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» [A] Raeken, Theo
 Posted: Oct 9 2017, 06:15 PM
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Theo James Raeken
Cody Christian
Oct 31

Theo James Raeken was born on Halloween night to Corinne Nichols and an unnamed male alpha. He was not the first child born to Corinne, nor was he the first to be conceived between she and a werewolf.

Corinne - who is known to be the Desert Wolf - conceived a child with Peter Hale, the brother to a powerful female alpha werewolf in Beacon Hills. Their relationship had been somewhat exclusive, though neither Corinne nor Peter had had immediate plans to start a future filled with children together. Both were merely enjoying each others' company prior to his family being executed by the Argent family.

Before that, Corinne - a werecoyote - had learned that she was pregnant with Peter's child. She knew that with each pregnancy that a werecoyote endured, they lost some of their power as it moved on to their child. This wasn't something that settled well with Corinne; knowing that there was a chance that Peter could one day be a powerful alpha to his own pack had had her wanting to keep her power to herself. She wanted to be Peter's equal, not someone weaker than he that he would have to protect.

It was that fierce independence that had Corinne confiding to Peter's alpha of a sister, Talia, that she wasn't wanting to allow the pregnancy to go any further. She wanted to abort the child to preserve her power so that she could stay at Peter's side as his equal; his mate.

Talia had convinced Corinne to endure the pregnancy, as the Hale family had always been family-oriented, even Peter in his years before the attack on his family. An abortion wouldn't settle well with him, especially given just how close to his nieces and nephew he had always been; a child of his own would be seen as a blessing, not a curse. Still, something didn't settle quite right with Talia; Corinne had given in far too easy for someone who didn't want to see their power lesson mere moments ago. Talia's hunch was that Corinne would birth the child, only to kill it herself and claim the child had died naturally, as killing her child would enable her to steal her power back from the newborn baby.

She was correct in assuming the worst and, when the child was born, Talia fought Corinne away as she attempted to murder her own newborn daughter. A girl that Talia named Malia before she made arrangements with a local family to privately adopt the newborn. Following this, Talia used an unspoken of ability to erase Peter's memory, leaving him unable to remember Corinne or his newborn daughter in an effort to keep Malia protected.

Since that day, the Hale family suffered a great tragedy; the Argent family - Kate Argent, more specifically - set their family home ablaze, entrapping eleven and killing eight. Peter was one of the three survivors.

Corinne had no way to know what had come of Malia, but she did know that Malia hadn't fallen victim to the Hale fire which could only mean that she was still alive, well, and still in possession of Corinne's power. It hadn't taken her too long to learn that Peter had survived the attack on his family, though there were no legal documents linking him to their child, leading Corinne to believe that Talia had adopted the child out in secret, ensuring Peter would never be able to question his daughter's whereabouts.

Realizing just how many dead ends she had come to as Peter wasn't someone she could gain any information from, and she didn't even know her daughter's name, let alone her whereabouts, Corinne began to plan. That plan involved bedding another male werewolf, this one as much of an alpha as Peter Hale had become since the fire that had claimed his family's lives. She knew that a second child would take just as much power from her as her daughter had, but her wicked mind knew she'd be able to claim it back in time.

That was when Theo was brought into the world, raised by Corinne to believe that Peter Hale was his biological father as Corinne began shaping him into a weapon to use against the remaining Hale family members and, in time, her daughter. She raised Theo to be a fighter, much as she now is, thanks to years of training in hand-to-hand combat and in firearms.

Corinne would have raised Theo in close proximity to vampires, forcing him to age quicker than he would have had they lived in seclusion. His head has been filled with lies for years, with Corinne claiming that she and Peter had Malia and Theo together, and that she and Peter had been happy in love and wanting to be a family. She convinced Theo that Peter was wanting power - which he did, after the Hale fire, even going as far as to murder his own niece to become an alpha, himself.

As far as Theo knows, Peter took Malia in an effort to lure Corinne, the "loving mother", so that he could kill Corinne for her power before he would kill Malia and eventually Theo, making Peter a true alpha. Theo believes that Peter has been lying to Malia, and will likely have her brainwashed to use against he and his mother, Corinne.

Eight years after her daughter's birth, Corinne was able to cling to a lead that had brought her to investigate an eight year old girl name Malia Tate that had been adopted in Beacon Hills the day after her daughter's birth. This Malia Tate was, in fact, her daughter, and while Malia was in the car with her adoptive mother Evelyn, and her adoptive younger sister Kiley, Corinne attacked. Firing shot after shot at the speeding car until it steered off the road, Corinne was too late upon getting to the wreckage, as Malia had turned for the first time and had mauled her adoptive mother and sister to death before darting off into the woods.

Malia lived in the woods, completely wild as a werecoyote for eight long years. Able to remember her past and able to carry tremendous guilt over what she had done to her adoptive family. It was a local resident that found the wounded coyote after chasing off teenagers that had been shooting at the small creature with pellet guns, and had been that same resident that had brought the coyote to the police department where Sera Vesta, the officer on duty, had realized there was something supernatural about the young canine before her.

Knowing a few local alphas in the area, Sera contacted Derek Hale who forced a young, terrified Malia to phase back into her human form; the lingering scent that all Hale family members carried still radiating from her. A long lost cousin Derek had never known even existed, but one he was eager to protect, as he had her admitted into Eichen House, a mental institution, until she was able to be reunited with her very confused biological father, Peter Hale.

During all of those long eight years that Malia had spent in the woods, Theo had spent growing up in Beacon Hills, at least for a short time. He was a classmate of Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinski up until the fourth grade, when he had had to move rather suddenly. Rumours swirled about a younger sister that he hadn't had, and how her death had prompted his family to move overnight. The rumour claimed that this young girl had died of exposure when Theo was just ten years old after she had gotten lost in the woods, broken her leg, and fell into the freezing-cold creek. This of course, was just a small-town rumour to give reason to a quick relocation by a family no one had known much about when in reality, Corinne had moved Theo out of Beacon Hills when leads were pulling her into another state altogether.

From that point on, Corinne trained Theo in combat and gave him weapons training. She was alerted to Malia Tate's change of name, signifying that her daughter had been found, rescued and - given her last name was changed to Hale - reunited with her biological father in New Orleans. Theo has absolutely no idea that his mother plans on using him to get to Malia; Corinne's plan is to have Theo get close enough to Malia for him to gain her trust as a close friend. Theo believes that he will use this closeness to kidnap Malia and lure Peter to Corinne so that this madness can end once and for all, but that isn't Corinne's plan. She wishes to use Theo to separate Malia from Peter long enough for Theo to be able to weaken her just enough to keep her from fighting back. From that point, she plans to end Malia's life before turning on her son and reclaiming all of her power once and for all.


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 Posted: Oct 9 2017, 06:23 PM
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