Both figuratively and literally, it is a task to occupy the generations. And no matter how much progress one makes, there is always the thrill of just beginning. We are all connected; To each other, biologically. To the earth, chemically. To the rest of the universe atomically.
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 Dunn, Adrian
adrian dante dunn
Matthew Daddario
June 21
werewolf (COTM)

Life for Adrian didn't start off great. Born to a mother who had gotten too used to drugs and alcohol to numb her, and a father who had no clue of his existence. The only brightness in him being born, was that he came with his Twin sister Aylee, who would become the person he held closest in the world.

For a while they survived their mother together. The learned how to take care of each other and comfort each other in her states. Adrian had always been protective of Aylee, a fact that anyone could easily see if they looked at the pair.

Even back then in the younger days, Adrian was always a quiet child. Where as most toddlers like to talk while learning about the world and themselves, Adrian kept his thoughts on the inside for the most part. The only person he allowed into his thought and feelings even as small as he was, was Aylee.

But Brianna, his mother, had run out of money, but still needed a fix. So she came up with a plan to get the money from her family. One morning, she grabbed Aylee and walked out the door. When she returned to Adrian waiting, his sister was no where in sight. Brianna had traded her daughter to her family in order to get money, never telling them about the twin brother the girl had.

It devastated Adrian to lose his twin. Everyday he waited expecting her to be back, and everyday he went to bed dissapointed and upset at everything. His mother didn't notice, or she didn't care at the time. she had the money to keep up her life style and a back up child in case she ran out. Which seemed like a real possibility with the way that she blew through it.

Adrian quickly learned that if he was going to survive, he was going to take care of himself. His mother was often out doing who knows what, leaving him alone for long periods of time. Adrian learned how to turn on lights using chairs, how to climb up and make a PB&J sandwich for food, and how to wash himself as best he could using the sink.
< br> Then one day, the place was entered by two people, who took him away from the place. He was scared at first, even though they told him that they were family, an aunt and grandfather, until they brought him to his sister.

Adrian couldn't of been happier right then and there, to be finally back with his twin who he missed so much. After that it was hard to get Adrian to separate from her. Even though there was no fear in her being taken again, it still stuck with him what happened.

It took a lot of time adjusting to life with his family. He was so used to being the only one caring for himself that it was difficult for him to understand. It was only after he was stopped from making his own food or climbing on the chairs that he truly realized that his family was going to take care of him.

Sean Dunn became the father figure in his life, something that Adrian had been missing. He grew close to Sean quickly, and then with that the rest of his family. But one of the people that Adrian eventually grew into becoming the most attached to was Sean's girlfriend Eireahann. He found himself loving anytime their dad took them to see her, or when she came over to visit with them. And found himself sad when she left.

But when Sean's siblings surprised him with a house all of their own, Adrian became ecstatic to find out that Eireahann was going to live with them. Now in a place where he got his own room, was close to the people that he had be comfortable with and the woman that he wanted around always, life couldn't of been better for the toddler.

Adrian is working on getting comfortable with his biological father , Damien Galgaard as well. He doesn't have as much interaction with the man, less then his sister, but he trusts her judgment in him. While currently he is unsure of exactly what the role this man will play long term in his life, he is willing to try.

As Adrian grows older in the future he will battle with his trust issues when it comes to making friends and getting close to strangers. He will be wary of anyone looking to get close to him, but once they do he will be loyal till the very end for them.


Please see posts from my other characters.
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