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 Posted: Sep 12 2012, 09:18 PM
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information about this list,

individual character information & general plot information below

The OC plot takes place after season three; Marissa leaves California in hopes of bettering herself and ends up enrolling in school in New Orleans while living with her father. Summer, Seth and Ryan remained in California up until Ryan took it upon himself to venture out of state to New Orleans to convince Marissa to move back to California.

Any characters that have died in previous seasons may be brought back to life (using extreme dark magic or the abilities of a necromancer) though it must be a plausible plot with its own repercussions; magic always comes with a price.

Please note that any character with the ' ∞ ' symbol next to their name is a doppelganger on-site. A doppelganger is someone who has an exact replica (identical replica) though is not necessarily biologically related to that being. Doppelgangers (when together) can change luck for better or for worse and even harness unknown powers when together. In essence, this face claim is used for another character.


Age: 23 | Written By: No one | Played By:Olivia Wilde

Education:Up to role-player
Occupation: Up to role-player
Summary:Alex Kelly is the owner of the Bait Shop back in Newport. She dated both Seth Cohen and Marissa Cooper for a short time when Marissa and Ryan broke up. but was quick to let Marissa go upon realizing she was nothing more than a phase to her. Since then, she has relocated to Baton Rouge to start a new life for herself.


Age: 21 | Written By: No one | Played By: Kayla Ewell

Education:Up to role-player
Occupation: Up to role-player
Summary:Casey Ramsey attended high school with Marissa Cooper when Marissa dropped out of Harbor. She dated Johnny Harper until she saw that Johnny and Marissa were flirting. She got Johnny back by making out with Kevin Volchok before admitting to Marissa that she was just jealous because she saw Johnny falling in love with her.


Age: 23 | Written By: No one | Played By: Cam Gigandet

Education: Up to role-player
Occupation: Up to role-player
Summary:Kevin Volchok is Johnny’s best friend. When Johnny confronts Volchok on the beach, Ryan steps in and punches him, causing Volchok to get revenge. After Johnny dies and Marissa sees a softer side of Volchok, they begin a casual romance while Ryan dates Johnny’s cousin, Sadie. After Volchok gets violent, Ryan chases him out of Marissa’s life, though he didn’t leave easily.


Age: 21 | Written By: No one | Played By:Nikki Reed

Education: Up to role-player
Occupation: Up to role-player
Summary:Sadie Campbell is Johnny Harper’s cousin who moved to Newport after Johnny’s death to help his mom. She begins a relationship with Ryan Atwood, and it comes to light that she previously dated Ryan’s rival, Kevin Volchok, which deepens the rift between them. When she realizes that Ryan was accepted to university, she breaks up with him, not wanting to be the reason he doesn’t attend college.


Age: 20 | Written By: No one | Played By: Navi Rawat

Education: Up to role-player
Occupation: Up to role-player
Summary:Theresa Diaz grew up with Ryan Atwood in Chino, and they had an on-again, off-again relationship. When they broke up Theresa became engaged to Eddie, breaking it off when he abused her. She and Ryan got back together until Eddie punched Ryan, and Theresa broke it off. Not long after she realized she was pregnant and wasn’t sure who was the father. She lied and said she lost the baby and not to come back. When Ryan found out that she had the baby and it was Eddy’s, they went to prom together and ended as friends.


Age: 26 | Written By: No one | Played By: Logan Marshall-Green

Education: Up to role-player
Occupation: Up to role-player
Summary:Trey Atwood is Ryan’s older brother and spent time in prison after he and Ryan attempted to steal a car. Trey served his time and moved to Newport to be near Ryan in an attempt to start over again. Despite this he started up with drugs again and Ryan wouldn’t have it. After Trey attempted to sexually harass Marissa, Ryan fought him and Trey was about to kill him, so Marissa shot him. Trey ended up in a coma, that he woke up from. Knowing he had ruined his relationship with Ryan he moved to Las Vegas from Newport.

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