Both figuratively and literally, it is a task to occupy the generations. And no matter how much progress one makes, there is always the thrill of just beginning. We are all connected; To each other, biologically. To the earth, chemically. To the rest of the universe atomically.
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 I miss the way you make me feel, @LORI HANLON
To say that Elena was having a bad day would be an understatement of the year. Not that Elena hadn't had bad days in the past, she had lived in a world of absolute craziness for longer than she'd care to admit. Since the night of her parents accident, she had been thrust into a world with vampires and werewolves and death. So much death.

So maybe failing a test, breaking her phone, and burning her hand on her hair straightener wasn't the worst day she'd ever had, but COME ON. She had to laugh a bit, though. These were horribly mundane problems compared to what she had so oddly enough gotten used to.

How had she gotten here? From such a normal life as a head cheerleader, dating a boy on the football team, to torn between two immortal brothers and battling for her life at least once a week to completely away from this world and then back to somewhat normalcy again surrounded by her family and friends. Of course, she was still struggling with the loss of the previous years, but she had made it back to where she belonged and she wasn't sure she would have had it any other way.

Distancing yourself from the supernatural once you were roped in, especially as a doppelganger in arguably the most epic love triangle of the past two centuries wasn't something so easily attainable, but here she was, driving home from a long day of college classes to her aunt and uncle and their beautiful baby. She was never sure if Jeremy would be home but she knew he was always there if she needed him, no matter what was on his schedule.

She just wanted to get home and squeeze in some baby cuddles before her neice's bedtime. And she was looking forward to that all the way up to the sudden jolt that sent her car spinning. Elena barely had time to register what was happening before her head hit her window as the side of her car slammed into the concrete barrier.

The silence after the car stopped was eery. Elena didn't move, allowing her just a few moments to catch her breath. Had she not been wearing her seatbelt, she would have more than likely been on the road...which would have been a bad thing, not just because of her humanity, but because the car that had hit her was speeding off. She looked up soon enough to see the taillights of a cherry red car swerving into the distance.

Great. Elena groaned and held her head with one hand as her other searched the passenger seat for her phone. About the time she realized there was blood, she remembered that her phone was busted from its earlier nosedive down the stairs of the college library. "Shit."

794 words.
tag: elena, dave.
song: car crash - three days grace
Lori's pale eyes flicked frequently to the rearview mirror out of habit, checking for any sort of motion that might indicate Alceo was signing to them. Though barely two years old, his personal lexicon was expanding exponentially—and since their son, born far too young and far too unlucky—couldn't really make a sound, it was imperative to Lori that he always felt like she was "listening", even though it meant occasionally taking her eyes off the road.

Next to her, her husband sat, half-asleep in the passenger’s seat after a long day at work. Though they were making better money than they ever had before, Lori liked being the one to pick Dave up from his job, despite it no longer being a financial necessity. He worked harder than anyone she had ever met to do right by their little family; in turn, it was the little favors and moments that she could provide to him that cheered her best.

It wasn’t that Lori wasn’t working. As an ex-marine, the idea of physically or intellectually staying still was practically soul-destroying. But Lori kept busy, incredibly so. Her time was evenly divided between freelance interpretation (she had finally built up a reliable client base in the city), and taking care of Alceo, who required frequent doctor's visits and a variety of therapies to ensure he was growing up healthy and strong… and might even one day be able to find his voice. In the meantime, whatever hours weren’t devoted him, Dave, or her work, she spent doggedly teaching herself sign language; in a fashion only the strangeness of life can cook up, all her experiences, and all her skills, somehow had led to this moment… and truth to be told, nothing else had ever felt so right.

Simplicity. Family. Living. The taste was strange, but she had grown fond of it; fond of the way her scars had faded to a reminder of her past, of where she had come from, and her heart had grown as a testament to the future.

She’d never be the housewife of sitcoms from bygone decades, nor did she want to be. But Dave loved her, and she loved Dave, and they loved their son. It worked for them. That’s all she had really wanted.

The roads were mostly empty this time of night, and the sleepier her husband grew, the quieter her son did, too. All of them longed for bed, so it was good that they weren’t far from home as it was. Though it was tempting to prop up her head with a hand, muscle memory and discipline had her with both hands on the wheel. Lori knew, however, that as soon as they put their toddler to bed, she’d be hitting the hay herself—her back and hip were aching from the weather, and that alone tended to wear her down. That didn’t mean she wasn’t alert, though, which was a damn good thing; otherwise, she might have missed the car in front of them getting clipped and spinning into the median. Or rather, missed the crucial moment where her pale eyes were able to immediately zero in on the license plate and commit it to memory; it was kind of hard to ignore an accident like that without willfully managing it.

There was no question that they were stopping. They weren’t the type of people to run away from a problem, and many a good Samaritan had helped them out (especially Dave) in the past, so it was only fair that they play that role in turn. With Alceo in the car, things might be a little more complicated, but they’d figure it out. They always did.

Lori pulled up behind the battered vehicle and reached out to gently squeeze Dave’s hand, so as to not startle him awake, while hitting the hazard lights with her other fist. Her husband was already stirring from the shift in momentum, which was good; spooking Dave, especially out of a dreamworld, could spell bad news—but Lori knew how to do right by him now, and rigidly abided by it. It was better for both of them if she did.

Qualcuno ha fatto schiantare la macchina. Potresti prendere il kit di pronto soccorso dal bagagliaio per favore? Andrò a controllarla. Puoi stare con Alceo.

Reaching behind Dave’s seat, Lori grabbed her cane and turned the car off, slipping from the front seat. She limped towards the smoking wreck rather quickly, nonetheless, scanning the vehicle for any immediate sign of danger. When she found none, she pressed forward, and knocked gently, but firmly, on the driver’s side window.

Are you alright? I am going to open the door, okay?


Someone crashed their car. Could you grab the first aid kit from the trunk? I’ll go check it out. You can stay with Alceo.
And red lights passing
Panic started to set in as her vision began to blur. Everything happened in slow motion, but she knew she heard a noise at her window. Looking up, she saw a strange blonde woman standing outside, and before it even clicked in her mind what the girl had said, her door was open.

Elena felt the support against her side fall away and she shifted hard to her left to avoid falling out of the car. It hadn't occurred to her that her seatbelt that was still locked would have prevented that. "The airbags didn't go off." She murmured, still holding her bleeding head.

That was all she could make sense of in the moment and she was silently cursing the obvious lack of healing abilities most of her friends had. "I need to call Jenna..." Her mind was switching from slow motion to 100 miles per hour as the scene set in. She sloppily reached to release her seatbelt and attempted to get out of the vehicle.

She looked up, realizing that it wasn't her first instinct to be suspicious. It didn't change her mind, she just found it odd. Elena had spent so long being a victim, and while she was still obviously playing that role to whoever controlled the universe, somewhere along the line she had stopped seeing herself as one.

"Thank you...for stopping." She could tell by the lack of cringe that this girl wasn't a vampire. That didn't wipe all risks off the board, but it was enough to allow Elena to relax a bit. "My phone's busted...I won't keep you, but could I possibly use yours?"

She wasn't comfortable asking someone to put their night on hold to stay with her. She could handle it as long as she was given the right resources. If she could get ahold of Jenna or Jeremy, they could get the right people there.

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