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» Character adoption [MALE | CANON | NIKITA]
 Posted: Dec 19 2016, 02:09 PM
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Ryan Fletcher
preferred play-by is: Noah Bean

Ryan Fletcher is a CIA Agent and analyst who was framed by the Division for the assassination of a Chilean Presidential candidate and was rescued by Nikita. He quickly becomes Nikita's ally upon learning of the Division's existence, promising to help find the group of officials who sanction the Division.

It was Amanda who ended up clearing Ryan's name upon seeing just how useful he would be to the Division and eventually pinned the assassination of the Chilean Presidential Candidate on the Deputy Director of the CIA in an attempt to recruit Ryan into the Division. However, Ryan had a brother who served in the military and got killed by private military contractors to cover up for an illegal mine. As a result, Ryan dedicated himself to bringing down people who abused their power to hide the truth. He understands Amanda is trying to manipulate him but because he is aware of Nikita's mission to bring the Division down, he has decided to play along.

Ryan uses his position with the CIA to work alongside the Division and any information he is able to get out of the Division, he passes on to Nikita, Michael or Alex in hopes they will be able to use it to bring the Division down once and for all.

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i don't trust nobody and nobody trusts me
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