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 the valadik canon list (wip), please claim your canon here!
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valadik canons
the valadik canon list:
antagonist characters are considered temporary unless whomever adopts them plans to flesh them out and integrate them on-site. they are exempt from activity checks, again, unless there is a fleshed-out plan in motion to keep them around permanently.

the code to claim a canon is located below.

First and foremost, something I can't stress enough is that anyone looking to adopt a canon character should reach out to me (Shantel) via PM so that I can let you know of any details that might have impacted the character of your interest on-site. For example, a character could have been used as a NCP (a non-player character) for a plot at some point along the line. I'll be the best person to help you fit your character into our canon plot in Seattle, as that is where we are currently based!

Second, some characters have doppelgangers, as some actors are from different fandoms. Should a character have a doppelganger, an asterisk (*) will appear next to their name.

Any character listed below that is adopted will have their name stricken through; you can click on characters to view their wanted ad (if requested) or their shipper page (if claimed).


Despite werewolf packs typically always having an alpha that manages and protects their pack, all werewolves originated from the six original werewolves that call themselves the Valadik. This is quite similar to how the Mikaelson family are considered to be the original vampires and hybrids and, as such, hold more power than any mere vampire or hybrid. The Valadik are similar; they have more power than any other werewolf, and are able to control any werewolf through alpha commands much as pack alphas are able to do.

The Valadik travel alone and used to travel from country to country, pack to pack, terrorizing local alphas, killing off the weakest omegas that they didn't feel were fit enough to be blessed with the werewolf curse, and bedding the females for their own pleasure. To say that the Valadik have always felt rather entitled would be a massive understatement.

In some cases, the stronger a pack alpha is, the more they may be able to resist the Valadik, or shield themselves from the Valadik's orders, though this is only in extremely rare cases. No pack alpha has ever survived a territorial dispute with any of the Valadik brothers, to put that into perspective.

Given just how long ago the Valadik were cursed, they do not remember ever being human, though this is something that is merely speculation as they would never confess such a weakness to anyone. What is known is that they are older than the pyramids and have very little of their humanity left, as they have — for the most part — given in to the ways of the beast.

Something that is not known is that when a Valadik dies, all of the werewolves created by his bloodline will die along with them. Given the six brothers have never endured death, this is not something that has been discovered.

Because each of the six brothers developed their own supernatural characteristics over the centuries, each of the six brothers' bloodlines are considered to be six separate species of wolf altogether. They are listed (eldest first) as follows:

aleksander - cotm (bsf canon)
ezekeil - loup garou (teen wolf)
romaric - vlko-dlak (the originals)
viktor - quileute (twilight)
malachai - versipellis (supernatural)
adalmund - lycan (vampire diaries)
aleksander valadik
> 40 > werewolf > gerard butler > bri
dottie underwood
> 35 > meta > bridget regan > pb kayleigh
howard stark
> 46 > human > dominic cooper > open
justin hammer
> 36 > human > sam rockwell > open
loki odinson
> 28 > meta > tom hiddleston > open
maya hansen
> 33 > human > rebecca hall > open


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