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 Posted: May 4 2016, 12:21 AM
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The plot for Angel takes place after the unresolved battle during the finale of season 5. Everyone battling the greater evils that night (Angel, Illyria, Spike and Gunn) survived, though barely. The Los Angeles branch of Wolfram & Hart was demolished in the process; the group picked up their losses and ventured to Italy knowing that Buffy, Dawn and some of the other Scoobies still resided in Europe.

It was only then that the group - now reunited with friends and old flames from their pasts - moved themselves back through North America, learning that the newest evils were taking over New Orleans and claiming the city as their own. As a group - a team, even - they decide to make New Orleans their new point of operation, bringing Angel Investigations back with the help of the resources that survived from Wolfram & Hart's fall.

Once established and on their feet in New Orleans, the team fully plans on finding resources that are able to bring their loved ones - their fallen team members - back from the dead so that they can keep on fighting the good fight together with the second chance at bettering the world.

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