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» When you feel you can't breathe, @open
 Posted: Jan 16 2018, 09:15 PM
FBI Profiler
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All the moving to new places, new cities, made Hotch wonder if he would ever finally settle down. Not just for his sake, but for Jack's as well. Staring out at the crowd of people, Hotch's fingers play the lapels of his suit jacket as his thoughts wander into a different place & time. But he knew he needed to focus so he eases himself back away from his deep thoughts, knowing work came first before everything. Jack came above all of that though. He came before work, before life, before romance. Even the thought of falling in love again after Haley scared Hotch. Just when he thought he couldn't handle any more surprises in his life, they were always being thrown in his direction. Though he supposed he could just stay single for a while, what would it hurt to allow himself to be set up on a few blind dates?

Glancing around the crowd, however; Hotch's thoughts left him once more so he could concentrate – focus – on being one of many for extra security. All the couples in the room made him long to have someone there with him as his date. Someone to laugh with, hold their hand, and kiss at midnight.

But it was a far off dream.

notes: Hotch needs someone to talk to || words: 212|| tag: anyone

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