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» Character Adoption [FEMALE | ORIGINAL CHARACTER]
 Posted: Jun 7 2017, 09:44 PM
JORDAN is Offline

preferred play-by is: GEORGINA HAIG

Aimee Gates Carpenter is Jordan's on again, off again wife but he is very much in love with her. The two met in college where they were each studying a different kind of education – he was pursuing geography & mathematics, and she was pursuing physical education – and fell in love. It was an instant attraction on each of their part but it took some time because Jordan was a gentleman (and still is today).

The married couple have had their ups and downs through the years since they met as college freshman and since they became parents to 5 year old Kristina, 2 year old Bianca and 8 month old Calvin; things have been a little tough. But somehow fate finds a way to make sure things for the Carpenter family to look up even when it's hard.

Before moving to New Orleans a few years earlier, Jordan & Aimee had lived in Livorno, Italy with an assortment of others; some they knew & worked with, some they did not. Since moving here to the French Quarter, things have gotten better for the Carpenter family and they've even found a beautiful home close enough to the beach for their girls to have fun on while Jordan & Aimee split the parenting jobs; switching back & forth every other school year to give the other parent a break.

Please PM my KATIE account with questions!
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