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Posted by: ThreadbareNovel May 14 2018, 02:22 AM
    character basics:
  • full name Marcus Edmund Carver
  • nicknames None
  • species Human
  • gender Male
  • pronouns He/Him
  • physical age 25
  • actual age 99
  • birth dateJanuary 21, 1919
  • zodiac sign Aquarius
  • place of birth Cincinnati, OH, USA
  • current hometown New York City, NY, USA
  • languages English
  • occupation Government Agent

  • their appearance:
  • face claim Joseph Gordon Levitt
  • height 5'7"
  • weight 145lbs
  • hair colour Black
  • hair length short, parted, slicked
  • eye colour Black
  • glasses/contacts glasses in private only
  • piercings none
  • tattoos none
  • scars Scar from a bullet in his right thigh, a cigar burn off-center on his chest, and a slash to the left side of his ribs
  • birthmarks none
  • best feature smile

  • their personality:
  • positive traits Carver has a carefree personality which can delight some, but anger others who may think he takes nothing seriously. He has a knack for accurately profiling people and he is fiercely loyal to his friends.
  • negative traits Because he never reveals whole truths to anybody, he is often perceived to be very untrustworthy. He's also known to explode into bouts of violent anger when challenged.
  • petpeeves Conservative Talk Radio, cigarette butts anywhere outside of a tray, the lingering stink of cheeseburgers after you've eaten one, jingles that get stuck in your head, people who interrupt, and sloppy dressers.
  • hobbies Radio, dancing, reading the advice column in the newspaper, going for scenic drives, and shopping for clothes.
  • bad habits Caffeine addition and a tendency to chew his thumb when he's anxious or lost in thoughts.
  • likes Jazz, swing bands, black coffee, cherry pie, pretty women (especially if they're French or have tried to kill him), and dressing sharp.
  • dislikes Nosy people, getting dirty, squares, xenophobes, and nationalists.

  • their health:
  • physical ailments As a government agent, Carver is very physically fit, but occasionally his leg aches where he was once shot during imprisonment.
  • neurological ailments His odd hours and eighty year-long cryogenic sleep has left him with a persistent and very inconvenient case of narcolepsy.
  • allergies Mild dairy allergy.
  • addictions Caffeine
  • smoking None.
  • drinking Socially.
  • drugs Occasionally partakes of the devil's lettuce.

  • their faves:
  • tv show Unknown
  • movie Anchors Aweigh
  • book The Count of Monte Cristo
  • song "Life is Just a Bowl of Cherries"
  • artist Ink Spots
  • food Cherry Pie
  • drink Black Coffee
  • holiday New Year's
  • season Winter
  • colour Red
  • animal Mountain Lions
  • location Hot jazz clubs and cozy diners.
  • person His significant other.

  • their dirt:
  • life goal To settle down with his lady, give her a dozen kids, and dedicate the rest of his days to making her happy.
  • biggest wish To eventually quit the government game substantially richer than when he started.
  • biggest fear To have his heart broken.
  • dirty secret In his loyalties and in romance, he has been known to occasionally play for both teams.
Marcus Edmund Carver was born January 21, 1919 to a loving, but introverted father and a stern, overbearing mother. As the youngest and only boy of six children, he often found trouble but managed to avoid punishment with little more than a flash of his charming smile.

Like many young men at the time, he was drafted into the war overseas. His abysmal accuracy rating on the shooting range kept him out of combat, so he was given a desk job where he excelled at radio communications and intelligence gathering. He went above and beyond, mining the personal histories of foreign enemies for every trace of dirt. No one was safe from his scrutiny, not even his own colleagues, and it was only the abrupt end of the war that kept Carver from exposing his CO's bad habits in exchange for a bigger office.

At the conclusion of the war, Carver's penchant for illegal mischief got him noticed by agents of Division. The moment they realized that his inability to shoot a gun made him no less deadly in hand-to-hand combat, Division recruited him and used his disquieting charisma to get close to their enemies. He rose quickly through the ranks and seemed to enjoy the occasional bloody assignments he was sent on, which was why it came as a surprise when he suddenly vanished from the Division.

In fact, what had happened was that Carver misjudged a particularly dangerous foe within Division itself. Before Carver had a chance to take his enemy down, he was captured and forced into cryogenic sleep. There, his foe hoped to keep himself safe, while also keeping Carver's encyclopedic knowledge of government secrets and scandal intact for later use.


Trigger-free. Go nuts.


In the eighty-some years since he was put to sleep, all of Carver's immediate family has died. Upon realizing this, naturally he mourned them for a time, but found comfort in the fact that they all led generally happy and healthy lives. He very much wants to settle down and have a big family of his own someday, however, he has no significant other at this time and he sometimes worries about the effect his cryo-sleep might have had on his virility.


All of Carver's old friends are long dead as well, but he has no trouble making new ones. He's drawn towards people who he deems not only "interesting," but also "useful." He avoids bold, aggressive, or overly-meek personalities unless they fall into the "useful" category.


Carver desperately wants love. Ideally, he wants a woman who not only needs him, but one who can also tell him what to do. In his past, he had a very passionate relationship with an older woman involved in a revolutionary uprising, but her sudden death robbed him of any hope of a future with her. He also had a fairly serious relationship with an insurrectionist who once tried to kill him, but that ended when he was frozen.


Carver has always wanted to "stick it to the man." He rebels against authority, and has been known to use his role as a government agent to subvert the establishment. If there is dirt on anybody he perceives as a threat, he will make finding it an absolute priority and use it to take them down.


For now, Carver just needs to adjust to life in the modern world. When he is ready, he is willing to put his skills to use for the SSR, as long as he believes that their goals align with his ideals.
  • ooc name Alex DeMers
  • timezone PST
  • mature threads Hell yes.
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