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07/01/18 Happy Canada day and Happy Independence Day to all of our Canadian and American members! Enjoy a new layout for July!

06/14/18 We are still chipping away at this re-vamp, but we've uploaded a fun new skin this June for spring! Remember that in Seattle, springs are especially rainy, so expect all kinds of rain, thunder and lightening storms for the rest of the month of June!

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 wendy - website administrator
→ i'm wendy!
website admin from missouri
Hello, I'm Wendy and I've been a member of BSF for... umm honestly I don't keep very good track of time, I think it's been at least four years though.

I was born on May 20th 1988, but sometimes I even need reminding about that and I completely forgot my own birthday this past year, they stopped being a big deal to me after I hit the big one-eight. I moved around a lot for the first two years of my life because my dad was in the Marines, but unfortunately I wasn't old enough to remember any of it, which is a shame because I hear Florida is pretty nice. I ended up growing up in Texas, and then moving north to be near relatives when I was a teenager. I have lots of siblings and my family has a small subsistence farm down in Texas.

I'm kind of random, and easily distracted, and I have lots of hobbies so sometimes when I'm here my mind is only half there. I'm pretty cheerful, though not necessarily optimistic, I think my happiness is derived more from the acceptance that sometimes things can be shitty but nothing lasts forever. So enjoy what's good in life and just wait out anything that isn't. I'm an avid reader and like to read non-fiction the most, I'm always trying to learn something new. My favorite fiction authors are J.R.R. Tolkien, Terry Pratchett, and Douglas Adams. The Hobbit was actually the first chapter book I ever read. I have a deep appreciation of puns as well as fart jokes... I really can't help myself. :P

I have tons of hobbies, and things I like to do, including spinning, knitting, crochet, quilting, painting, cooking, sewing, Gardening... with plenty more on my list of things I'd like to learn. I like domestic things even though my apartment isn't really designed to accommodate domesticity.

I love animals, of pretty much every variety even some of the ooky ones like spiders and snakes. I garden, and I also like taking care of people, I suppose they all spring from a love of nurturing life. I'm a little bit of a general know it all and the type of person that you would want listed as your phone a friend if you were ever on a trivia based game show, unless the question is about pop culture then you're on your own. I can be a little bit loud on subjects I care about, but I promise you that I almost never bite. But sometimes the way the world works upsets me, mostly because it works very poorly and is largely being run by (generally well meaning) idiots.

Oh and I'm really terrible at writing self descriptive stuff, so this is pretty much where this is going to just end awkwardly.


bittersweet forever - site admin
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