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 They're burning all the witches, @[VOID]
me up, so light me up
Those who thought that they knew Eleanor Henstridge all knew just how much the teenage princess enjoyed indulging her partying ways. Her pictures had graced many tabloids back in England after nights she had spent with strangers in strange bars. Nights when her white clothing had gotten wet from liquor or, lets face it, wet t-shirt contests. Nights when she had passed out and had to be carried out to the car by royal security. Nights when her skirt had been too short and she had forgotten to wear undergarments. Nights when her dresses had been cut too low and her breasts had been exposed. Kisses with men she didn't know, kisses with women she'd never see again... You name it, she had done it and it had been publicized a thousand times over.

Seattle wasn't much different, aside from the fact that the fact that Americans didn't really seem to paste images of their politicians on the front pages of their papers. Instead, those images were posted online a million times over as they seemed to embrace modern technology a hell of a lot more than most other countries seemed to.

There were always a few who recognized her. Those that kept up with global politics, or that had a fascination with the Royal Family. Half of the time, Eleanor was able to do just about anything she wanted without too much attention being drawn her way, but she knew that regardless of what country she was choosing to reside in, there would always be someone watching.

It was bittersweet that the royal guard that had been assigned to her was also the guy that Eleanor was somewhat dating. There would be no wild flings, crazed make-out sessions or anything of the sort that evening. This was a secret meeting place for a secret bonfire with liquor that not even the princess of England was able to legally obtain on her own while still under the age of twenty-one. While she never really had a shortage of people able to purchase liquor for her, even Eleanor could admit she was intrigued by the mystery of the yearly event. The fact that Jasper had been reluctant to allow her to venture off into the middle of the woods with a bunch of strangers and sketchy alcohol made it all the more appealing.

All of the mystery and excitement surrounding the event had been shot to hell right around the time that she had sent Jasper for a refill on her drink of choice and a large group of anti-religion, black-clad, seemingly-psychotic-cult-members crashed the party with threads of bodily harm should anyone dare try to make a run for it.

Some had been told to lay face-down on the ground, Eleanor being one of the many. She was okay with this; it didn't seem as though this was a strike against she or her family, so the more she was able to keep her identity hidden, the better.

It also kept Eleanor's big mouth from getting the best of her, especially given the fact that she had already consumed enough alcohol to have her wanting to tell these demon-humping nobodies just how close to scum they truly were. Maybe there was a small part of her that didn't care what happened to her after she did so; her brother was dead and her life was in shambles. Maybe she'd be better off ending up as Robert did, yet not wanting to give her mother that satisfaction seemed to win over, rendering Eleanor silenced and still, trying to blend in to absolutely nothing in an effort to remain unnoticed through the screams and the yelling around her. Screams and yelling that she refused to look up at.

i would rather watch my kingdom fall
don’t stop breathing, fight those demons
Sell your soul, not your whole self
There was not a person alive who truly understood the real power that was held inside of Stiles Stilinski. Of the people who knew him , only two knew what lived there, but they didn’t know all of the power he had. All others merely thought the boy was tired…not sleeping well… sick. Well one day they would all see exactly what he was, and tonight was one night closer to that.

From the moment he had woken up that night, he could taste the chaos already in the air. He could feel the pull of it like it was a part of him. Stiles had no chance of fighting for control of the body he shared with Void; the power was far to great to ignore.

He had been waiting for a long time for this opportunity. Up until the small amount of time he had out, hadn’t been enough to really get what was needed. But tonight would change everything for him. And it would be a start of his reign. He wasn’t in a hurry though, after all the best laid plans always took time and effort.

The Nogitsune could already hear the yells through the trees as he kept his steady pace. He could see the worshipers with their weapons forcing people to the ground, their weapons pressed against heads, and voices loud with the commands. He could see the teenagers cowering in fear as they were forced down on to the ground. He could almost taste their fear, could feel the pain in the air. And he wanted more.

And then all of a sudden it erupted , a few of the teenagers made a run for it, some of the worshipers running after them. Others stayed where they were hoping that if they didn’t move they would be saved. It would be there lucky day it seemed.

Void took a step into the clearing where the bonfire raged on, gaze going towards the scene in front of him. His eyes closed as a small smile spreading on his face as he took a deep breath. And then there was the tip of a barrel pressed against the side of his head, as one of the Satanic worshipers tried to force him on to the ground and to his knees, thinking he was one of the pathetic teenagers littering the ground.

Opening his eyes the nogitsune put a frightened look on his face allowing the man to force him to stand next to a girl cowering on the ground with her face down. He put the panic into his voice as he spoke, but on the inside the creature was rejoicing. He could already feel the power he would consume, from these idiots. The start of his rise over Stiles. There wouldn’t be fights anymore…he would be the one in control .

”Please sir… I… I…” his voice was barely a shaky whisper , causing the man to lean in closer. And then all of a sudden, the switch was flipped. The scared expression turned into a smirk, the eyes that once looked frightened hardened into coldness. Two hands reached out with a speed that couldn’t be suspected from the boy, and with a loud sickening crack that sounded into the air, his neck was snapped. The body dropping to land in front of the girl next to him with a thump.

A light humming came from the boy and he bent down to the ground to grab a knife strapped to the dead body’s thigh. ” Pathetic. All of you. You didn’t plan well enough, obviously they were going to run. That’s why you kill them right away. “ The Nogitsune lectured to no one in particular, before moving once more with a speed unheard of, ran to another worshiper that was taking aim at him and thrust the knife into the stomach of the man, giving a harsh twist with it.

His hand shot out to grab the man’s face in his powerful grasp, closing his eyes in a shudder as he started draining the pain from the man writhing with it. He let out a gasp as the power that filled him came along with the rush of it. But all too soon it was over, as the body was dropped to the ground , wide eyed and dead.

Void turned around to the others that were staring at the scene they just watched and grinned widely. ”Now. Who’s next?”
me up, so light me up
With so much happening around her, it was a wonder that Eleanor was able to take notice to the fact that there was somewhat of a commotion happening around her beyond the chaos that had ignited seemingly out of nowhere. There was still little to understand about what was taking place; she refused to look up in fear of being noticed, but she knew enough to know to stay still as the people around her weren't worried about the safety of others.

Where Jasper was, Eleanor had no idea. He had gone to fetch drinks, as per her orders, but had yet to make it back to her before things had erupted. She knew he was able to take care of himself; wasn't that why her family had hired him to take care of her? He could easily lose his job over allowing this situation to unfold. Typically, security was meant to scour the area before Eleanor made much of an appearance anywhere, but with her dating her security guard, his time was often spent (again, as per her request) at her side rather than getting the areas ready.

If she made it out of there alive, she wouldn't let anyone touch his job without falling subject to one of her royal tantrums. It was hard enough for Eleanor to trust much of anyone; if they dared shove another security guard her way, she'd chew them up and spit them out at the feet of whichever family member dared screw with her.

She could hear someone begging, a voice she already knew belonged to one of the men that had crashed the party with less-than-innocent intentions. It was odd to hear him, of all people, pleading for much of anything, and as Eleanor took a chance and glanced up from the ground, she was met with the view of another man — a colder, harder looking guy — snapping the other's neck.

The body fell next to Eleanor's as she bit back a scream followed by a soft sob that disturbed the dirt and the ground beneath her. Her hands pushing herself up as she tried to put as much distance between she and the now-dead-man as possible. The colder-looking guy had moved on to another of the party-crashers, this time practically gutting him like a fish with the knife he had taken from the man he had just murdered.

She wasn't entirely sure what side of things he was on; was he a partier like Eleanor that was fighting back? Was he a satanist that was turning on his own for whatever reason? Was he another threat altogether?

Truthfully, Eleanor didn't find herself wanting to stick around long enough to find out, as she was pulling herself to her feet. Brown, tear-filled eyes desperately searching her surroundings for the man she had come with that evening.

i would rather watch my kingdom fall
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