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» Now I gotta wake it up, the devil in me
 Posted: Dec 5 2017, 09:49 PM
Void is Offline

When I wake up I'm afraid.
Somebody else might take my place
Winter had always been his favorite time of year. It was beautiful, full of frost covered plants, white grounds so soft you could sink into them and dangerous. Winter brought frosts so cold is froze you inside out. Storms so thick no one could hear the screams as you struggle lost in them. And the darkest of nights filled Winter.

He enjoyed the danger of the season the most. The pain that came along with it. Every car crash on the icy roads, every lost camper found frozen, every storm that took lives, it all was music to his ears. It would only be better if he was there to taste it himself.

Instead he was trapped. Starving, but unable to die from it. And then he would get a taste, a small taste, and like an addict he searched desperately for more everywhere. He would scrounge to the lowest depths to get a taste of it again. But it was always taken away from him, and starvation started once again. Weakening him until he might as well be one of those souls who’s suffering he craved.

It wouldn’t be long till he was free once more again though. He was growing stronger little by little, until soon he would be able to be the one to decide when he would taste that sweetness he craved. They tried to keep him tied down, locked in the chains that they created out of poisons and tricks. But he was a fox, The Trickster, and there was no trick he couldn’t turn on someone.

For now, he would bide his time and allow them to think they held control over him. After all the best laid plans always took time to lay out. He could find ways to entertain himself till the time was right.

Even then he strolled barefoot through the snow that laid softly on the Seattle woods, the lightness of the sleep pants not being enough to stop the sharp winds from biting his skin. A short sleeve shirt couldn’t hope to protect from the branches that scrapped against his skin as he continued to hike forward. Sharp cuts that opened up with small pains before stitching back together as if they never happened , a constant in his walk.

He loved the taste of that pain he felt through the boy’s body. He sucked it down like an alcoholic grasped desperately to the last drop in the bottle. Such a small amount that it had no effect, but still had him earning for more and more.

If Stiles was awake he probably would feel differently about the abuse his body was going through. But he had made sure that the werewolf was deeply asleep inside his own mind. Trapped in his own dreams that always ended in screams thanks to the parasite that lived in him.

It was an interesting dynamic that they two had in the body they now shared. Stiles was beloved by so many, his pretty little wife Lydia, his young children, his brother and sister, the pack he held with his best friend and a handful of others who he called friends. And yet only one of them knew the truth of what was happening when Void took over.

He would never admit that the name was something he took a liking to. Stiles had once called him that when he thought the darkness in him was too asleep to hear. No one he had ever been let into had ever given him a name. then again, no one else had ever been as smart as Stiles was either.

The mountain Ash that Stiles had started lining his property would have been troublesome to get out of if he was a few hundred of years younger. But you didn’t live to be centuries old for something as small as ash to get in your way. Still Void would give him credit, he was trying.

It was unfortunate for the teenager that he didn’t truly grasp just how much control Void had over him. Then again it was unfortunate for Void that Stiles had Lydia Martin for a wife. She had a way of getting in his way every time he was going into take Stiles out to have real fun. But Void knew if anything were to happen to Lydia… Stiles wouldn’t survive. And he needed him alive to keep to his plans.

He would never admit the fact that he too found interest in Lydia Martin, though for completely different reason’s then Stilinski. Lydia was a rarity in the world, that no one seemed to understand. She had more power in her then most could even comprehend. But the Nogitsune was thousands of years old…he had seen and experienced mostly everything. And he knew the power lurking in the girl was a strong one.

And that made Lydia irresistible.

Didn’t change the fact by any means that she was also getting to be troublesome, and he was growing tired of it. That was part of his little walk for the night, to rebel against the barriers and cages she helped keep him under. But for the most part, it was to search for the one thing he craved more than any other.


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