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ADAM CONANT Posted on May 10 2018, 03:11 PM
He could feel the knots in his stomach at the idea of Cassie staying in the living room by herself. Logically, it was no different than her being outside or in the car, but it felt different.

He moved closer to her and kissed her forehead. "Ok." He matched her tone of defeat. He would do anything in his power to keep her safe. It had been that way from the moment he met her and it would never change.

Adam turned towards the stairs and prepared himself for whatever was to happen next. His brain couldn't even settle on what the worst case scenario would be. "I'll be right back." He said as he left her, more for his own reassurance than anything.

CASSIE BLAKE Posted on Mar 30 2018, 11:07 PM
As stubborn as Cassie was, she had to admit — even if only mentally to herself — that Adam was correct in stating that they needed to leave the house, even if only for the night. They had no way of knowing what it was they were up against, or if it would continue to plague their home until something was otherwise done about it. At least this way, they could take the book that had been sent to their home to someone who could translate the pages and trace the origins of the mysterious texts.

"Alright, fine." There was a sarcastic sense of defeat in her voice, one that Adam was surely all too familiar with by now. A tone that signified how much she hated admitting he might be right, because it fuelled his need to constantly rush in and play hero to situations she'd rather see him steer clear of altogether.

While she hated the thought of Adam venturing upstairs alone, she had to admit that she had absolutely no desire to explore the rest of the dark house, herself. If he wanted to play brave and collect some of their things to get them through a night away from home, power to him. Still, there was no way she was going to leave the house without him; if something were to happen to him in the time it took him to grab a few things from upstairs all because Cassie had taken the easy way out and went to the car? She wouldn't forgive herself.

"I'll wait down here for you, and then we can head outside together and wait for Nick." Because wasn't that what they had agreed to when they had mutually decided to give their relationship another go? That they would be in things together instead of separately? "Just grab some clothes, toothbrushes and our phone chargers..." The rest they could figure out as they went. "Just be quick and be safe, okay?" Because that was all that mattered.
ADAM CONANT Posted on Mar 10 2018, 03:38 PM
He couldn't come up with a good enough reason to stop Cassie in time, not gently, anyways. Adam struggled to find a way to explain what he thought was happening in his living room to his fiance. "I don't think it was one of ours, honestly."

As much as he wanted to stay and put an end to whatever this was, he didn't want Cassie or Nick present for that. Nick had enough experience with demons to last a lifetime and he didn't want his best friend getting hurt or, god forbid, dying again.

And whatever she had unleashed, Adam assumed it would still try to cling to Cassie's presence if it was able to do so. Leaving the house was the best option. "We can go somewhere else until we can figure this out. But let me get our things?" He tried to keep his voice calm but there was a hint of desperation in his voice.

He knew she wouldn't just let that go. His save-the-day personality had always driven her up the wall but this was one time where she would have to deal with it. They didn't know what could happen if she stayed. Could this thing possess her or take her or kill her?

"I don't think this thing cares about me. I'd rather you be safe." He started. He wasn't making much sense but there wasn't really a delicate way to tell anyone that they may have unleashed hell upon your home and it may or may not want them dead. "It looks like it was trying to get to you specifically. I just want you safe, ok? Give me a few minutes, I'll grab whatever we need. Will you wait in the car for Nick?"

To be honest, there was no way Adam could confirm that this thing wouldn't just follow her out, but if he wanted to do any investigating while he gathered their things, he would have to be alone and he could tell Cassie was terrified. The last thing he wanted was to see her hurt again.

CASSIE BLAKE Posted on Jan 2 2018, 02:52 PM
Shaking her head vehemently, Cassie knew for certainty that she hadn't even finished a page in the book, let alone a spell. At least not that she knew of. "I-I don't know! I mean, I don't think so! I just read the first few sentences to myself!" Had it been a more traditional spell book, Cassie might have known what she had been getting herself into, but having people with fairly good senses of humour in her life, it was only natural she had assumed this was some drastic prank or another rather than the real deal.

"Who would even leave that here?!" Faye didn't have a death wish; surely the brunette knew Cassie would tear into her if she left something like that out for Adam to play around with after everything their group had already been through. Nick was daring, but he wasn't dangerous, and Melissa kept him on a short enough leash to prevent him from getting into anything this stupid...

Jake, on the other hand... Well, he was unaccounted for in about a thousand different ways and if he were to come back now and see Faye had moved on, had two children, and his brother was back from the dead... Okay, maybe Jake might have motive to start screwing with everyone, but why Adam and Cassie? They hadn't done a single thing to him.

Okay, that was another lie. Adam did sleep with Faye and they did have a supernatural child together. One that a great many people wanted dead (which was a whole other possibility; this could all have been for Davina), but Jake wasn't ruthless enough to wish harm and death on Adam or his and Faye's child... was he?

"I'm going to text Nick..." Faye wasn't going to know any more about this than they did; her only connection was her Mikaelson-of-a-boyfriend and Cassie doubted he'd be eager to help a group of people he barely even knew. Nick, on the other hand? He knew a thing or two about dark magic, and on top of that, he might at least know what Jake had been up to. Maybe he hadn't reached out yet, but that wasn't to say that Nick hadn't at least been tracking his brother's whereabouts to keep tabs on him.

In a quick text to one of the two Armstrong brothers, Cassie handed Adam his phone back, not quite knowing if he'd approve in her change of direction. She and Nick had been fairly close since he had been brought back, but other than that, Nick had been laying low with Melissa for quite some time now.

"Maybe we should try and grab a few things and stay in a hotel for the night? At least until we can figure out what the hell is going on and who's behind it..."
ADAM CONANT Posted on Dec 19 2017, 02:32 PM
Adam was trying to process the book he had in his hands as Cassie explained what had happened. He was torn between getting Cassie out of the house, going further into the house, and finding out exactly how much of the book she had read.

Of course, he knew what would be the safest idea. He knew that they should both retreat back to the front yard and figure out exactly what she had brought into their livingroom. But there was a feeling he had that was keeping him from just leaving the house. ”This is definitely not something the cops can handle.” He said quietly, looking back at the door.

Adam had tried a lot of things since branching off from the rest of their group, and he had been introduced to this level of things, but he had never used this type of magic. There were lines to be crossed and he was fine with using a darker side of magic as a means to an end, but it was only when there wasn’t a better option. Adam had never considered using demon’s with the experience they’ve had in the past. It was too dangerous.

He didn’t for a second believe that Cassie had done this on purpose, but that wasn’t what worried him. Someone had done this to them purposefully. There wasn’t a shortage of enemies in this town. They had been targeted how many times since coming here? How many people wanted his daughter dead? Being them was never easy, but with every new move they made, it had somehow gotten harder.

”How far did you get?” He handed her the book. ”Did you finish a spell?” It wasn’t a traditional spell book, that was for sure, but that because these weren’t traditional spells. He couldn’t translate 99% of it in the moment, but at a glance, Adam knew enough of the key words to gauge what he was looking at. This was something demonic.

Adam was too distracted at this point to see if Cassie had actually texted Faye. He was worried that if she had gotten far enough, it wouldn’t matter at this point if Faye was here or not. This thing could already be attached to her.

Everything he had noticed in the house had begun to make sense. It was dark and smelled like dirt. There were specific demons, yes, but like their own powers, everything was connected to the elements. The words on the inside cover had to be Earth demons. The target was Cassie, so Adam had a few ideas about who could possibly want to link Cassie to a demon, but he couldn’t think about that right now.

CASSIE BLAKE Posted on Dec 7 2017, 09:05 PM
Their circle of friends wasn't exactly in the best place after the last few years had torn them apart limb from limb. Everyone had made bad choices and everyone had blamed each other (and themselves) for said bad choices. Still, they were all alive, together and were desperately trying to move on from the past towards bigger and better things, but that didn't stop pettiness from plaguing the young adults every now and again.

It was the girls - well, more so Cassie, Faye and Diana - that still struggled to stay on stable ground. Diana still had a few harsh comments for Cassie (for reasons the blonde still struggled to understand) and sometimes just hearing Faye's name had Cassie cringing.

That was why her blue eyes couldn't help but to toss Adam the softest of glares as Faye's name was the first he decided would be the best to call. Deep down, she knew that Faye was the right choice. Not only did she have connections to the Mikaelson family (now that she was sleeping with another one of them), but Nick and Melissa deserved their privacy, and it wasn't like Jake or Diana were around enough to rely on...

His phone was still warm in her hand as she scanned through his contacts in search of Faye's name, though her concentration was broken as the door had slammed shut so roughly that it had Cassie's hand pulling from Adam's as she spun around to see where the noise had come from.

"Jesus..." The curse was muttered under her breath as the blonde could feel her heart hammering away in her chest. Blue eyes turning back to the man she loved as he beelined for the book she had abandoned on the coffee table when vacating the house the first time around.

It was common sense to take the book with them, given Cassie highly suspected it was what was causing the mayhem, but she still couldn't quite wrap her mind around what it was and how the hell a book could cause that much destruction. It wasn't even a spell book; she had seen enough of those over the last few years to know that much...

His question caught her somewhat off guard; of course she had read it! If someone sent you a weird book, the first thing you did was investigate what it was and that often involved reading a few pages, did it not? Then again... how often did an anonymous being send a book in a language you couldn't understand...

"I mean... Just a page or so; I thought you guys were screwing with me! Someone knocked on the door and left that on the doorstep! I thought you were trying to freak me out..."
ADAM CONANT Posted on Jul 8 2017, 08:23 PM
Of course Adam agreed with Cassie. He had suggested that she stay outside and call for back up in the first place! Of course, as he turned to look at her, there was no point in bringing it up. They both knew he had suggested that, and it was quite obvious that the only reason she hadn't taken him up on the offer in the first place was because that the plan involved him going in alone.

"It wouldn't hurt.." Adam shrugged. But he wasn't about to leave the house now. If a person was here, there was already plenty of time to leave. And if it was something more, something on their level of the supernatural, he would rather know what it was before it had time to finish whatever it started.

He paused for a moment, weighing his options. Nick had been through a lot and was most likely high. Melissa had been quiet for some time and while neither Faye or Diana ever really got along with Cassie, they were probably the best options at the moment. Naturally, they were both his ex's. "Text Faye." He whispered.

Cassie still had his phone from out in the yard, and it made more sense to deal with Faye than Diana. He hadn't quite found common ground with Diana since so much had changed and he at least knew Faye was on the same page as him when it came to magic.

Adams eyes had never actually looked at Cassie. Her hand in his had been enough reassurance and his attention was preoccupied with the door that slammed shut, his entire body on high alert. He could smell the earthy incense burning in the living room, something he assumed Cassie had started before all of this began.

Adam saw the strange book Cassie had mentioned almost immediately. It was sitting open on the coffee table. Adam let Cassies hand slip out of his as he moved towards it. "Maybe if we have the book, we'll at least know what we're dealing with."

He picked it up, scanning the page as carefully and quickly as possible. Where the hell had this come from? He had seen things like this at the house in Italy, he had packed most of it up, and as far as he knew, anything that resembled it was still in boxes in the attic.

He turned around to Cassie, tilting the book so she could see, his attention drawn towards the book more than their surroundings now. "Did you read this?"

CASSIE BLAKE Posted on Jun 25 2017, 05:21 PM
There were definitely some benefits to falling in love with someone that was like you in a great many ways. Understanding, for one... Knowing that the person you gave your heart to understood the things you did and why you did them. Respect was another; if they could respect their own choices, they were easier able to respect yours, given nine times out of ten, they'd be making the same choice you had.

That said, there were also a few downsides... Those that knew Cassie and Adam knew just how often they bickered, fought and feuded over the most trivial of things. It boiled down to the fact that they were so damn alike in so many ways that they often ended up clashing. They were both stubborn to a fault, and they were both independent and protective. They wanted to defend those around them as much as possible while walking into danger with their head held high.

Even as he informed her that he would do whatever it took to protect her, Cassie knew that the anger she felt at how reckless that statement happened to be wasn't justified. She couldn't be angry at her soulmate for doing the same thing she knew she'd do; she would do anything and everything in her power to protect Adam, regardless of the cost.

Feeling him taking her hand into his had her nerves calming even if only ever so slightly. She squeezed his gently; the tension of the situation catching up to her, as was realization that he'd be quick to jump in front of her if something jumped out at them. If she could keep a good enough grip on him, she might be able to prevent him from making any stupid mistakes.

The blonde was quiet as Adam pushed open the front door that hadn't even fully closed behind her when she had run scared out of the house. Everything was dark; a light in the kitchen flickered every now and again, but other than that, there wasn't much light guiding their way and Cassie knew offhand that any spell to bring forth a ball of light to ease them into the house would be met with repercussions from Marcel and his goonies.

All seemed quiet until Cassie's body jumped the moment a door down the far hallway slammed shut; she was shocked she hadn't screamed out, but perhaps that was because she was too in shock in regards to the entire situation. It was like they could never catch a damn break...

"Maybe we should just call..." Who, the police? As if they'd be equipped to handle something centring around either magic or demons...

Shaking her head gently as if to void what she had been trying to say, Cassie corrected herself. "Maybe we should have back up..." Be that in the form of someone else from their circle or otherwise.
ADAM CONANT Posted on Apr 12 2017, 11:23 AM
Her half-hearted argument was easy to spot. He was more than aware how she felt about not just dark magic in general, but his involvement with it. Davina's existence had not been an easy pill to swallow. How could it? Faye had been pushing Cassie's buttons since she first showed up and with everything else the two soulmates had gone through, always losing each other somehow, it just seemed like it was happening again. He couldn't fault her for feeling the way she did.

After seeing John and what this type of magic did to him, he also understood how cautious Cassie was to let someone else in her life get so involved in it. But Adam saw a difference between him and John. John had wanted power. Purely power. There wasn't love in his life, there wasn't a true circle, the way he felt theirs was. Yeah, they had their differences, their secrets, their drama, but they were still always there for each other no matter what, and that was something he felt his parents had always failed at.

To Adam, the power of the Skull was just a tool to keep the people he loved safe. He wasn't ready to use it on anyone who didn't deserve it. Taking the Skull in the first place could have been seen as selfish, but Adam hadn't much cared then. They had all lost each other, not in the "I hate you" kind of way, but in the sad tragedy kind of way. After seemingly defeating John and losing Nick for the 2nd time, their world just kind of fell to pieces and one by one they fell away with it.

"I'm not gonna ask for a fight, but if it comes down to it, I need you to know I'll do whatever I need to." He didn't want her going in blind. They hadn't completely discussed this magic going forward, which is something that should be put on the to-do list now that the wedding date was set. For now, he would be sure that she would be able to handle whatever actions he chose.

Not knowing what they were dealing with scared the hell out of him, especially with her insisting they go in side by side. He'd agree for now, but that wouldn't last long. They had all lost so much in such a short amount of time and he refused to be part of the reason he lost her, too. He had a feeling she knew that, though. She had to expect that he would put her life before his no matter what. That's what love was.

He nodded, though, and took her hand. Hyper aware of their surroundings, he hoped that whoever it was had fled. They had more than enough time to do so with a house that backed up to the beach. Logic told him there wasn't a chance in hell that it would play out like that. They had grown accustomed to this type of situation: people wanted them dead. It was that simple. It was their life.

When they got to the front door, he saw that it hadn't even latched when she had run out. With a light push, it swung open and his eyes sweeped the immediate surroundings. He squeezed her hand in reassurance as they stepped inside. "Stay with me." Not that he thought she'd suggest seperating, but just to be sure.

CASSIE BLAKE Posted on Mar 24 2017, 09:39 PM
If there was one thing that Cassie found herself worrying the most about, it wasn't her future, her health, some future career or another... It was Adam and his fascination with dark magic. Wasn't it natural for someone to put their significant other's health and happiness above their own? Cassie was absolutely no exception to that, of course.

It went beyond a natural fear, of course. It was no longer a secret that while experimenting with dark magic, Adam and Faye had had a bit of an affair with each other that had resulted in Adam fathering a child with the one female that Cassie had always failed to get along with.

That wasn't to say that Cassie no longer trusted Adam; she had hated the choice he had made and she had spent more than enough time trying to hate both he and Faye for their shitty decisions. She had to trust that they could both move on from that and that they could both turn their lives around and refrain from ever falling back into the same bad habits.

The blonde witch let him pull her into his arms; his breath warm against her ear as he whispered into it; goosebumps spreading themselves along her arms at the mere mention of Adam using dark magic. She respected that he was his own person and she knew that she had absolutely no right telling him what he could and couldn't do... but that didn't mean that she had to support some of the things that he chose for himself. Dark magic included.

"You don't have to use dark magic..." She knew it was a losing battle; there was really little point in even trying to argue her case here. If they were in danger, he'd do everything in his power - be it good power or dark power - to protect them both. If not for their own sake, than for Davina's because that girl didn't deserve any more loss than she already endured in her young life.

Heaving a gentle sigh, Cassie shook her head gently in reply to his next question. She might be willing to bend where dark magic was concerned, but there was no way in hell she was going to let him act as a human shield; her life didn't matter more than his did and she was more than capable of taking care of herself...

"No. We go in together. That way, if it is something... we can take care of it together."