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 Posted: May 8 2016, 07:58 PM
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The plot of Bitten takes place at the end of season one; the group has decided to relocate from Stonehaven to a house that Jeremy has on the outskirts of the busy city of New Orleans called the Bayou. There, there is a werewolf sanctuary that vampires are unable to cross into as the lands in this part of the Bayou are bound by magic.

The werewolf council consists of local werewolves from various packs that come together to vote on different matters within the werewolf sanctuary to ensure every pack is safe, protected, content and comfortable. It's these werewolves that can vote other packs in and who vote on allowing certain vampires (good ones, of course) into the bayou as visitors.

Jeremy's hope with this is that they can regroup on the lands that have been in his family for a number of years; the safety of pack lands is always preferable and that was taken away from them previously. Little does the rest of the pack know, but Jeremy has chosen New Orleans not only because of its werewolf sanctuary, but because of the fact that New Orleans is the location of other female werewolves, including the first (and only) female alpha in existence, Claire-Julia Dunn.

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