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» [A] Wilson, Sam
 Posted: Dec 1 2017, 01:06 AM
Director of the VA
Sam is Offline

Samuel Thomas Wilson
Anthony Mackie
Sept 23
VA Director

ZONE: mst
Samuel “Sam” Thomas Wilson was born in Harlem in New York City on September 23, 1985. His father, Paul Wilson, was a minister and his mother, Darlene, was a middle school teacher. As a child, he had always had a fascination with flight. Birds, planes, satellites, released balloons…If it was in the sky, he followed it. He often got into trouble in school for having his head up in the clouds.

As he grew into middle school, he got into trouble a little bit more for goofing off in class. He got sent to the office for making (and throwing) paper airplanes in school. He became skilled in the physics and aerodynamics of the paper airplane. He did okay in school, primarily because his mom was a teacher at his middle school.

As he grew into high school, he got into a little more trouble for fighting. He started to see the racial injustices happening not just in his city, but in his neighborhood, in his own apartment complex. He wasn’t very good with his words then, so he fought the racist bastards with his fists. Being black and being the minister’s son made him a double target, which taught him how to fight defense and offense.

Sam’s escape was the sky. It was the only safe place he could turn to that wouldn’t judge him by his skin color, his religion, his upbringing, a place that wouldn’t punch him back for existing. In fact, when he was 16 had been staring at the sky when his father was killed. Paul had been trying to break up a neighborhood fight and instead of finding peace, found his grave.

This affected Sam’s own beliefs. How could he believe in a God that allowed his father, a man of God, a man who stood up for the rights of the oppressed, to be brutally murdered? He couldn’t justify that. He couldn’t marry the two things together in his mind or his heart, and maybe it was the grief talking, but it changed him.

How could he return back to a church that mourned his father almost as much as he did? He struggled for the next two years, keeping mediocre grades in school and avoiding extracurriculars. Two years after his father was killed, his mother was killed by a mugger one block from his apartment. Since he was 18, he was on his own.

The only thing that had kept Sam from spiraling further into depression and gang life was the Air Force recruiter. The recruiter had come to talk about future careers, which sparked an interest in Sam. He was reminded of his past love for the sky and signed the papers the day after he graduated.

He served two tours in the United States Air Force before being assigned to the 58th Rescue Squadron as a pararescueman. He and his wingman, Riley, were test pilots for the EXO-7 Falcon. During their mission to apprehend Khalid Khandil in Afghanistan, their target hid himself in an area protected by soldiers using RPGs. Wilson and Riley infiltrated the area with their mechanical wings, which gave them access to the hiding spot when helicopters could not get through.

Riley was struck by one of the RPGs, with Sam Wilson in the sky unable to help him. Despite the mission succeeding, Sam had a hard time justifying serving, and left the military. Instead he focused on helping retired veterans/servicemembers at the VA who suffered from PTSD in New Orleans. He held on to Riley’s wings, though, still intact after being fixed from his death. He chose to keep Riley’s in the air in his honor.

He had been coasting along, getting the VA running smoothly when he met Steve Rogers. He had been on his morning run, working on keeping his body fit, when he continued to get lapped by Steve. Ever since then, he and Steve had maintained a routine of their morning run (with Steve continuing to run faster), adding in sparring, training, and even the random missions such as breaking Ash out of containment.

Sam continues to run the VA offices, working to make it bigger and better. Though faced with his own PTSD, it helps him to help others work their issues. To know that he was doing good for others helps him to continue on, especially knowing that Riley would be doing so right beside him.

Now Sam goes by the name Falcon when in his suit, and he is one of the ‘vigilantes’ whose identity is known thanks to the press releasing his name. He’s fine with that-he has nothing to hide, but it makes vigilantism a little tough.


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 Posted: Dec 5 2017, 08:56 PM
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