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 [wip] dunn, aiden eleri, oliver jackson-cohen | 18 | musician
Lauren PST she/her thirty Offline Drama 4 years
    character basics:
  • full name aiden eleri dunn
  • nicknames none
  • species werewolf (cotm)
  • gender male
  • pronouns he/him
  • physical age eighteen
  • actual age six
  • birth date july 2
  • zodiac sign cancer
  • place of birth new orleans, louisiana
  • current hometownseattle, washington
  • languages english
  • occupationsound engineer intern, assistant

  • their appearance:
  • face claim oliver jackson-cohen
  • height 6'3"
  • weight 205
  • hair colour brown
  • hair length short
  • eye colour green
  • glasses/contacts no
  • piercings none
  • tattoos none
  • scars arm, remnants from the torture by Deucalion
  • birthmarks none
  • best feature smile

  • their personality:
  • positive traits funny, curious, easy to smile
  • negative traits jealous, stubborn, immature
  • petpeeves drivers who don't pay attention to bicyclists, broken guitar strings
  • hobbies guitar, drums, runs
  • bad habits leaving a mess in his wake, interrupting conversations unintentionally
  • likes Aerosmith, creepy things, butterflies, kids
  • dislikes being ignored, people talking about sex nonstop, broadway music

  • their health:
  • physical ailments currently none
  • neurological ailments undiagnosed anxiety and minor PTSD
  • allergies none
  • addictions none
  • smoking occasionally
  • drinking occasionally
  • drugs interested but no

  • their faves:
  • tv show game of thrones
  • movie the matrix
  • book rolling stone magazine
  • song sound of silence - simon and garfunkel
  • artist steven tyler, fleetwood mac
  • food pizza
  • drink mountain dew
  • holiday christmas
  • seasonsummer
  • colour orange
  • animal tarantulas
  • location new orleans, louisiana
  • person vince albright

  • their dirt:
  • life goal aiden has always aspired to be a rock star, but now his goal has morphed into the music field in general. He would love to perform, but also finds enjoyment in producing music and learning the nuances of music-making. He'd love to work for or even own a production studio to be able to help new musicians create music, no matter how old (or young) they are.
  • biggest wish aiden wants to do something worth being proud of. he wants his mom to be proud of him but more importantly, he wants to be proud of himself. to do something worthy of remembering. whether its busting out in the music business or helping others achieve their goal of being a recording artist, he wants to help others and make a difference in the industry.
  • biggest fear he's afraid of being like his father. his dad, jacy, is arrogant and an asshole, and even though aiden is more like his mom he fears what genetics might do to him. he worries that if he finds love he will be unfaithful like his dad, and he also fears the idea that he has it in him to abandon the people he loves.
  • dirty secretAiden's always been a fairly open-minded kid. This isn't a secret because he's ashamed of it by any means, it just hasn't been something that he felt important to really talk about. While his first kiss was with a girl, he has expressed curiosity in boys, as well. His curiosity had never gone further than a make-out session with this guy Mike, and he isn't against being with another guy. However, he did realize he was more attracted to women than men, and has only ever had a girlfriend.
Aiden was born on the kitchen floor. His mother, Claire-Julia Dunn, had been doing dishes when boom, her placenta detached and there was no time to get to a hospital. Luckily for them all, she was able to successfully give birth to Aiden Eleri Dunn and his sisters, Ayla and Aria. He liked to brag that he was the oldest, even if it was only by one minute, but that minute counts in all things. His Uncle Sean's boyfriend Tyson, their aunt Noelle, and grandpa Vince were there to ensure they all made it out alive.

Growing up, Aiden had few complaints. Being the only boy out of the three was both a blessing and a curse. It was difficult sometimes to relate with them but at the same time, they had been fun to mess around with. There was the time he had accidentally stabbed Ayla with a knife (a TOTAL ACCIDENT), stealing Aria's bras to use as slingshots, and accidentally (okay, maybe on purpose) losing his tarantulas in the house only for his sisters to discover them.

He was by no means a bad brother, and it wasn't as if they didn't retaliate. They had their fair share of sibling rivalries, but overall they got along fairly well growing up. Even though their parents were young themselves, the kids never doubted that they were loved. Not just by their parents but their family. Their grandpa Benedict, their pseudo-grandpa Vince and his wife Norah, their grandpa and grandma Jake and Renesmee, their uncles Robert, Zach, and Sean (their grandma Fiona and aunt Brianna were too crazy to be considered supportive...). They had a large family, which meant lots of drama, sure, but also lots of fun and good times.

Aiden was first kidnapped by the Volturi. He didn't remember much about that, as he was drugged and out of it for the majority it while Claire, Vince , and Benedict spoke with Aro and took care of it. But it was just the first of a few times of being in nasty situations that would shape Aiden as he grew older.

The first time he was taken by Deucalion, he was with Kenzie, Vince's daughter. That time sucked - they were held hostage and weren't treated like royalty. The second time, however, was worse. He and a group of others - Noelle, Vince, and others that he knew - were withheld from transitioning into their natural werewolf selves for three months, which did not agree with their bodies. It was painful, and it drove them nearly insane mentally. The other mental torture was bad, too. Deucalion allowed Aiden to communicate with Claire to bait her, and when they didn't keep to the script he wanted, crushed the bones in his wrist. But it was worse when they were finally forced to change and sicced upon his own mother, Claire.

Even though they all made it out alive, it left lasting scars on them all. To this day he has a tough time sleeping, and while he doesn't talk about it he still feels afraid at night or when he's alone. He thinks he should be over it by now, the way everyone else seems to be, so he doesn't discuss that with anyone.

Throughout all of this, they had moved to New Orleans, and while his dad, Jacy, had been working in New York, he had an affair with someone, which effectively ended his marriage with Claire. Jacy had always been a bit arrogant, and when it came to having to visit his dad during the split, Aiden hated it. He had a hard time forgiving the betrayal and prefers not to have too much contact with his dad.

He is, in fact, quite afraid that he will be like his dad. Justified or not, he worried that he'd inherited his dad's arrogance, asshole tendencies, and use of humor to hide feelings and insecurities...He did show some signs of this but he is doing his best to become just the opposite of his father.

He first fell in love (or what he thought was love) with Charlie Rhodes, and he had a huge crush on Eva Coupeau. Neither relationship worked out but he doesn't regret being with Charlie or crushing on Eva. He also had a near-romance with Ele Binenbaum and totally screwed that up by being an asshole, but they've since made up and become friends. Since then, Aiden had a few crushes here and there and flirted with many girls (another thing he picked up from his dad...), but he has yet to find someone to date.

Aiden's lifelong goal has always been to be a rockstar. He has idolized rockers like Steven Tyler, Axl Rose, Steve Perry, and others since he was a young child. He decided from a young age that he wanted to focus on music. He has played guitar for the longest time but has recently learned the drums and keyboard, thanks to his 'aunt' Norah who paid for lessons for him one Christmas.

He had a demo album come out, and he was able to sell some to people who were interested. His sister Aria helped co-write some of his songs. He's currently working on more music, though has experienced a bit of a block in terms of what style he wants to focus on.

Now that they live in Seattle, things have been looking up for their family. Despite Jacy's attempt at spousal support, Claire has found happiness in a relationship with Xavier and Ben, two best friends who found that Claire was worth it for them both to love. While Aiden frequently wishes to become closer to them, he is just happy that she has found happiness.

Aiden has worked odd jobs here and there while working on his music. Recently he worked in the mail room at Bass Industries, thanks to Chuck Bass, but now he has an internship with a recording/production studio. He's learning the engineering side of music making, and has considered going to school to study that further. He had never gotten far in school because of a learning disability, which made him feel insecure and dumb, but now that he's older he feels much more confident about that and he knows it could help him fulfill his goals.

He wants to move out on his own, but doesn't know how his mom would take to that. It isn't that he doesn't love being there, but he wants to learn and experience independence. He hasn't discussed it because he doesn't want to hurt her feelings, but he hopes to someday find a way to be and feel like a man.

He still absolutely wants to be a rockstar, and he continues to try writing music and finding his sound so he can be discovered, but he also, one day, hopes to start a music studio that helps those youth with dreams so they can have similar opportunities that he's had - music lessons, family support, and collaboration.


Other than a hatred for being called a kid, he has no real triggers. Even with his kidnapping, he would actually welcome people asking him about it.


Aiden's family is quite large, and for the most part he appreciates that. He has his mom and her partners, his triplet sisters, his biological grandfather Ben and his partner Trinity, Vince and Norah, his uncles Sean, Zach and Robert...That barely touches the surface of his family!


Aiden is in need of friends. As outgoing and extroverted as he is, he is also fairly inept at making friends. He'd consider his best friend to be Ele, if you didn't count his sisters. Aiden is looking for friends, both male and female, that can tolerate his goofy side and dish it right back to him. It would be great if he had some friends who were also interested in music, so they could have jam sessions and potentially even form a band or musical team of some sort. Please free comment in this shipper page if you have any ideas or plots!


Aiden is open to any and all relationships. While he may be slightly hesitant to jump into something because he currently lives at home, he is definitely available for love. Aiden has not done much to put himself into the dating world, because he is a bit shy when it comes to that. He'd be open to anyone who could match his silliness and mild immaturity and even help him mature and grow up a bit. Please free comment in this shipper page if you have any ideas or plots!


It would be Aiden's luck for him to be put into even more situations that he had experienced as a kid - kidnapping, hostage, torture...The Dunns have some enemies based on their pack, so it wouldn't be far-fetched for him to get into some trouble!

It is also possible to have some rivals in terms of his internship at the recording studio and in music in general. Someone who might take his slot if he has a performance, for example, rendering his performance useless, for example, or someone who sabotages his instruments, performances or notebook with song lyrics in it. Please free comment in this shipper page if you have any ideas or plots!


I'm open to ideas for Aiden! I would like for him to get into some sort of trouble, nothing major but just something that would help him discover who he is. One night stands, drunk nights out that could end poorly, friends with benefits, trying drugs, enemies, violence against him, pregnancy scare, etc.

Also open to: music partners, music mentors, music fans, stalkers, fake friends, dramatic plots, physical threat plots, open to anything!
  • ooc name lauren
  • timezone pacific standard time
  • mature threads hell yes
  • contact laurenpage#0125
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