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» I walk a road that no one dares
 Posted: Feb 13 2018, 12:45 AM
Brewery owner
Matt is Offline

life I guess had other plans
Matt Donovan leaned on his broom, blowing out a frustrated breath. He ran a hand down his face and then through his hair which caused it to stick up in ways he didn't really care about. He was exhausted. Not just physically, but he was just...tired. He put up a good face, or at least he tried, but sometimes he just couldn't maintain it.

It wasn't that things were bad. They just weren't...great. Don't get him wrong, he was super happy for Tyler and Caroline, considering how much they loved each other. But it still felt a little weird. He still felt bad for the way he had reacted when Caroline had told him about vampires, which then led her into Ty's arms. He was a major ass, and he regretted that.

But now that Ty was with Caroline, he was a little worried that Ty would get busy with Caroline (and not just in the naughty sense) and leave Matt not just to run the bar but just alone, in general. And that was his jealous streak coming through, he knew that, but still. Life experience taught him that everyone left.

And if they didn't leave...they died.

Bleak, man. But true. Matt liked to think that he did a decent job of dealing. He believed that he could be a good man, that he did good things, the right things. It just wasn't seeming to be enough.

He'd figure it out. He always did. He knew Ty would always be there, that Caroline still cared even though he was an ass to her, that Jeremy would be around and Elena did care, even if she was busy. He didn't doubt that. He just wished he had...future goals. So he was working on that.

Maybe he'd start a dating site, like a tinder, or something like that. Start going to the gym more often so he could get in even better shape, maybe meet people there. Put himself out there. He was very conversational at the bar, of course, but it was always because he was working. It was always to check up on their experience, not really to make connection. And that's what he craved, ultimately. Connection. New connection.

He blew out a sigh as he finished sweeping the floor, and leaned the broom against the wall. They weren't closed, because they were open close to 24/7. But it was empty in there, so he was taking the time to get some chores down now so he could maybe get away with making Ty open tomorrow.

He had just grabbed the clean rag to wipe down the bar one last time when he heard a huge crash, and felt the glass in the windowfront of the bar shatter. He ducked down instinctively, taking cover behind the bar, staying down until the vibration stopped. "What the FUCK!" Not like anyone could hear him anyway.
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