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Posted by: PEGGY CARTER Dec 28 2017, 02:31 PM
of grey and candlelight
It wasn't too often that Peggy and Grant had the chance to get themselves all dolled up; their social circle was quite small, which was precisely how they preferred it. They had a nice, quiet, calm life and every once in a while, there was a night that sparkled a little bit brighter that the two were able to enjoy together.

There wasn't much hesitance when it had come to accepting the S.S.R.'s invitation to their now-annual holiday party; Peggy knew the two would be going when she had found the perfect Sure, it had cost enough to have Peggy cringing when she had seen the price tag, but she wasn't shallow enough to believe that a dress should only be worn once, and knew she would get plenty of uses out of something that made her feel as elegant as this one did. More than that? There was one other feature that had Peggy settled...

The way the skirt of the dress swayed slowly from one side to the other as she walked, almost like a bell would move. Back and forth, left and right. It would be a lie if Peggy were to say that she hadn't spent quite a bit of time walking throughout the house in that very dress, bare feet on the hardwood. Or merely standing in front of her husband, swaying her hips back and forth just to feel the skirt of the dress swaying while chiming out a 'ding, ding!' as she did so.

It wasn't quite the red dress she had once used to get under Grant's skin many a decade ago. That dress had been tasteful, modest and so subtly sexy, it wouldn't have passed as such in this modern day. This dress held those very qualities. Something subtle yet elegant that still managed to shimmer even with the dimmed lights on the balcony.

The glass of champagne in her hand had been sipped on a couple of times; traces of her red lipstick evident on the rim of the glass. Given all she and Grant had endured to become the weapons the war had needed all those years ago, they metabolized liquor quite a bit faster than those around them, but that didn't stop Peggy from ever enjoying a glass of wine at home or a glass of champagne when offered at a social gathering.

The love of her life was still inside; many would want to steal his attention away which was to be expected. Some at work were intimidated by his history and would only feel bold enough to approach them after a few drinks. Guests that had never met him would be eager to meet the man behind the shield for themselves. The higher-ups would want to congratulate him on his accomplishments and ask about his future with the Strategic Scientific Reserve.

He was their hero, and it was almost amusing to watch in between conversations of her own with those that had stolen her attention from her husband. It could be a touch overwhelming at times, but that's when Peggy found it most appropriate to escape to get some fresh air, even if only for a few moments. The people inside weren't going anywhere, and after having just relocated to such a beautiful new city with both of their infant children in the care of the Jarvis' for the evening, appreciating the moon, the stars, the view... time needed to be taken for those things, too.

Posted by: SHARON CARTER Dec 28 2017, 03:12 PM
It had taken a lot for Sharon to RSVP to this particular event. She knew who would be there. She knew the risks of others in this town knowing who she was from the start. But this could potentially be worth the risk. A lot of big names would be there, and getting an in with them was the first step in her plan.

Of course, very few people at the S.S.R. knew her as Sharon, even her invitation came in the mail addressed to "Emily Thorne" as she wasn't exactly receiving the inter-office memos. Being undercover in the same town as a rather large sector of the Reserve did offer its perks if she handled it correctly, and while she wanted the least amount of people involved, it seemed wrong to ignore family when they were in the same city.

Perhaps if Sharon was honest with herself, she could admit that Peggy Carter was the real reason she was in attendance, but it was curiosity that would kill that cat and Sharon had to be careful. She knew her plan had to be laid out perfectly. Professionalism was a requirement and there was no room for emotions, not if she truly wanted to take down the Graysons.

They were horrible people, really. Setting up Sharon's father to take the fall for a terrorist attack that he had absolutely no part in, taking her only living relative (that she knew of) away from her at such a young age and setting up Sharon for a lifetime's worth of miserable torture. Sharon had gone through unspeakable things living in foster homes, and the fact that she had always at least tried to stand up for herself left her in more trouble than she had ever bargained for.

Her arrest record and history of juvenile detention centers did not match the girl standing on the balcony at one of the most high-class new years eve parties in the city, and yet there she was. Sharon's attention turned to the new presence on the balcony, smiling softly at her great aunt who had no idea of their shared DNA.

"Needing some air, too?" Sharon asked, hesitant to get a conversation started but also knowing it would be awkward if she didn't. Her mind was racing, though. She had been very much set on not making friends with other S.S.R. agents because that wasn't her purpose here. But was this different? This was family, after all. Something that Sharon hadn't had in a very long time.


Posted by: PEGGY CARTER Jan 7 2018, 11:16 PM
of grey and candlelight
Peggy's warm, brown eyes were pulled to the blonde that seemed to be directing her words Peggy's way. She hadn't been looking to escape or to isolate herself from the people indoors; company was more than welcome. She just hoped that whomever chose to get her alone out on the balcony wasn't looking for as in-depth a conversation as she had been engaged in inside. That didn't mean she'd be quite that lucky; a girl could hope.

"Between the drinking, the dancing and the chatting..." It was too hard for Peggy to refrain from cracking a smile at the mere mention of dancing; Grant didn't pride himself on being the best of dancers, but Peggy had always found his dancing to be quite endearing. She hadn't issued so much as a single complaint any of the many times he had stepped on her toes, tonight included.

There would be more songs, more dancing to come. It wasn't close enough to midnight for them to be getting ready to say their goodbyes which was why Peggy felt comfortable escaping the conversations inside in between dances together to enjoy the crisp night air.

"I hope you're enjoying yourself, at least?" Though she doubted that many weren't. Everyone that she had spoken to inside seemed to be having a spectacular evening, one that was evidently much needed for a great many people. The Carters included.

As new parents, it was nice to be able to trust friends with the care of their infant twins so they could enjoy some time together. Socializing with other adults, not having to worry about bath times, bedtimes, feedings and changings. As much as they loved parenthood and as much as neither would change a single day with their children for the entire world, it was easy to get lost in life at home and forget that even they needed to take time for themselves once in a while.

Posted by: SHARON CARTER Jan 15 2018, 06:07 PM
Sharon smiled politely. Her brain didn't quite know which direction it wanted to go in. There wasn't a plan for this part of the plan. Maybe it was her way of trying not to get her hopes up, but she had told herself that even though the Carters would obviously be in attendance, they were so popular, it would be unlikely that they would even cross paths.

Well, that was wrong. Very, very wrong. Not a first for Sharon, but it was definitely a rare occasion in which the plan went this off the rails so quickly. A polite conversation would have to do. What was she supposed to say? Hi, you don't know me but we're related. Congratulations on your new great niece. How have you been?

Sharon knew the story. She knew that Peggy was under the impression that her brother had died with no strings attached, no messy details or anything of the sort, but that wasn't the entire truth. Peggy's brother was Sharon's grandfather, and not a single soul knew that his girlfriend had fallen pregnant.

Back then, that was a huge scandal and Sharon's poor grandmother was put through the ringer. She had never once reached out to the Carters, but she made sure the name was kept. Then Sharon's father was born and when he got together with Kara it was nothing like his parents' heartbreaking least not at first.

Kara had been killed in a car accident when Sharon was only 5. She was too young to remember her mother and her father had tried to give her the best childhood possible on his own. And he had for the next four years.

Sharon tried to shake off the memories of her father being dragged away by the FBI agents that had stormed her home, but she wasn't sure if she had succeeded in covering up her pain.

"I'm doing fine. I'm never good at socializing at these things...but I'm attempting." She said with a small smile. "...I'm Emily." As much as she wanted to say 'Sharon' she just couldn't allow it. It was too dangerous. The rest of that Carter line was dead as far as the rest of the world was concerned and it was better off that way.


Posted by: PEGGY CARTER Feb 2 2018, 03:26 PM
of grey and candlelight
Peggy liked to think that she was a fairly good judge of character, as there had once been a time when her life had depended on that characteristic. Trusting instinct and staying attuned to those around her had gotten her to the best years of her life, the ones she and Grant had been able to spend together prior to their demise. A demise that had bettered the world, and one that had taken them both; a tragic end to a perfect love story.

It was a bit harder in modern time, of course. Things had changed so drastically in the years that she and Grant had been deceased that Peggy, at times, found herself struggling to comprehend humanity. Not enough that she didn't notice the blonde before her seemingly losing herself in a quiet train of thought, of course.

Still, she wasn't one to invade someone's personal moments. Not everyone had happy stories to share — this was something that Peggy knew from experience.

A warm smile found the brunette's lips as the blonde introduced herself. She wasn't the first that Peggy had shared an introduction with that evening, and she very much doubted that she would be the last.

"It's a pleasure to meet you; I'm Peggy." There weren't many people there that evening that didn't know who she or Grant were, but Peggy had never been that presumptuous a person to assume that everyone there that evening knew her face or her story.

"I can't say I've ever been entirely good at these sorts of things, either..." It wasn't as if lavish events had been thrown in the midst of war, after all. "Although it's always a blessing to meet new faces, so I can't hate it too much now, can I?"

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