordan hoped to get closer to his sister while also trying to figure out the reason that he was drawn mysteriously to the place for no reason other then it felt right. In the mean time he works closely with the Sheriff to protect the city .

• Now dating Kennedy Argent, Jordan is enjoying having a love life while also balancing out his fear of his sister being hurt once more , like when she was kidnapped or when she was shot. He is just trying to live a normal life, but he is starting to notice that his weird feelings are getting worse.

• Following his best friend to Italy on Spring Break, Stiles found himself once again face to face with the love of his life, except it was this time that Lydia Martin noticed him. And with the hopes that things could be different this time, Stiles stayed for his last year of high school in Italy.

• Quickly falling into a relationship with Lydia Martin, Stiles was happier then he had been in his whole life. Though with this came the people that didn't think that Lydia was the right fit for him. A fight happened between Jackson and Stiles where Jackson, a werewolf, beat Stiles broken for dating Lydia. But even then she stayed with him.

• A little while after that Derek offered Stiles the Bite, after Stiles expressed his own dismay at not being able to protect the woman he loved. AFter coming up with the the plot that would get them out of trouble with Marcel , Stiles accepted the Bite, and all that came with it.

• Not long after his turning, Stiles proposed to Lydia , even though they were young, Stiles knew that this was the right thing to do, after she said yes, the wedding preparations came through, along with the news that they would be parents to their first born, Zayden Stilinski.

• Sadly after this, the Deadpool was put into effect, leaving Stiles up for an attempt at assassination for money. A group of hunters decided that they would be the ones to do this. After crashing his Jeep on purpose and kidnapping them, the tortured him for hours before driving a silver dagger into his chest, stopping his heart and killing him for a few minutes till the EMT's restarted it.

• With this death , the Nogitsune made it's way inside Stiles mind. Mentally torturing him and possessing his body without consent. The nogitsune ruled Stiles without any way of stopping him until Trinity Olsen stopped him using Lichen. Stiles now takes a Lichen and Wolfsbane injection everyday until a way to get the nogitsune out of him forever is found.

• With his marriage to Lydia, and their first baby being born , life was good, even discovering he was biologically related to a local family named the Albrights. Then in defense , his eldest brother killed Allison, leaving a divide in Stiles.

• Now with Allison back, Stiles continues to support Lydia in learning more about her powers as a banshee. He will do whatever he must to in order to help her, while also doing all he can to prepare for their second child, a baby girl named Echo.

• Scott came back to New Orleans and after a talk or twenty the two friends that had been divided through anger, and then grief quickly were back to how they always had been. After a talk with Derek, it was decided that Stiles would be moved to Scott's pack, becoming his Beta. It was only right it be that way.

• Even though the Nogitsune is quiet and no longer rules his body, Stiles is haunted by what happened when he did. The young Werewolf feels everything that was done, as if it was him who was in control during it. With this has brought on intense nightmares and edginess that only his wife Lydia notices or knows about at all. She is his anchor through it all.

• While in Italy Derek found himself courting , Emiliana. After some ups and downs, they found out that she was pregnant with their first child, Talia Hale. Now they are engaged, with two other twin daughters, and their fourth child on the way.

• It was in Italy where he also found his youngest sister, Cora Hale, driven rabid by Deucalion in an attempt to get him to join the Alpha Pack. Instead of killing his sister he risked his life to save her and bring her back to civilization and his pack with her.

• Not long after him and his sister started their pack again, His eldest sister Laura Hale returned from the dead, finding herself with her Alpha status still. With the edition of both his sisters and their uncle, the family was starting to grow once more.

• When moving to New Orleans, it was found by a local police officer and doctor that a were-coyote was related to Derek. Using his Alpha abilities he turned the coyote back into her human form, leaving him face to face with his Uncle's daughter, Malia Hale.

• Now with his Pack even stronger then ever before , Derek is enjoying the growing family and restoring the Hale pack to where it once was.

• Laura had been her mother, Talia's Beta since she was a little girl, but when a tragic fire killed eleven members of the Hale Family, Laura became the Alpha of the Hale Pack, consisting of just herself and her brother, as her Uncle was in a coma.

• But Peter came out of the coma and lured Laura back home where he murdered her to steal her Alpha abilities. Laura spent three years as a spirit trying to figure a way back to her family to protect them from her crazed Uncle.

• With the help of the Hale Pack Banshee, Laura was brought back to life and reunited with her younger siblings, finding herself faced with the situation of her younger brother being an Alpha, and Laura also an Alpha. While they both are Alphas and work well together as leaders, it is clear that Derek's pack is his, for none of the wolves , except her sister, are Laura's.

• When younger , Laura once Dated another Alpha wolf while moving around with her brother. But she found out the Alpha wolf was abusing his Beta and omega wolves. In order to stop this she ended him being the Alpha, but in a trick he forced Laura to end the life of a young omega wolf he tortured. It is because of this past relationship, Laura doesn't trust romantic relationships.

• For a brief amount of time though, Laura found herself falling for Zachary Dunn, the local brother of the only other female Alpha in the city, Claire Dunn. Laura tried all she could to help Zach , and date him, but in the end Zach abandoned Laura without a word twice. Since this latest fail of romance, Laura took to just having casual dates of both men and woman, but no serious relationships.

• Now Laura focuses on taking care of her family and making sure that no one ever hurts her family ever again.

• After his fight with Stiles over the jealousy that Scott had, he moved home in order to do some soul searching and develop himself in a better manner.

• While Scott was back home, he realized how wrong he was about everything he had done, and when Isaac moved back home, with no place to stay , he offered him a room in his house with his mom. A fresh start for both of the boys.

• Working with Deaton, the Emissary of Beacon Hills, Scott found himself coming into power he didn't understand. It was confirmed that Scott was a True Alpha, something that only happens only once in every one hundred years.

• Even though they were not dating, and that time had passed a long time ago, Scott still grieved the death of his first love, Allison Argent in such a strong way. He slowly started to shut himself away while dealing with his grief but also trying to connect with his friends and his pack.

• Now with Allison back, Scott is back to his happy self. In college he plays four sports and makes straight A's . He's been on dates with girls and is having fun being a college boy. Recently he has found himself liking the attention of Stella Maxwell, a local young adult who Scott spends his time with as much as possible, although his pack doesn't trust her.

• Isaac left New Orleans to go back home after his break up with Cora Hale, he wanted to find himself and to realize just what happened with him and what needed to change to be a better person. It was there Scott McCall found him and with the approval of his mother, Isaac joined the McCall house.

• After learning new skills as a wolf with Scott, he moved back with the Alpha to New Orleans to try and make ammends with Cora, and to show the real self that he was all along.

• With this he found Malia Hale, who he quickly fell for. With them slowly discovering their relationship together they started dating and Isaac became her mate, very happily.

• After Allison broke up with Scott, she distanced herself from everyone. It was easier to pretend it didn't bother her that way. When her grandfather, Gerard, confronted her about her wasted abilities as a hunter, the distance between them made it even harder to ask for help.

• Allison felt ashamed of her previous decisions and decided she would rather deal with Gerard on her own, than ask for help from the ex she was still in love with.

• Gerard gave her an ultimatum: Kill one of three men. Her options? Scott McCall, Stiles Stilinski, or Vincent Albright. One was the love of her life, she firmly believes this. The second was her best friends true love. Lydia would never forgive her. Vincent was Stiles brother, she didn't know much about him, but in comparison to the other two alternatives, it was the least worst option.

• With the Dead Pool list posted, she could anonymously kill Vince, collect the money for proof to Gerard, and pretend it never happened, right? No one would know it was her. If she didn't choose, Gerard would kill all of them.

• Allison set out to kill Vince in the woods, but things didn't go as planned. Maybe it was because she knew in the back of her mind that she didn't want to do this, maybe it was nerves, maybe it was just better this way, but Allison died that day.

• From the other side, Allison watched as her friends heard the news of her death. She was ashamed and broken and refused to let anyone help her. She tried to stay away, to avoid hearing the horrible things her friends were most likely saying, and over time, Allison convinced herself that ignoring Lydia's pull was the right thing. With her dead, Gerard couldn't use her against her loved ones. They would survive.

• Eventually, Allisons guilt got the better of her. She talked herself into visiting Lydia and explaining herself, and just like that she was back in the land of the living, explaining her story to everyone she had ever hurt, including Vine and his family.

• Allison was still broken, but so where the people around her. She had done so much more damage waiting. Now she's trying to repair the relationships she had left behind.

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