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 I'd kiss you as the lights went out, @ASHTON LIVINGSTON
you as the water rushes in
Gabriella had absolutely no idea how things had become so twisted so quickly. Instagram invites to an annual bonfire had turned into madness that few seemed able to wrap their minds around.

Some research prior to attending had led Gabriella to learn that the bonfire truly was thrown every year by groups of high school and college students that were still underage as a way to secure liquor and party through New Year's Eve. The location changed each year, making it impossible for authorities and parents to know where to look in an effort to stop the event long before it took place.

Being so new to the city and knowing so few people as it were, Gabriella felt as though she would be cheating herself if she didn't at least try to start finding ways to socialize and fit in. She didn't want her time in Settle to be spent being miserable; she had a boyfriend and a family, but everyone needed friends outside of the people that they saw everyday.

Then again, her mother had made it explicitly clear that it wasn't wise to ever meet up with strangers in less-than-public places. Had she known that the party that Gabriella had intended on attending was in the woods with people she had never met, she likely wouldn't have let her daughter attend. Had Gabriella's younger sister Liana learned of it, she'd either have crashed with her boyfriend Dawson, or would have let it slip to their mother, ruining it for both of them.

Alex was working since the shelter didn't close just because it was somewhat of a holiday, and her mother was attending some work party or another with some of her own friends. As tempting as it most certainly was not to be her sister and her sister's boyfriend's third wheel for the night, Gabriella had decided to take dive into the start of her new life there in Seattle.

It was somewhat ironic, since a body of water was exactly what Gabriella was desperately searching for as she tore through the darkened woods. Spaces between tree branches overhead letting slivers of moonlight to flicker through every now and again, just barely enough light to light the path she was carving into the otherwise untouched wooded area.

Truth be told, Gabriella wasn't sure what her mother would have done in this situation, but Sera had had training for these sorts of things and likely would have been armed. Gabriella had no training and had no idea how to so much as carry a gun, let alone shoot one. The only thing she had was a survival instinct, and that had her booking it through the dark woods, trying to put as much distance between she and these Satan-worshipping nut-jobs as she possibly could.

There were two or three hot on her trail, but she tried to ignore the sounds of them shouting and the sounds of their quick and heavy footsteps chasing after her. Her lungs burned from the cold air and her heart pounded so wildly in her chest, she could practically hear it in her ears. It might have been foolish to run, but in the moment, Gabriela was seeing it as better than waiting around to have a group of sociopaths murder them in cold blood in the name of whatever or whomever.

It was as Gabriella saw the glistening of the lake in the distance that she began shedding herself of the thick sweater that she had worn that night. She might not have been much of a runner, but she had always been a strong swimmer, and the less she had weighing her down, the better.

The water was frigid; she could already see her breath in the air each time she exhaled and that wasn't even factoring in just how cold the water was as she slowly waded herself in far enough to be able to be able to swim while submerged beneath the water. It was all she could do to keep herself as hidden from those that had been chasing her as possible.

They hadn't chased her into the water, though. She was aware of that much each time that she surfaced for air. They had run up the incline that overlooked the lake. The elemental could see the streaks that bullets left in the water as they were shot around her, looking almost like heavy, oversized raindrops. As the daughter of a woman who had more guns than she had children, Gabriella knew that they had a limited supply of bullets in their guns, so it would be a matter of hoping for each to miss her until they were fresh out, or pushing herself to swim beyond the curve of the lake where they would no longer be able to see her from. Really, that was her goal.

It was just as she was rounding that curve into safety that she felt a painful pressure through the right side of her upper back; her lungs felt as though they were tightening. As if the breath she had just taken when she had surfaced had run out far too quickly and, as a direct result of the lack of oxygen, her body was refusing to continue swimming.

Rolling herself over so that she was floating on her back just enough to keep her face above water, Gabriella wasn't able to see the blood she was using that was tinting the water around her an awful shade of red. The bullet wound in her back freely bleeding into the water as the elemental slowly began to lose consciousness, just as the skies above broke open and began the first downpour of the storm everyone had known was coming.

flew me to places i had never been
Being me can only mean
Feeling scared to breathe
Ash shook as he watched in horror as the scene unfolded before him. His back pressed tight against the tree trunk as the girl swam in the water, the bullets hitting the water barely missing her. For a moment he thought she would make it. That she would get away. Until he saw the shot hit her in the chest. His hand moved quickly to his mouth covering his panicked gasping, fingers digging into his face painfully as he stared.

How had it come to this?

The young man hadn’t expected that this would be the end of the night that was supposed to be one of fun. He had heard of the bonfire from a few people that he met during his daytime job. He hadn’t thought about going, there was plenty of other parties and fun things to do in the city then freeze his ass off around a fire. But the more he thought about it, the more he felt like he had to go. There was something that was just pulling him.

That should have been the first clue.

But instead he went along, deciding that at worst he would get bored and leave. After all , he was a guy who’s night time job was raising the dead…what really could be exciting about a bonfire? Unfortunately he couldn’t bring his car up from New Orleans when he moved, the lack of actual money for the most part. But he could find a way there. Walking primarily with a few rides here and there. The night had started out pretty calm. Many teens from around the area came to hang out, most experiencing the tradition for the first time. For a guy who only really talked to one person in the city, the girl he fell in love with, it was actually nice to get to reach out and talk to some people.

As the night progressed though, a sense of dread started to settle in his chest. A darkness pulled at him, almost like when he felt the dead calling him. But that was impossible, everyone there was alive and well. Pushing it to the back of his mind as just nervous over new people, Ash continued his chatting and laughing with others.

Then it all erupted in chaos as Satan worshipers appeared with weapons of all shapes and sizes, forcing people to the ground and threatening them. They were going to kill them all. And Ash suddenly knew why he had been drawn to that place.

He was a Necromancer, and the dead called to him. More like screamed at them. They begged and screamed at him to bring them back. Most of the time he could ignore it, but sometimes his abilities pulled him without his knowledge.

In an instant though, there was a chance to run…and he took it along with a few others. He followed close behind another girl, but to the left. He ran desperately, trying to get away. But with every few moments he felt another death scream out at him. He could feel those teens that he had just met and laughed with die a horrible death, as if it was his own. But still… he kept running.

Then the bullets started flying, one scrapping past his arm causing a deep gouge in his arm. He stumbled as he was hit , dodging into a cluster of trees, just as the girl hit the water and started swimming. Ash quickly hid watching in avid horror about what was happening.

Now he watched as she floated in the water , blood pooling at the surface of the lake as she laid on her back. He shook with the effort it took to hold back from getting her, but if he did….he would be shot next. And unlike her he couldn’t swim to get as far as she did…he didn’t know how.

But he could feel her, or rather he would of felt her death. He didn’t though. She was alive…weak and fading but alive. And he couldn’t get her out…but he could get someone who would. ”I’m sorry…” he whispered softly starring at her before taking a deep breath.

And he started to run, not bothering being quiet he ran close to the lake edge where she was so they would see him but unable to reach. He knew he had to get away to get her help, but he also could lure them after him to give her extra chance maybe to pull through.

you as the water rushes in
With the surface of the water just above her ears, Gabriella couldn't hear much of anything around her as she faded in and out of consciousness. The move she had made to roll onto her back had been purely out of instinct when she had still had the strength. She could float and still be able to breathe for as long as she was able to hold onto life, but the blood loss and the cold sting of the water had her unable to control much else.

The soft lull of the gentle waves caused by the wind weren't driving her to stay conscious, either. Gently rocking her, much as a mother would her child. Every now and again, her fingers would move almost as if she were finally gathering the strength to start swimming to safety — to help — but that was all of the energy the elemental found herself able to grasp onto. Just enough to show a single sign of life.

There were still a thousand things that Gabriella found herself wishing she'd still have time for. To talk to her mother and siblings again. To hug them and tell them how much she loved them. To kiss her boyfriend, Alex, one last time and to make sure he knew how important he had been to her for the last couple of years...

There was little else that mattered. Thoughts of who she might have become, what career she might have had... none of those thoughts plagued her mind. Beyond thoughts of the people that Gabriella loved the most, there was just a cold but tranquil peace. One she knew she shouldn't be pulling herself towards, but found each gentle movement of the water leading her there regardless. Against her will, but there wasn't much that she could do to fight it off any longer.

flew me to places i had never been
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