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 Posted: Jun 5 2015, 09:23 PM
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information about this list,

individual character information & general plot information below

The England hierarchy has been part of English history for centuries now. But here we have the latest group of Royals to grace the English government. We start with King Simon and his wife Queen Helena. Together the couple have three children. Their Son Robert , who is heir to the throne, and the twins , Liam and Eleanor, Liam being older by a matter of minutes.

But this year tragedy has hit the family with the eldest son Prince Robert died unexpectedly. The family was struck with grief and each of them are handling it in their own way. In order to try and build relations with the people , it was said that the Royal children would go to University. To their mothers dismay the children choose an American University in New Orleans instead of English.

Here in New Orleans with a mixture of many different people coming with them , the Twins are experiencing new things, building relations, and trying to pull themselves together after the death of the brother that they both were so close to.

Celeb claims can be reused as doppelgangers (and obviously as twins and as triplets, etc...). If a canon character listed below has been killed at any point in the canon series, you may still adopt them so long as you include a realistic account of how they are still alive, or how and why they were brought back from the dead. These characters will have a cross symbol (†) next to their names.


Age: 39 | Written By: No one | Played By: Noah Huntley

Education: Up to roleplayer
Occupation: Up to roleplayer
Summary: Alistair is a former military hero for England, who grew up spending his summers with the lovely Helena. She is the love of his life and while they are not married do to an arrangement, he is now the Queen's secret lover. But he's wanting more then just being a shadow for her enjoyment , he wants a true romance, and will he be able to keep being her dirty little secret when he is wanting so much more?


Age: 18 | Written By: no one | Played By: Sophie Colquhoun

Education: Up to roleplayer
Occupation: Up to roleplayer
Summary: Gemma Kensington is the heiress to a diamond cartel. Giving her money, power and all the connections that come with it. One of these connections is her ex boyfriend, Prince Liam, who it turns out the lovely Gem left a while ago. But rumor has it , she's back and ready to get him back as well


Age: 18| Written By: BRI | Played By: TOM AUSTEN

Education: University
Occupation: Body Guard to Princess Eleanor
Summary: Jasper is the body guard to Princess Eleanor along with being the twin brother to Ophelia. He grew up with his father in the halls of the palace along side his sister , but after the death of their mother started to change. He is now one of the tops in the security business, but has a darker past with that then he lets anyone really see.


Age: 60 | Written By: No one | Played By: Andrew Bicknell

Education: Up to role player
Occupation: Up to role player
Summary:Lucius is the right hand man to Queen Helena. He would do anything for his Queen, and I do mean anything. He is hard working , and believes that the royalty is above all others when it comes to anything.


Age: 21 | Written By: No one | Played By: Ukweli Roach

Education: University
Occupation: Body Guard to Prince Liam
Summary: Marcus has been the body guard to Prince Liam for three years now. He is strong, dependable and works hard to keep the royal family safe. He considers Liam to be a closer friend then he lets anyone know, and has never once failed to keep the Prince safe, no matter where his personal interests lie.


Age: 18 | Written By: SHANTEL | Played By: Merritt Patterson

Education: University
Occupation: Currently unemployed
Summary: Ophelia grew up the daughter of the head of security alongside her twin brother Jasper. She is used to the royal lifestyles though she herself tries to stay out of it. Even after the death of her mother, Ophelia always kept her head on her shoulders and knows exactly what to and not to do when it comes to things. Though lately here, it seems a certain Prince aims to change her mind about the royal life.


Age: 25 | Written By: No one | Played By: Poppy Corby-Tuech

Education: Up to Role Player
Occupation: Up to Role Player
Summary: Prudence works as a maid for the royal family. She's not much of a threat to anyone, Quiet but beautiful she does her job like she's supposed to. The King has taken a fancy to her , but it's innocently just a friendship of two people together.


Age: 39 | Written By: No one | Played By: Victoria Ekanoye

Education: Up to role player
Occupation: Up to role player
Summary: Rachel is the righthand woman to Queen Helena. She is also has a secret fun past time hobby of dominating people. She would do anything she had to for the queen, even take control of her daughter's media account so nothing bad can be said by it.


Age: 42 | Written By: No one | Played By: Oliver Milburn

Education: Up to role player
Occupation: Up to role player
Summary: Ted is the father to Ophelia and Jasper Pryce, along with being the head of the security for all of the royal family. He has had this job for over twenty years now, both his children being raised in the environment of it. He is good at what he does, but while he is, it also means he is not on the nice list with some of the royals who want to keep their secrets.

[dohtml]<center><div class="temp2"> <div class="temp2title">adopting/tossing</div><br> <br>Please include the character name, your name and any changes to the education or occupation sections. Should you be tossing a character, simply put the character's name.</div></center>[/dohtml]

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